ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is an ideal outsourcing partner for drone video editing services. We have a dedicated team of video editors and quality analysts who bring the best moments of your footage together to create stories that draw attention. We also ensure striking aerial-view footage from the raw drone footage clips at the most cost-competitive prices in the industry.

At PGBS, we only hire editors having a wealth of knowledge and experience to work on your drone footage editing projects. They undergo consistent training that enable them to efficiently edit drone videos and produce extraordinary outcomes.

Varied Drone Video Editing Services offered by PGBS

Our professional video editing company offers a wide range of services to take care of the drone footage editing needs of clients, such as

  • Sequencing Shots

    Our video editing team can put the raw footage shots in a sequence of chronological order or based on your preference. For this, we use different sequencing methods like storyboarding illustration design to understand the video sequence.

  • Shaky Footage Stabilization

    Weather conditions can impact the quality of the footage. It can also make the footage unstable or shaky. In that case, we fix the video stabilization issues to produce balanced drone footage.

  • Color grading

    We can perform color grading for the footage that is having improper color balance. We can adjust the brightness, clarity, and color shades to make it look professional and attractive.

  • Noise Reduction

    Drones are likely to capture unwanted visual noise along with footage. We can help remove or edit them from your drone footage to ensure that only the best quality audio is present.

  • Removing Unwanted Footage

    Unwanted scenes in the footage can add extra time without adding any meaning. Our drone video editors can remove them and keep only the significant ones to create meaningful footage.

  • Additional Audio/ Video Effects

    Apart from basic edits, we can also provide customized edits to our clients. We can add audio effects, soundtracks, captions, voiceovers, or mix and match footage from camera.

Types of Drone Videos we edit

A majority of our projects are related to real estate drone video editing. However, our video editing services aren’t just limited to editing real estate videos. We can also edit other types of drone video footage, like

Benefits you get by outsourcing Drone Video Editing Services to PGBS

We’ve already discussed how ProGlobalBusinessSolutions can offer high-quality drone footage edits to meet the expectations of clients. But, what else do you get by outsourcing your needs to us?

There are a lot of benefits you can receive by using our drone video editing services. They are

  • High-end Infrastructure
    Our video editing team has access to high-end infrastructure that enables them to produce the best-in-class outputs.
  • Security of Data
    We ensure the complete security of your data. We use secure file transfer protocols and ensure confidentiality.
  • Pricing Flexibility
    Drone video editing pricing at PGBS is flexible. It means you can customize a service package suiting your budget needs.
  • Short Turnaround Time
    By leveraging modern technology and tools, we ensure that the editing takes less time possible without any delay.
  • Dedicated Customer Service
    We offer round-the-clock customer support to our clients. So, reach us from any time zone for support.

By associating with us, you don’t have to look for any other video editing service provider for covering your visual footage editing needs. PGBS is your one-stop destination offering solutions not just for drone footage editing but other types of video editing requirements too.

Our team is driven by passion and commitment to satisfy the clients’ needs with perfection. This has enabled us to secure our position as one of the best drone video editing service providers in the world. Get in touch to outsource your needs now!

Drone Video Editing FAQs

We carry out a simple approach for drone footage editing. The process starts with the client discussing their project requirements. We define the scope of work and if approved, we ask them to send us the raw files through secured channels.

We edit as per their given specifications and ask them to review. Upon approval the final edits are sent to the client.

We can work on all types of formats. So, you can send us the footage in any format you like. You can also specify the type of format you need for your outputs.

We deliver the footage only in high resolution. However, if you want it to be in any specific resolution, you can request us the same.

We usually deliver footage within 24-48 hours from the time of receiving. However, if there is an urgent requirement, then we can deliver it faster as needed.

Yes, we can edit single footage. At PGBS, we don’t care about how big or small the requirement is. We give equal importance to all types of projects.

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