Things have gone digital and offices are becoming completely paperless. Still, you can’t overlook the importance of a business card.  If you still don’t have one, you are ignoring a good marketing opportunity.  With a creatively designed unique business card, you get noticed and remembered by your prospects. This is what you need. Underlying are some great business card design ideas on which you can rely confidently.

Business card

Business Card Design Ideas

Make use of right design principles

Whatsoever, business card to is printed material and hence all the principles relevant to paper-based designing applies to it as well. Make sure that all the important content is at least a minimum of 5 mm away from the trim edge. For ensuring greatest quality image reproduction, design at 300 dpi. Readability should be considered when determining typography; there should be a proper minimum size.  If you are not working with spot colors exclusively, opt for CMYK. Using a grid for layout can be helpful as using it you can get the appropriate hierarchy for information and ensure the aptness of your alignment.

Be creative within the limits

There are several standard sizes suitable for cards, based on your actual focus market and geographical location. All you have is a small canvas to work on. Bleed your creativity on it but the creative juices should stay confined within the size. Experiment things by adhering to standard size. Think of all the vital data you need to include and do it in an innovative manner. This is one of the most important and unique business card ideas.

Spare yourself from the common pitfalls

There are certain pitfalls in business card designing to which many fall prey. Stay safe from such mishaps. Ensure that you provide the bleed as your printer specifies. Normally it is 3mm but sometimes, it can also be 5mm. So, you should check the same. Never use a straight border around the card because by doing so any misalignment in trim is shown up when the card is not properly cut.

Make use of special finishes

Using special finishes instantly make your card impactful. Metallic inks, foil blocking, and spot-UV, etc. are few among the countless options you have. Obviously, the cost for printing will be higher but it’s worth; most companies offering graphic design services opine so. Your card becomes memorable, impressive and more tactile. Speak with the printing company as there are different options for different printers when it comes to finishes.

Use cut options in cards

You can make your card unique by using die cut processes for removing elements from card stock thus leaving a void. Die can be used for changing card shape or you can simply cut out shapes from the card. Dies are a bit expensive but printers nowadays are offering options of laser-cut to make it cheaper. You can ask for an opinion regarding the same to any of the best companies offering business card design services.

 Make use of unusual materials

Business cards are mostly printed on card stock. The main reason is cost-effectiveness. If you can raise the bard of your budget a little higher, you can do the printing on varied materials including word, transparent plastics, slate, and metals.

Make your card useful

People get identity cards too often.  Not all are interested to carry a card holder with them. Thus, they keep only a few in their wallet and remaining will find their way to the bin. Making the card useful rather than a mere paper with info on it can be extremely beneficial. You can incorporate certain functions; armchair for mobile, hair clip holder, fancy item, etc. are just a few.

Double check before you opt to print

For all the print works done, this tip is applicable. You should repeat it. Before sending off your digital card to print, double-check complete details in it. Check for typos, readability, alignment and every single factor that influences its interactivity and attractiveness. Missing a single alphabet from your email id or a digit from your contact number can be brutally damaging. Check, recheck and even ask one or two of your friends or colleagues to check.  External pairs of eyes catch flaws quicker.

You can get a lot of free templates from many websites online. However, the depressing fact is that these templates will never give you a unique identity as they are not customized for your exact purpose. So, trying to create something by yourself by editing any of these free templates is going to furnish you with an unprofessional piece of paper, for sure. The best thing to do is to discuss your requirements with a professional company and choose the business card type which will fit for your business.

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