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Best Types of Camera Shots and Angles: An Ultimate Guide

Whether you specialize in taking photos or videos, your ultimate success lies in having the perfect visual perspective. This perspective is the balance between the subject and your camera that ultimately impacts the visual narrative. That said, knowing the best types of camera shots and angles is more of a mandate for anyone in [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring a YouTube Channel Manager

YouTube is the undoubted powerhouse online marketing platform for indie video content creators, vloggers, businesses, influencers, and so on. Anyone wishing to reach and engage with a global audience can leverage the incredible potential of this online video streaming giant.  Astonishingly, over 720,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube daily, catering to the [...]

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Understanding What is Bitrate and How it Affects Video Quality

No matter what platform you’re making videos for, be it YouTube or any other, good-quality videos keep viewers interested in your content. No one likes videos that keep buffering or lagging. Most people think about video resolution and frame rates when trying to make high-quality videos. But sometimes, these aren’t enough to ensure good-quality [...]

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What is the Video Aspect Ratio? A Detailed Guide for Newbies

Let’s be honest here, you’ve watched at least some YouTube videos, movies, or Instagram reels. So, you would’ve noticed that each type of video has a different dimension. Likewise, each of them gives their respective audience a different viewing experience. The dimensions of these videos are called aspect ratios, and they’re a very important [...]

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What is a LUT? How to Use LUTs for Video Color Grading

In the video post-production process, color grading has a very important role to play in the creation of beautiful and stylistic videos. Now, there are many different ways to grade colors in a video, and the one gaining a lot of popularity is LUT. But what is this LUT, and how does one use [...]

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Top 10 Free and Paid Video Editing Software List for Beginners

Video editing is an interesting process for professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists alike. It is also a skill that is in great demand in different sectors for various purposes. So, if you are beginning to learn video editing, you can speed up the process by practicing with good software. With that in mind, we have compiled [...]

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How to Create YouTube Shorts? Everything You Need to Know

Social media is full of new content, unique video styles, and quirky presentations. Because that’s what pulls the crowd. One such instance is the short-form vertical video content that has risen to great prominence in recent years. Studies say consumers prefer shorter videos these days over longer ones. Riding the waves of the popularity [...]

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What is YouTube Automation? The Beginners Guide

We must have heard the term “YouTube automation” at least once. Many might know about it (per their own understanding), while most people still wonder about the true meaning of this terminology. To maintain the success and upscale the growth of a YouTube channel, the creators either:' Work on the content and manage the [...]

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What is Trimming in Video Editing? Comprehensive Guide

If you send someone a 10-minute video in which nothing important happens in the first minute and last five minutes, how will they react? They will grumble and complain to you about wasting their time. So, how can you avoid such a scenario? That’s simple! Just trim your video and shorten it to only [...]

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Dos and Don’ts of Using YouTube Automation

If you didn’t already know, YouTube is packed with content creators, and it is hard for each one to get noticed. Larger companies and YouTubers manage to earn a decent income from YouTube ad revenues because they have huge video production teams to create, edit, and post video content regularly. However, smaller and newer [...]

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What is Color Correction in Video Editing? Detailed Guide

The human eye is amazing and can send amazing visuals to your brain like nothing else. We can only recreate these stunning visuals with cameras and editing, and color correction is the first step toward achieving perfection. Color correction is when images and videos are edited to look more natural. It is a vital [...]

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34 commonly used terms in video editing

Video editing is not a simple task, but it gets tougher when you don’t understand the technical jargon others are using around you. If you are new to video editing, knowing some commonly used video editing terms and phrases will make the video editing workflow easier for you to learn. In this article, we [...]

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Social Media Video Marketing Strategy- The 2024 Guide

As per statistics, online video content is the most popular mode for consumers to get information with a few clicks. For example, in 2024, on average, people watched online videos for 17 hours. 52% of consumers are more likely to share videos than any other form of content. Hence, social media marketing is the [...]

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How to Find and Hire Video Editor for YouTube Online? Guide

Did you know? As of now, more than 1 billion hours of content are consumed daily on YouTube by its 2.68 billion active users worldwide. Well, the digital landscape of YouTube is growing further by all means, with more and more video content being produced, considering online videos to be a great marketing tool for [...]

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How to Outsource Video Editing Services? Complete Guide

Video is the most consumed online content worldwide. Any good online video content is the result of hours of labour and dedication done by an in-house team or an outsourced video editing service company. The videos we see on the internet have to be created, edited, and made to run successfully over the internet. [...]

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Perfect Guide to TikTok Video Length for 2024

Do you own a business and want to augment its brand awareness among the global masses? Or are you an amateur vlogger or influencer trying to solidify your mark online? Whoever you are, TikTok can offer you enormous opportunities to connect and interact with millions of people and showcase your credibility. With its quirky [...]

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14 YouTube Video Editing Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Are you an aspiring YouTuber or a video marketer looking to add more videos to your YouTube channel? Then you must be aware of the importance of YouTube video editing. Do you know editing is the first and foremost step in video post-production? As a video marketer, if you cannot stitch your shots together [...]

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How to Estimate Video Editing Costs for Successful Outsourcing

How much do companies charge for video editing services? How much is needed to get a video edited? Well, there are several factors that determine the video editing rates with one factor being the project timeline. For example, professional video editors typically determine project costs by making an estimate of the number of days [...]

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Guide to make an engaging YouTube video intro

If the video doesn't get off to a solid start, viewers are unlikely to stick around until the end. A strong YouTube introduction is essential for keeping viewers on your channel for an extended period. A solid introduction also provides viewers with a preview and establishes the mood for the rest of the video. [...]

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6 common real estate photo editing mistakes to avoid

An image can convey so many stories, which real estate sellers are trying to convey in every possible way. If you are a professional or amateur real estate photographer, then you should know that a lack of a few major editing qualities could be holding you back from increasing your chances of landing high-paying [...]

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Best digital storage solutions for video editors

“Storage full!” As a video editor, are you terrified about this error? Got too many high-definition videos but very few digital storage options at reasonable prices? Let this not hamper your video production workflow, especially when there are plenty of digital storage services. These digital storage spaces have been the go-to solution for years [...]

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7 Video File Formats and Extensions List

Are you struggling to find the best video file format for your video content? Or do you want to know how the video formats work and how compatible they are with leading digital platforms and devices? If you nod yes to both questions above, you are at the exact spot. Keep scrolling down, and [...]

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9 common wedding video editing mistakes to avoid

Why is your wedding video so important? Yes, because it captures some fabulous moments you will want to treasure forever. People have huge expectations from final wedding video versions, and perfect editing of those videos is essential. Many video editors are entering the market and they are enriched with several advanced features that make [...]

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DIY Real Estate Video Editing Mistakes to Avoid While Editing

Videos play a major role in exposing the brand to the audience, boosting engagement, educating your potential customers, etc. Best videos need to be professionally edited. The real estate sector is congested with competitors, and everyone is looking for some interesting ways to expand their reach. Real estate video editing is one such option chosen [...]

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Best Video Editing Tips for Better Social Media Content

Social media apps are getting popular these days. Different new apps are entering the market. 3D animations, cinema graphs, and millions of other ways are used to capture the users' attention. Opening any social media app, you get to see awesome videos, and you are like, WOW! How do they do this? Don't think [...]

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Post-production Company

Demand for video content is blowing up these days. Viewers spend more time watching videos on different platforms. Videos help viewers retain the message more than what they retain with a text. They are gaining more popularity on social media platforms and also in the life of viewers. Videos are effective marketing tools evolving [...]

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10 Video Editing Techniques for Beginners

There has been an explosion in technology and platforms in these recent years. Creating and distributing videos have become very easy these days. Compelling filmmaking depends upon bringing your footage and different related elements together into your editing room. Editing a video includes Assembling the footage into an outcome by stabilizing footages. Mixing, cutting. [...]

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