ProGlobalBusinessSolutions (PGBS) is a cutting-edge professional video editing company. With over a decade of experience in post-production work, we are curating videos that transmit the most powerful emotions and experiences.

When creating a buzz in the market, event videos, or launch videos for a product, we understand how important a video is for digital content strategies. This is why we work diligently to meet the desired output to create the most compelling footage for your business happenings and brands.

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Whether it is corporate event video editing, event footage editing, event promo editing, event teaser editing, brand promotion video, event music video editing or business video editing, we deliver top-notch edited work that levels up your branding game and aids publicity.

Our Event Video Editing Services for Various Sectors

At PGBS, we have a work portfolio covering video editing work for almost all the sectors. We believe in creating high-quality videos that leave your audience spell-bound. With profound knowledge in the editing section, our team works round the clock to provide the best to our clients.

Our Services include

  • Conference Videos 

    Do you want to market your conference video? Well, we have perfect editing tools for that. Our video editors ensure to keep the best of your conference, and nothing is missed from our keen eye. We also create small clips of the exclusive footage to create and highlight interesting factors of your conference, which create interest among the audience.

  • Award Ceremony Videos

    An award ceremony video is the best way to keep your award live forever. We keep the best of your award ceremony in the footage, including various performances, audiences, and glamor. Create a permanent record of your program with our editing services.

  • Launch Event Videos

    We can help you with the best-in-class edited videos that can be a game changer when posted on social media or your website if you have a launch event. A launch event video always helps create awareness for a new product or create brand visibility for business.

  • Publicity Event Videos

    When it comes to publicity events, all you want is to reach a larger audience using all the modes. With our event promotion video editing services, you can reach the maximum potential audience and take your business to new heights.

    At PGBS, we create the best publicity show clips that get maximum attention and compel the viewer to keep watching.

Types of Event Video Editing Services

  • Flash Montage: In this type, we try to showcase the happening and its feel in a few seconds. Our montage videos are a flash of 15 seconds to 1-minute.
  • Event Teaser: This is a footage in which the purpose of the program is mixed with visual creativity. The idea is to generate excitement among the prospective audience towards the event.
  • Event Trailer: Like the teaser, this one comes with a better idea about the biz happening. This is the promo created to attract the prospective audience’s attention towards booking seats for the show or being present then and there when it is an online one.
  • Event Recap: This type of clip comprises the biz happening lately. It is all-inclusive of everything that happened during the show, and most of the best parts are covered in a glimpse. This helps in keeping the event alive forever.

Event Video Editing – Our Process

Our professional outputs are the result of hard work, and the most organized process we follow include

  • Keen Eye on Client’s Requirements

    A good briefing on the requirements should be the first step to get the most satisfying work. We understand this step quite well; this is why before going to the editing part, we have long discussions with our clients in the first place to understand their requirements.

    We create a rough document of the work and exchange suggestions with the client, based on our understanding of the business and the latest market trends.

  • File Transfer

    The next step includes sharing required files and the raw footage on which the work is to be done.

    We provide the most secure way (FTP) to our clients so that they feel safe in sharing their confidential information.

  • Team Formation

    Once we receive all the necessary documents from our client, we start allocating the work and responsibilities department-wise; this makes the process seamless and error-free.

    We separate each team according to their expertise, then switch to the next step.

  • The Editing Part

    This is the fourth and the most crucial step of our process, where teams work as allotted on the project. We use the best-in-class modern technology to modify your recordings and make them the most satisfying experience for you. Our services include video cropping, video stabilization, vide trimming, and color grading.

  • Rounds of Quality Check

    Once the modification process is done based on the client’s brief, the output goes through multiple checkpoints, and a quality check is done via various team members based on various factors. Once our work gets a green flag, it is sent to the client.

  • Feedback & Final Delivery

    In the next step, we share the final output with the client for feedback and revisions, if necessary. And once we receive a go-ahead from the client, we share all the files with the client in the most secure file transfer protocol.

Industries We Cater to

  • Media and Advertisement
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • eCommerce
  • Publishing

Why Choose PGBS For Event Video Editing Services?

  • Access to the most innovative tools and technologies
  • Highly affordable rates
  • Short TAT for deliverables
  • We retain consistent editing style

Outsource Event Video Editing Services to PGBS

ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is the cutting-edge video editing service provider. We understand video editing from the core and provide uber-class service to various industry verticals.

With a client base in almost every part of the world, we serve most refined services meeting international standards.

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