The use of videos to showcase a property has become first hand in the real estate marketing strategy over the years. These videos create a real impact on the viewers about a project and help them in figuring the perks of property at ease.

Real estate videos help the realtors market their property to potential buyers. However, it is necessary to edit these videos, removing the flaws.

At PGBS, we excel in providing flawless real estate video editing services for realtors to attain absolute perfection tailored according to the specific requirements of clients.

Our Real Estate Video Editing Services

  • Property Listing Videos

    The first impression is the last impression and in real estate it is all about your first presentation. With our property listing video editing service we make sure that your real estate property looks up to the mark as per the latest listing trends and professional at the same time and helps your listing reach more and more buyers.

  • Realtor Interview Videos

    When you are in the real estate business, it is important for the realtors to be expressive in a video explaining about the perks of the property and their own background to build full trust with customers and make the process smooth and we help in creating that aura by editing realtor interview videos.

  • Drone Footages

    As the technology is advancing so are the ways of presenting a property and shooting drone videos is above all as this video shows the whole property from the top view and with our drone video editing services we make sure all the hindrances are removed and your property video looks highly professional and top-notch.

  • About me Videos

    For selling a real estate property realtors and agents apply many marketing tricks to add benefits to their property, one such effort is ‘About Me’ video created by the agents to bridge the gap between the real estate property and the buyer and also to build trust. We create the best and most trending videos that result in increased sales of your business.

  • Client Testimonials

    When you want to attract more and more buyers to your property, the best way to do it is to have user generated content or create client testimonials in video format and we can help you with the editing part. Believe us video testimonials are the best for buyer engagement.

  • Explainer Videos

    An explainer video is a full explanation of your property that gives the information inside-out. And it is very important to have a few explainer videos to pitch the customers as it makes the process easy. We at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions helps in creating such videos that eases the client pitching and level up your presence in the real estate market.

  • Property Tips

    When you are in a real estate business, having only sale related videos is not enough, however you need to have a space for educational videos as well as we can help you create and edit the best real estate tips related videos that can guide your buyers while making their buying decisions.

  • Home Tour Videos

    With the introduction of virtual reality in the real estate business, the home tour videos have become the latest fad as not all the buyers are interested in visiting your property in the beginning, they either demand for the photos or the videos of your property to sit right in their couch and make the decision. We can help you with the best home tour videos by providing exactly what your customer demands.

  • Social Media Videos

    Social media is the biggest platform where you will find buyers of all kinds hence, having the presence of your business on social media is of utmost importance. Be ready to flow with the trend with our social media video editing services. We can shorten the lengthy videos according to the social media channel without affecting the original message.

Work Samples

Our Property Video Editing Techniques Include

  • 2D/3D Effects Addition
  • Video Trimming
  • Background Enhancement
  • 360 Degree Video Creation
  • Animations
  • Voice Over
  • Subtitling

Our Real Estate Video Editing Service Process

real estate video editing service process

Real estate video editing process at PGBS

Why outsource real estate video editing services to us?

Over the years, we have been catering to the video editing services need of clients across the globe. At PGBS, we focus on the quality of services. Besides, we update the technical infrastructure on our platform, as soon as new editing technologies are available.

This ensures that we can provide all sorts of video post-production support, requested by our clients. We understand that the range of requirements of our clients is varied.

  • Sophisticated technology and infrastructure
  • Expert team for video editors
  • Use of latest software and tools
  • Fast delivery of services
  • Customized video editing pricing packages
  • Uncompromised policies for data security


It is important to present your property in the best possible way for the clients. As a reliable company, we offer diverse support for real estate industry clients on their various requirements like video tours creation, real estate walkthrough animations, and more.

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