Choosing the right kind of business card for your company is a crucial thing to do, as it becomes the face of your business to clients, investors and all other associates of your firm. The business card design needs to be compelling, which carries a sense of professionalism with it. The design of your business card largely depends on the nature of your business. Most of the firms get these cards crafted by business card designers, ensuring that they get a smart and captivating look perfecting complementing the type of business/activity they are involved in. Here, you will find a brief guidance regarding what type of business card you can opt for.

Flat business cards or folded ones

Although flat business cards look sleek, you may need a folded card to accommodate more information about your business. It provides the viewer with a comprehensive detail regarding your company. Besides, when you go for a folded business card, you can get a full-color print on the front, inside and at the back of the card. However, you can also use standard-sized business cards to put across the message in brief.

folded business cards

Flat or Folded Cards

Single or double-sided business cards

When you get your business card designed, you need to choose between single sided business card design and double-sided ones. With the right design and print, you can use your card as a powerful marketing tool. Business firms often land up in a dilemma while choosing the type of card. Have a look at the advantages of both these types of designs.

single and double sided business cards

Single or Double Cards

Single-sided cards

You can display the important information clearly in a single-sided business card. All the crucial information is presented in the front. These include the name of your company, phone number, logo, website, email and all other necessary data. This type of card also ensures that the contact details remain clearly visible.

When you use a single-sided business card, the recipient gets the scope to include the necessary information in the form of notes for future reference. They can note down the information on the back side of the card.

Coming to printing expenses, single-sided business cards are more cost-effective. In case you face budget constraints, you can simply get the information printed on a single side, rather than both the sides.

Double-sided cards

A double-sided business card enables the business firm to make a better use of space. In case you want to present more detailed information about your business, get a double-sided business card. Stuffing all the information on one side will make it look cramped. When you use both the sides to present the information, it becomes easier for the viewers to read them. Get across to a reputed platform for double sided business card design services. Besides, the double-sided business cards allow business firms to add detailed information regarding their business. You can integrate visually appealing elements and graphical treatments in the card to maximize the impact. You can also include directions and maps in the extra space, if necessary.

Horizontal or vertical cards

Well, you can choose from horizontal and vertical cards for your business. Both these types of cards come with their own advantages. The nature of your business needs to be considered, while you choose between vertical and horizontal business cards. For instance, if you are dealing with finance, real estate or sales, you should go for horizontal business cards. This will invoke more trust, confidence, and stability in your business. On the other hand, vertical business cards are suitable for artists, musicians, writers or other creative people. This is a unique way to stand apart from the crowd. However, these cards are narrower and you need to fit all the necessary information into it.

Horizontal Business Cards vs Vertical Business Cards

Horizontal Business Cards vs Vertical Business Cards

Rectangular cards or custom shaped business cards

While most of the business cards are rectangular in shape, some are not. The companies get them designed in a customized manner. You might have noticed this in the food industry, or other types of business. If you want your business card to stand apart from the rest, reach out to the established designers for unique business card ideas. They will craft the business cards with customized designs. If you are in the traditional industry, you can go for the standard rectangular cards. However, if you are willing to present the viewers with something different, you can use a die-cut business card. These cards can be developed in any desired shape or size.

Rectangular Shaped Business Cards

Rectangular or Custom Shaped Cards

Choose the ideal business card type for your business

Before you choose a particular type of business card, you should have a detailed knowledge of the types of business cards design. This will help you to pick a design or pattern that suits your needs. You need to make optimum use of the space in your card, keeping in mind that it should not be overloaded with information. Place the basics of your business on the card, like the name of your business, address, contact information and other essential data. You can also include images and icons in the card, if suitable. In case you feel that the information is limited, go for a one-sided business card, ensuring that the information remains crisp. If you want to use the other side, you can print your logo or other images related to your business on the other side. Besides, you can use the other side to add information in a different language.

Business firms can reach out to PGBS, one of the established platforms for professional business card design services. A smart and appealing look in your business card can shape your brand image and result in a significant increment in your sales.