High quality services at cost-effective rates

Data entry services of wide varieties are offered by PGBS.  Few to mention are data processing, data mining, ePub services, catalog management etc. Our services are rendered professionally and are focussed to add more value. When it comes to data entry services pricing, you can avail most reasonable rates from us.

Underlying factors determine the data entry pricing structure by PGBS

  • T & C of contract
  • Work quanta and need of weekend support
  • Total time for completion
  • Skill pool required
  • Complexity of project
  • Employment of technology and assistance

We have done our best to keep the rates absolutely affordable. Still, specific estimations can be obtained only after you discuss requirements with any of our executives.

We normally charge hourly rates or FTE (Full time equivalent rates)

Hourly rates:

  • Data processing rates depends completely on your precise business requirements
  • Data mining rates are based on complexity of project, fields need to extract information etc.
  • Data entry rates are reliant on technology development, work volume, TAT, weekend support needs and complexity.
  • Catalog management rates are charged straight based on tenure of contract.
  • Variety of factors depend eCommerce data updating. Contact us to discuss.
  • ePub services rates depend on size, type and complexity of conversion.
  • Property management back office tasks are charged based on volume and complexity.

Full time equivalent or FTE rates

There are certain projects that need you to have a full time professional dedicated for you. In such cases, the pricing is really competitive. Also, you get a resource completely dedicated to you as your own employee working in another office.

Besides other parameters considered for data entry services quotes are row, record or line rate and key stroke rate.