Kindle Fire HDX, powered by an elegant display and exceptionally robust processor is undoubtedly a highly impressive and smart tablet that assures a smooth and exciting reading experience. When it comes to the reading of digital textbooks, novels and any other type of printed materials, the device serves at its best.

Though Kindle Store may have a significant portion of eBooks, there may be reading materials that are not accessible via Amazon.  Let us see how these books can be made obtainable on Kindle HDX.

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Adding eBook formats to Kindle Fire

Step 1

Knowing the appropriate file formats

Before starting to add electronic books to Kindle Fire, make sure that you know the file formats that are supported and unsupported. This is very important.

The Kindle file formats that are presently supported are KF8, PRC, MOBI and AZW. Text files supported are PDF, TXT, DOC and DOCX. EBooks in the web are mainly in ePub format and most of the e-readers support this. It may shock you to know that kindle HDX doesn’t support it.

Step 2

Converting ePub format to a compatible format

Using Calibre or similar programs, you can convert the ePub into readable formats. Download Calibre; it’s free.

After downloading, just complete the setup process. You also have to select a folder for downloads. Then select your device, and also the option of inputting the email registered with your Amazon account. This will help you to get the converted materials straight to your device through email. Now click on the Add Books and select option ‘from a single directory’. You will find the ePub formatted eBook on your system.

Now convert the files either by right clicking the concerned book or select Convert Individually from the Convert Books option. For output format, select either AZW3 or MOBI. This is what most of the professional service providers also prefer. MOBI is more popular and hence selecting this has obvious advantages. However, the choice should be based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Step 3:

Adding eBooks to your Kindle Fire HDX

Now you have got your book converted in a format that the device can read. The final process is transferring it to your tablet. You can do this via USB, email or Dropbox.

The above mentioned steps don’t need a high level of technical expertise. However, if you find it uncomfortable, seeking assistance from expert ePublishing services provider can be helpful.

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