When digital books were introduced, eBook readers also came into the market after a short time. But in earlier times, the idea was not well appreciated until now. Today, we can see many e-readers with improved capabilities and features providing optimum readability to users.

If you love reading, then having an eReader is a must. Even though it feels good to hold a book in your hand and experience the smell of the pages, physical books are surely tiresome. You need to keep your books in good condition and organize them for further use. However, if you use the best eBook readers, you do not have to worry about this.

In this article, you will learn about:

Different types of ebook readers

Types of eBook readers

In this article, we are about to talk about some of the best eBook readers and advise you on how to choose the right one for your needs.

Different Types of eReaders

Today, people read eBooks mostly on mobile devices besides tabs, computers, laptops, etc. That is why, when you get these eBook readers, make sure to download the latest version to enjoy the full range of features.

Here are the most popular types of e-readers that you can choose from:

  • Desktop eBook Readers

    • Adobe Digital Editions

      One of the extensively used desktop applications among the list of e-readers is Adobe Digital Editions. It supports the entire table of contents for ePUB file formats. Apart from ePUB, it can also support PDF files.

    • Microsoft Reader

      This is a free, easy-to-download application compatible with Windows desktops or laptops. The e-reader has many great features; one of them allows users to look up the words in the integrated dictionary and take notes. However, its only disadvantage is that it supports files in the .LIT format.

  • Stand-alone e-readers

    • Amazon Kindle

      This is a popular eBook reader from Amazon, enabling 3G or wireless access to the Amazon Kindle store. They can download the eBooks directly to the computer or mobile device. The e-ink screen reduces the strain on the eyes and delivers a long battery life to the devices. This reader supports many formats, including PDF files, .txt documents, and files in .prc and .mobi formats.

    • Sony Reader

      The Sony Reader is among the first successful hardware e-book readers and has been upgraded over the years. It offers a wide range of support for eBooks. The users can read eBooks in PDF and ePUB formats through this device, just like an ePUB reader. It comes with a good touchscreen, and the users can get the e-Ink reading experience on this device.

    • Barnes & Noble Nook

      This is the earliest eBook reader-supported on Android devices. The users can get this software in two versions. These are the Nook and Nook Colors. It comes with e-Ink technology, which reduces the strain on the eyes. The software supports ePUB books, but the users will not be able to read PDF or Word files on this device.

    • Kobo eReader

      The Kobo eReader is a popular program and it allows readers to download eBooks from its store. It supports eBooks in the ePub format and you can install the app on various devices. The program can be run on iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm Pre and it also comes as a desktop version.

    • BeBook Neo

      This e-reader was created by Endless Ideas BV. It contains many features that help in creating an enjoyable experience for readers. The eBook reader is comfortable to use and has a long battery life. It has 16 GB storage and the touch screen technology of Wacom.

  • Internet-based eBook readers

    • Bookworm

      Bookworm is an open source ebook reader and it is compatible with the ePUB table of contents. You should keep in mind that it needs good internet connectivity and it has a good CSS and HTML display.

  • Mobile eReader Apps

    • Apple iPhone

      When it comes to e-readers for mobile phones, the iPhone from Apple supports eBooks, and the users can download the Stanza reader for free from the Apple App Store. In iPhones, the Kindle app supports .mobi (Kindle) and .prc formats.

    • Android

      Android users can read books in the ePub format through the Aldiko eReader. This software is compatible with PDF, text and other formats, including the non-DRM ePUB format. You can use a free software called Calibre to convert these formats into the ePUB version.

    • Windows

      In mobile phones, the readers can read the documents through various software, including Kobo, eReader Pro, Microsoft Reader, and other applications.

  • Best Tablets for eReaders

    • Apple iPad

      Apple has been successful with its iPad, which supports eBooks and various ipad ebook formats, apart from performing other activities. This is a sophisticated device, and the users can download the Apple iBooks app from the Apple App store. This allows them to read the eBooks in ePUB format on these devices. Apart from this, you can download the Kobo and Kindle apps on your iPad. The users can get access to Kobo eBook store and Amazon Kindle store to download the desired books.

    • HP Touchpad Tablet

      The tablet has a great reading functionality. The Kindle app is also present in the HP tablet, which gives you access to low-priced books in its store.

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab

      The Kindle app comes preinstalled in the Samsung Galaxy tab. Even being one of the smallest devices, the tab is still a good eReader. Besides Kindle, you can also download the Kobo and Nook apps on your tablet.

How to Choose the Best eBook Reader?

Choosing the best eBook reader is a subjective decision. What is best for you, may not be good for others. So, it solely depends on your choice and preferences. However, here are a few things to remember while choosing an electronic reader:

  • File Support
    Check if the electronic reader that you are choosing can support your desired file format or not. For example, the eBooks purchased from Amazon will be present in .azw format and Kindle will support .mobi files as well. However, it won’t support .ePUB files.
  • Audiobook Support
    Audiobook compatibility is another feature that enhances an e-reader’s functionality. So, make sure that you check it too. E-readers, such as Kindle, provide support for audiobook and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones.
  • Borrow Support
    eReaders with this feature will allow you to borrow eBooks from the digital library. Only a few e-readers have this feature and they are Kindle and Kobo.
  • External App Support
    See if your e-reader offers support for external applications or not. Since Amazon acquired Goodreads, it allows Kindle devices to support that platform only. So, check out carefully.
  • Fonts
    Check if the list of fonts available is extensive enough so that you do not have to sideload anymore. However, if you do sideload, the eBook readers should not impose any restriction on it.

On a final note, we can say that each e-reader that we have mentioned is the best in their own way. So, check out every feature and find the one that would address your needs. Make use of the information given in this article and decide whether you should buy them or not.

eBook readers have revolutionized digital reading and learning. So, if you are a publisher who wants to keep up with the pace and create digital copies of your printed books, then opt for  eBook conversion services.

The files created by these companies are usually compatible with popular eBook reading devices. Besides, you can customize the different types of eBook readers for your device according to your specifications.