Read the case study on how PGBS assisted a client to cleanse and enrich invalid and erroneous documents

About the client

The client was a leading international corporation offering a wide range of magnetic interchange sunglasses crafted specifically for the requirements of tennis players, golfers, kayakers, hikers, skiers, runners, bikers and climbers along with weekend warriors. Located in Australia, the company catered to the needs of customers from Australia and New Zealand with respect to lenses, frames, sun readers, prescription suns, switch kits and accessories.

About the project

The client wanted extensive data cleansing and enrichment services to clean, verify and corroborate the contact information of over 78,000 users. As the business started encountering instances of undelivered emails, duplicate email deliveries and inability to reach customers over the phone, they decided to cleanse and update its customer and company records.

The project required to rectify spelling mistakes, de-duplicate the details and conduct rigorous searches online to verify and validate the details of each contact.

In addition, all the entries were to be standardized to ensure uniformity across the business.

About the requirements of the client

The client needs

  • Check all mailing addresses in the records
  • Rectify incorrect office and residential addresses
  • Confirm the phone numbers and email addresses of the users
  • Identify and eliminate duplicate entries from the database
  • Remove entries that are outdated
  • Update the details in a predetermined format

About the challenges we faced

The major challenge we faced during the deliverance of data cleansing services was to carry out extensive online search to find, verify and update the correct details of each user in the database. This would aid the client to bolster the effectiveness of marketing efforts and target the right audience.

How PGBS executed the project

Since the client wanted us to deliver the project quickly and had limited budget, we had to create a custom plan to meet the necessities of the client, quicken the process of data clean up and offer exceptional accuracy with all data scrubbing services delivered.

In order to meet the project requirements, we constituted a team of 22 experienced professionals to help the client improve the efficiency of their customer records all the while reducing the costs using effective enrichment techniques.

Our team carried out extensive analysis to understand the areas where improvement was necessary.

Along with the data enrichment services offered, we also provided

  • Riddled and scoured the client’s mailing lists
  • Corrected spelling, grammatical, typographical and punctuation mistakes
  • Got rid of several duplicate entries
  • Spotted and completed all incomplete records
  • Regularized, regulated and reformatted the contact details
  • Used dependable sources to verify and validate the contact details

What were the results?

At the end of the project, we delivered exceptionally efficient and 100% accurate customer and company records comprising over 160,000 individual entries focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and consistency.

As the details were presented in a specific manner so that the client could search, find and update the database quickly. We also helped the client get rid of several entries that occupied unnecessary space and thus reduced the cost of record management and physical storage. At the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing data cleansing services to us was a wise one.

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