PGBS is a reputed provider of business card design services. We, at PGBS, understand that business cards are important branding tools that represent the company through the executives owning them. We apply our creativity and follow our clients’ brand-specific guidelines in order to create appealing business cards that can boost the reputation of the individual as well as the company. We create professional business card designs that are not just unique, but impactful as well. We are a reputed graphic design outsourcing company that is committed to creating an awesome impression in the minds of the target audience.

business card design services

Business cards design services

Types of business card designs produced by us

  • Standard business cards: They appear in standard, square, and slim formats and are often printed on high quality paper.
  • Ultra business cards: These are luxury business cards that have a greater degree of thickness and eye-catchy colors at the edges and inner sidess.
  • Folded business cards: Cards of these types can be folded. You can fill these cards with a greater number of images and information. Reputed companies like PGBS providing logo design services know how to add logo in business cards in an effective manner.
  • Uncoated business cards: Business cards of this type are created using matte paper. This can be used as appointment cards/note cards having a classic look.
  • Die-cut cards: This is the most creative option you have when it comes to business card. You can get the card printed in any design as you please.

The process of business card design services at PGBS

We, at PGBS, understand that designing a business card is not about filling empty spaces with text and graphics. We know how to use the right design elements to create desired impact on the target audience. We have the right knowledge when it comes to using the right elements, the right kind of design, the type of representation, and other parameters. We know the art of designing professional business cards and we can perfectly align several elements such as company logo, executive’s designation and name, company name, email ID, contact number, and website URL.

We follow a simple workflow, which allows our clients to do business with us easily. Here’s a brief of how a workflow might look like

  • Our graphic design team coordinator will collect all needed details including your ideas and preferences from you.
  • We expect you to provide examples and clear guidelines so that we can complete projects on time and the chances of revisions get reduced.
  • It is a good idea to opt for email communications to avoid any confusion.
  • After finalization of design, we will send you the source files via secure, password-protected FTP path.
  • Once you approve, we would consider the project to be completed

Why should you choose business card design services from PGBS?

We have mastered the technique of applying the right elements and colors for diverse promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc. depending on the industry and the audience that you are looking to target. Our business card designers study the company background, perform competitor analysis, and understand the requirements of the clients before initiating the project. Here are the top reasons why you may want to do business with us:

  • We display the most important information only.
  • We ensure perfect alignment of text, logo and contact details.
  • We create designs that are presentable and easy-to-understand.
  • We remain live 24/7, allowing our clients to connect with us whenever they need us the most.
  • We have experienced and creative graphic designers in our teams.
  • We design creative business cards, allowing our clients to maximize the potential of the outcomes.
  • We deliver outcomes within very short turnaround times, often within 24 hours.
  • We offer the best rates, allowing you to get high returns on your investments.

Get reasonably-priced business card design service from PGBS

As a reputed creative company in India offering cutting-edge graphic design services, we are skilled enough to provide custom business card design services as per your specifications.

Let professionally designed and elegant business cards help you create a major impact on your target audience. Our top-notch custom business cards designing services in India are meant to help you achieve your communication goals. With the right approach and the use of the right design elements and creative skills, we would help you create a stronger business identity. Call us now for a quote.