PBGS: When Data Privacy and Security Concerns Assume Prime Importance

One of the major factors that obstruct many organizations from fully embracing the perquisites offered by outsourcing is their worries regarding data privacy. However, most of the Indian companies have proactively addressed most of such concerns by implementing various data security and privacy systems in place. In this regard, PBGS too is no exception and we constantly revise and update the existing systems to implement newer systems as required by the industry adhering to various international requirements. We take conscious efforts to effectively tether such systems with our quality policy to provide the best data security for all our clients.

Your Data Security and Privacy Concerns

PBGS understands that data security and data mining privacy etc. are not a novel concept when it comes to outsourcing business processes. When transfer of confidential and valuable information happens, it is natural that the parties involved in the process are apprehensive about the security of the information. This is the major reason why we, PBGS, take all the necessary efforts and pain to adopt the best data privacy and security policies in the industry and update the same from time to time, to meet a myriad of demands raised by the changing global economy and the concerned information privacy laws that are in effect.

What we have as the solution at PBGS

Along with several rigorous security policies, we have adopted a number of state-of-the-art data security systems and technology-driven access control mechanisms to tender maximum protection for each and every piece of information shared with PGBS. We also understand that the employees at our facility and our business partners also have a large role in realizing the security systems that we have in place. Hence, we constantly train and orient them to become an important cog in the larger mechanism that operates at PGBS to ensure the quality of the information security systems in place.

Along with adherence to the unflinching adhere to data privacy policy, few of the revolutionary systems we have at PBGS;

  • Secure Log-ins to the Premises
  • Secure Smart Card for Access
  • Secure Remote Access (VPN)
  • Sole Log-ins to Desktop and Enterprise Applications

Data security and privacy is a matter of prime importance at PGBS and hence, we dedicate a sizable budget to ensure that various information security and privacy systems are comprehensively fastened to each and every process, network and IT infrastructure element of the organization carefully.

In order to ensure there is no unauthorized access or security breach, we implement the following;

  • Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Contracts
  • Comprehensive audits on all system activities
  • Restricted, registered, authorized and monitored access control
  • Comprehensive server scanning for penetration testing

PGBS network offers exceptional information security, along with uncompromised data-mining privacy, by using;

  • Highly Secured Cisco® VPN tunnels for clients.
  • LAN Optimized Cisco® Network Assistant and Secured Cisco® intelligent switches.
  • Protection by Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Intelligent, advanced network firewalls.
  • Encrypted web servers and desktop systems.
  • Biometric access control systems.
  • Cisco® PIX® firewall to prevent all ports for FTP, HTTP,TCP/IP, ICMP and UDP.

How Indian outsourcing companies lead the way

As we have discussed in the beginning, concerns overinformation privacy is a major element that many anti-outsourcing lobbies in the US and UK use to drive companies away from outsourcing their business processes to countries like India. However, by making use of industry-preferred and futuristic technologies, we have addressed this concern in the best way possible.

Though there are still allegations from the aforementioned lobbyists, most of the allegations are unfounded and are created with a view to deceive the businesses away from embracing the benefits availed by outsourcing the data entry services related business processes.

Associations in India, such as the National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM), have always been on the forefront to help various outsourcing businesses to adopt a wide range of advanced and state-of-the-art data security systems.

PGBS, your safe haven to address all the worries related to data security and protection

All the hard work and endeavors of various associations such as NASSCOM and DSCI,along with the initiatives and wholehearted support of companies like that of ours, have been paying off well. The Indian cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai are lauded low-risk outsourcing destinations by Hill & Associates, a prominent enterprise risk and security management consultancy agency.

Trust in our fail-safe quality process, information security and privacy systems and outsource your business processes to us. Contact one of our client relation desks to get more details about our data security and privacy policies and service plans. Alleviating your worries is the moral and professional obligation we have towards you.

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