Are you an adventurer, a blogger, or a videographer who is looking for professional travel video editing service? If yes, then you can just relax! You have just found the best travel video editing service provider in the global landscape. We, at PGBS, have experienced video editors onboard and they can deliver best-in-class vacation video editing that would create a wow effect on your target audience. Whether you want your travel videos to be broadcasted by top lifestyle television channels or you want to preserve your travel memories forever yourself, we can help you create the best vacation videos that would have elements of wonder and joy attached to them.

The Travel Video Editing Process at PGBS

  1. Footage Sorting

    We would look through your raw footages and would carry out a careful sorting process in order to find out footages of the highest quality. This is also called logging. We would cut out the quality clips, categorize them into bins, and add appropriate labels to the bins.

  2. First Assembly

    At this stage, we would arrange all the sorted footage as per the timeline that would be followed in your video’s storyboard. We would create a linear structure that would allow you to have a glimpse of your film.

  3. Rough Cut

    We would now review the diverse versions of every take in order to identify the best one. You would create the first draft by adding narration, titles. transitions, fixing stabilization, pauses, and all other effects that would clearly convey the emotions, thereby making storytelling more graceful.

  4. Fine Cut

    At this step, we would refine minute details in every frame. We review every cut minutely in order to ensure that each cut flows smoothly into another cut. This is the “Picture Lock” phase, after which we would add finishing touches, such as special effects, video trimming and color corrections, to your video.

  5. Final Cut

    At this phase, we would work on the color grading, special effects, and video mixing tasks. We would add music as well as motion graphics depending upon the overall mood of your travel video.

Steps Involved in Working with PGBS

Working with our team of video editors is so damn easy; all you need to do is to clearly state your requirements and we would take your project to the next level. This is how it works:

  • Placing an Order

    When you place an order, you should explain us all the details regarding your expectations on style of editing, edit length, and footage quantity.

  • Uploading of Details

    You can share photos and videos with us via a password-protected FTP path that we would create fir secure file transfer purpose.

  • Personalization

    We would add customized effects in your video depending upon the uniqueness of your project.

  • Delivery

    We would deliver your video within predetermined timelines and our delivery process would include a few free revisions as well depending on your project-scope.

Unique Features of Vacation Videos that Are Edited by Us

  • You will get a video that that would grab your audience’s attention.
  • We would edit your footages by applying smooth transitions, eye-catchy color corrections, and stabilization, which would give your video a polishing touch.
  • We have a library of royalty-free music and can use appropriate music in your video to reflect the emotions of your scenes in an ideal manner.
  • We can mix and match clips from multiple cameras and can create one single video that captures the most memorable moments.
  • We can add text, captions, and subtitles to make your video more accessible and viewer-friendly.
  • We are the champions when it comes to delivering GoPro editing services and using Action Cam video editor.

Different Types of Travel Videos that We can Edit

Why is PGBS the most reliable vacation video editing service provider?

  • Quality: We have a strong quality commitment and have dedicated quality supervisors to conduct strict quality checks.
  • Timely Delivery: We would make sure to deliver your project within the promised timelines. We are very sincere when it comes to adhering to our deadline commitments.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Whenever you would need us, you would get us. Our customer service team remains active throughout the day and even during holidays.
  • Experienced Video Editors: Our video editors are proficient in the use of advanced video editing software such as After Effects and they can do wonders with your raw footages.
  • Unbeatable Pricing: We offer the best video editing prices to our clients; all our packages are customized to meet your unique needs.
  • Short Turnarounds: Whether you believe or not, we can even deliver a finetuned video within 48 hours.
  • Data Security: We would never ever lose your data. The security of your data is guaranteed.

If you are looking for world-class video editing service, PGBS is your best bet. With a pricing that’s highly competitive and with a team of expert video editors who do their job well, we are uniquely positioned to deliver captivating outcomes and help you succeed in your objectives while capitalizing on your investments. Contact us today for a quote.

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