Data entry services are required for almost all sorts of businesses may it be small or big. Outsource data entry requirements to us in India and just stay back relaxed.

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We bring together the best professional expertise and the latest in technology innovation to deliver great value provisions. PGBS core specialty lies in systematic handling of the information and add to that timely delivery of the projects with quality helps us to manage clients worldwide effectively.

Types of offshore data entry outsourcing services we provide 

  • Online Data Entry Services
    data entry solutionsOnline data entry is something inevitable for any business these days. With attention to detail, our skilled professionals type swiftly while retaining apex level of accuracy. Our services are innovative and comprehensive. We use latest software and house well trained professionals to carry out the tasks in an impeccable manner.
  • Data Capture Services
    Online Data CaptureWe acquire all needed information from physical documents and digitize it. The sources can be forms, receipts, photographs or anything. Capturing such data and converting them into digital format is quite a time consuming and tedious task. With our robust processes and adherence to finest industry standards and practices, you get awesome results.
  • Data Cleansing/Enrichment Services
    data cleansing solutionsManaging huge volume of data is tough and things get tougher when inaccuracies or any sort of slips creep into the database. As data increases, chances of errors and misplacements increase. This can lead to very destructive consequences and hence eliminating the issue is very important. We are adept in data cleansing and enrichment.
  • Scanning/OCR/Indexing Services
    OCR document scanning serviceWe have a team of expert professionals skilled in carrying out scanning, OCR, and indexing. We scan and convert all types of print media materials into almost any format of your choice. Our experts are also talented in executing proper OCR conversion and indexing the data in an appropriate manner.
  • Web Research or Data Mining Services
    data miningCarrying out research and mining out needed data has become one of the very basic perquisites of any business. Whether you are starting a business or want to focus on a new area, getting contact details including email IDs, website links, contact numbers etc. is crucial.  Our experts crawl and dig deep to get all needed data for you.
  • Form Processing Services
    form processingWe can process forms of any type and take up work in any volume. Hire us to eliminate human errors and make your data collection process automated. Our experts get data from various fields and convert them into easily usable electronic formats. This data is securely saved and you can remotely have access to it from anywhere.
  • Document Management Services
    DMS solutionsHire our document management services to manage your content effectively. Our experts let you store up, administer and track you data in electronic versions in a prolific manner.   We are committed towards making sure of quality and most importantly security of all your concerned confidential data.
  • Data Abstraction Services
    Data Enrichment Just imagine the torture of having to go through a 500-page document to get some ten key points. It kills time and frustrates your in-house executive. Let our people do the task on your behalf. Our data abstraction process is not about merely summarizing documents; we get you critical information that can play crucial role in your decision-making process.
  • Data Analytics Services
    Data Analytics We offer top-notch data analytic services that can surely be productive for your business. Data is pivotal for any business but its proper analysis is what makes it worthy for all the effort you took in collecting it. We execute a planned study and present needed figures and facts to ensure that the analysis made offers value to you.
  • Database Development & Migration Services
    database migration assistantFor businesses of all types and sizes, we offer stellar data base development as well as migration services. Our experts follow a customized approach and follow carefully framed processes and strict security protocols.  Risk of errors and data corruption is reduced drastically.  Response time is significantly reduced.

We provide solutions for

  • Text related entries, be it characters, numbers or alphanumeric
  • Filling forms
  • Employee Payroll services
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Filling subscriptions and more

Advantages of outsourcing data entry services to PGBS

Outsourcing to Proglobalbusinesssolutions for data entry requirements is not only about cutting cost but also about reaping the benefits of strategic outsourcing such as

  • Extensive process knowledge: Having an experience of over a decade in making available data entry and related services to companies from around the world, our data entry clerks has garnered immense process knowledge as well as in-depth expertise in entire facets related to data entry services. Business to which we avail our services have always benefitted from the knowledge we possess.
  • Skilled and talented workforce: We house the best professionals who are highly skilled, trained and vastly experienced. Our regular training programs are strategically developed and this ensures that people with us stay in synch with the fluctuating and more demanding scenarios in data entry realm.
  • Capability to handle bulk works: No matter how huge the volume of documents that you need us to handle, we are efficient and competent enough to manage the same with unmatched excellence. Thus you can streamline the business workflow, enhance effectiveness and elevate the level of productivity.
  • Round the clock availability: Our company stays active all time round the clock- 24/7/365. You can get work done within the stipulated timeframe and if needed on a real time basis, as agreed at the time of commitment.
  • Support in multiple languages: Customer support from our team can be obtained in various languages which helps us to address to your queries in the language you prefer.
  • We are technologically advanced: To increase and maintain the process efficiency, our company is always keen to update technologies and use highly sophisticated options.
  • Pricing is kept reasonable: When you associate with us, you need not worry about data entry services pricing. Our packages are flexible and we offer different payment models. You can choose the one aptly befitting your requirements
  • Data Security: Irrespective of the size and business profile of a company, information is constantly being developed. Outsourcing your services of information entry and storage to PGBS is hence a profitable option to ensure that your valuable information is safe with us; in professional hands.
  • Quality: PGBS is also well experienced in offline data entry services. Our experts key-in raw details or information to a database program or a word processor of your choice error free and with faster turnaround time; without making use of the internet facility. Our experts in quality control department recheck the entered information for quality.

Once these processes are over, we, the professional outsourcing company in India immediately send back the information in the format preferred by you for further use.The necessity to outsource is increasing day by day but there are very few companies in the Indian market that provide reliable error free quality services.

Why PGBS is among the top data entry companies in India?

At PGBS, we recognize that every business is different. We collaborate with all our clients gaining a thorough understanding of their organization and adapt our outsourcing solutions to suit the specific needs of each business.We act as your strategic partner providing you end-to-end, well-integrated information entry service.

We establish a long-term relationship enabling you to achieve organizational objectives and enjoy business success. Outsourcing to India is the path to success, pave this way for us. When you partner with us, you can stay assured of getting economical and accurate data entry services. Our claims are true and our esteemed customers have always endorsed us for our commitment and excellence. Read our clients testimonials here.

We support industries like education, finance, accounting, legal, manufacturing, healthcare, architecture, engineering and more. We have been successfully providing solutions to clients across USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, UAE and other Middle East countries.


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