With experienced eBook formatting professionals onboard, we stand as your most reliable provider of eBook formatting services. Whether you are a self-publishing author who is looking for cost-effective KDP formatting services or you own a publishing house and looking for professional ePub formatting services, our team of formatters would take your tasks very seriously and ensure that you succeed in fulfilling your project goals.

Key Highlights of Our eBook Formatting Services

  • We pay attention to all the minute details to ensure that we deliver outcomes of the highest standard. We would assign a dedicated formatting expert who would check every single line to ensure that your content has formatting consistency in terms of font size, spacing, and header styles.
  • All you need to do is to send us your file and our experts would take your project to the next level. Our eBook formatters would take all details into consideration and transform your document into a professional eBook that are appropriately formatted as per your recommended style-guides.
  • We have also employed a team of experienced proofreaders and editors who would conduct a thorough review of your content to ensure that it is grammatically correct as well.
  • We would deliver a version of your eBook, which would be perfect both in terms of grammar and formatting.
  • We would send you deliverables within a very short turnaround time, depending on the volume of your work.
  • We would format your eBook in such a manner that it would be approved by leading platforms such as Amazon KDP, Smashwords, IngramSpark, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.
  • We would appropriately format the front matter including the copyright statement and the title.
  • We would create the table of contents and convert footnotes into internally connected endnotes.
  • We would even include hyperlinks to external websites, email, or social media.
  • We would maintain your original corrections/ highlights that appear like italics, underline, bold, strikethroughs, etc.

A few inputs that we need from your side

  • You should send us the cover art.
  • You should send us the copyright page, license notes, and title page.
  • You should specify your preferred format.
  • In case you are looking to send images, we would advise you to send us .jpg files separately as a .zip file.

Benefits of Outsourcing eBook formatting to us

When you outsource your eBook formatting services to us, we would ensure that you get the best support from us. You can trust us completely knowing that we would

  • Deliver high-quality outcomes
  • Protect your data confidentiality
  • Connect with you whenever you need us the most
  • Send you regular project updates
  • Offer the best rates in the industry
  • Design customized packages for you
  • Perform stringent quality checks before sending output to you

Frequently Asked Questions

We define eBook formatting as the creation of a digital document that meets the formatting guidelines of the publisher and promotes a smoother reading experience.

You cannot just upload unformatted files on a platform as you would not get desirable results. You have to address the specific requirements of every publisher for which you need to get your eBook formatted in specific styles.

We serve the needs of self-publishing authors and top publishers alike including kdp formatting services as well as kdp paperback formatting.

It would depend on the volume of tasks that we are required to handle. We would try to send you the first draft within 5 days of initiating the project.

We offer customized packages; all you need to do is to email your requirements to us and get personalised quote.
We would surely do the necessary revisions as per your request; however, we would charge you additional amount if we need to work on more than two revisions.
We accept documents in all most all formats.
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