Formatting is an important step in the eBook publication process. A properly formatted book, whether digital or physical, looks neat, is easy to read, and makes navigation simple. As an author, you must keep these factors in mind while publishing your book, as they work towards improving a reader’s experience.

Now the question is: Can you do this yourself, or do you need the help of eBook formatting companies?

The answer depends on whether you have the skill, knowledge, and time to format your books. However, outsourcing eBook formatting services can make things easier if you’ve just finished writing a book and are rushing to meet the publishing deadline.

So, to help you, we have curated a list of the best companies offering eBook formatting services.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

The best companies offering eBook formatting services in 2023

  1. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions

    ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is one of the leading eBook formatting companies in the world. Over the past 10 years, we have helped many notable authors and publishers with eBook conversion and formatting.

    We produce high-quality, consistent, trendy eBooks compatible with major eBook publishing platforms.

    Moreover, our representatives and project managers are always available to help you with your queries.

    With our help, you can give your readers a high-quality reading experience that will help boost your reputation and sales. Our eBook formatting services are 100% guaranteed to make you happy!

    Service portfolio:

    Turnaround time: Within 5-7 days, depending on the number of pages and complexity.

    Years of Experience: 10 years

    Price: Contact us for price

    Location(s): India, USA, UK

  2. MAPSystems

    MAPSystems is one of the best companies offering high quality digital conversion services. Their team of professionals is experts at arranging eBooks in a way that makes them attractive and engaging for readers. With their expert help, your digital books will work seamlessly across all popular eReaders, tablets, and mobile phones.

    MAPSystems is ISO-certified and has been in business for the past three decades. They have worked with thousands of authors and publishers from all over the world.

    Service portfolio:

    • eBook formatting
    • Copyediting services
    • Proofreading services
    • Multilingual eBook conversion
    • eBook cover designs

    Turnaround time: Within 4-6 days, depending on the number of pages and complexity.

    Years of Experience: 30 years

    Price: Contact for price

    Location(s): India, USA, UK, UAE, and Jordan.

  3. Ebook Launch

    Ebook Launch is a family business that has worked with authors worldwide since 2011. They are a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and specialize in book editing, cover design, and formatting services.

    Service portfolio:

    • Book editing
    • eBook cover design
    • eBook formatting
    • Print book formatting

    Turnaround time: Within 14 days

    Years of Experience: 12 years

    Price: Starting at $49 (+ extras) per eBook for fiction

    Location(s): Canada

  4. Scribendi

    Scribendi is an eBook editing and proofreading company that also provides formatting services. They are an ISO-certified company, ensuring consistent, high-quality content that meets Amazon and Smashwords requirements.

    They prefer to offer their clients expert, human formatting services and, unlike other companies on this list, don’t offer cover design services.

    Service portfolio:

    • eBook editing
    • eBook proofreading
    • eBook formatting

    Turnaround time: Between 24 hours to 5 days depending on the word count.

    Years of Experience: 26 years

    Price: Starting at ~$51

    Location(s): Canada

  5. Ebook Enhancers

    Ebook Enhancers specializes in eBook creation and conversion services and has been active since 2004. They format eBooks to be compatible with major eBook publishing platforms.

    With their services, your readers can enjoy your digital books on their tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

    They ensure that all their eBook formatting services are done manually without relying on specialized software.

    Service portfolio:

    • Cover design
    • eBook conversion
    • Indexing
    • Book scanning

    Years of Experience: 19 years

    Price: Starting at $30

    Location(s): India

  6. Pen2Publishing

    Pen2Publishing prides itself on being author-centric and helps writers self-publish. They specialize in creating custom-designed eBooks that are guaranteed to get instant approval on Amazon and Apple.

    Over the past 10 years, Pen2Publishing has worked with many authors, including indie writers.

    Their formatting is compatible with Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Smashwords. To ensure your eBook project goes well, they assign dedicated publishing managers to you.

    Service portfolio:

    • eBook cover design
    • eBook conversion

    Turnaround time: 7 days

    Years of Experience: approx. 10 years

    Price: Starting at $49

    Location(s): USA, India

  7. Self Publishing Lab

    Formerly known as Book Cover, Self Publishing Lab is a company that helps authors publish their books. They help authors create, publish, and release commercial trade quality books without incurring huge costs.

    Apart from its main service, the company offers cover design, typesetting, editing, and eBook formatting services.

    Service portfolio:

    • eBook cover design
    • Typesetting
    • Editing
    • Proofreading

    Years of Experience: 25+ years

    Price: Starting at $125

  8. Ghost Book Writers

    Ghost Book Writers is a company offering ghostwriting services to authors. They also offer eBook formatting and proofreading services.

    The company follows formatting procedures based on industry standards accepted by major publishers worldwide.

    Service portfolio:

    • Cover design
    • Editing
    • Formatting
    • Proofreading
    • Publishing

    Years of Experience: 10+ years

    Price: Contact for price

    Location(s): USA

  9. AuthorImprints

    AuthorImprints is an award-winning company offering self-publishing services to clients across the world. They help authors self-publish books professionally, using their own publishing imprint.

    They offer services like eBook programming, editing, indexing, cover design, distribution, etc., but not as a package deal. They encourage their customers to opt only for their needed services rather than choosing self-publishing packages.

    The company makes complex books that need tables, graphics, images, text formatting, and linking. Their formatted eBooks are compatible with leading eReaders like Kindle, iBooks, and Nook.

    Service portfolio:

    • eBook programming
    • eBook conversion
    • eBook creation
    • Proofreading
    • Cover design
    • Editing
    • Indexing
    • Distribution
    • Book registration

    Turnaround time: Within 7-10 business days

    Years of Experience: 20+ years

    Price: Contact for price

    Location(s): USA

Benefits of outsourcing eBook formatting services

eBook formatting can be tough for someone new to digital publishing. That is because these books appear on devices that vary in size and shape. Even the trends differ between print and online publishing.

When you hire the services of eBook formatting companies, you don’t have to worry about these things. Moreover, you get services like editing, cover design, proofreading, and more.

Here are some more benefits of outsourcing your digital book formatting services:

  • eBook companies are experts at converting books or documents into various electronic formats. So they can produce high-quality output.
  • Sometimes, digital books need tables and interactive elements that complicate things if you don’t know how to do them. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to include such elements in your books.
  • They can finish formatting your digital book faster and hand over the finished product even within a day.
  • Professionals make it a point to follow industry standards and know what is trending. Their knowledge can help your books reach more readers.
  • You get access to their infrastructure, tools, software, and workforce, which would otherwise need large investments.
  • It is cost-effective as you don’t have to invest much in software, tools, and infrastructure. Companies consider eBook formatting a small-scale task, so they usually charge small amounts for the work. Of course, the rates will depend on the complexity and word count.
  • Most eBook companies offer customer support during and after the completion of the work. It works well if you need a lot of help with eBook publishing.
  • You can use the time you save from outsourcing the work to focus on more important tasks or your next writing project.
  • Professionals help you give your readers a good experience. They make your books look neat and include interactive elements like a clickable table of contents, hyperlinks, etc. When readers enjoy your book, your sales and reputation will increase.

Final thoughts

If you want to present good-looking digital books to your readers, your best bet is to hire professionals that offer eBook formatting services. They are usually updated on the latest styles and trends in the eBook space and can help you present your work in the best way.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Hire a good eBook formatter and enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing this task. Cheers!