We must have heard the term “YouTube automation” at least once. Many might know about it (per their own understanding), while most people still wonder about the true meaning of this terminology.

To maintain the success and upscale the growth of a YouTube channel, the creators either:’

Work on the content and manage the channels all by themselves (which is difficult beyond words).


Outsource the different segments of the workflow to professionals.


Use tools that seemingly “automate” the entire process of YouTube video creation.

This article will give you an insight into the most conferred topic of today, “YouTube automation”, and if it is a real thing in practice. Now without further wait, let’s get straight to the point.

What is YouTube automation?

YouTube automation is the process of outsourcing YouTube channel activity (video uploading, thumbnail design, meta tag optimization, title optimization, etc.) to a third-party professional or company to manage videos and generate money through YouTube’s monetization program.

YouTube automation is a phrase that is frequently used nowadays, although it still needs a formal definition. Different people have different takes on this term, but we will try to give you a sense of what it means.

If we look at it closely, automation means anything that makes the workflow seamless. So, either the video content creators hire professionals (outsource) or use tools to “automate” the video creation and running process.

YouTube automation

YouTube automation: Truth or Myth?

YouTube channel owners deploy numerous ways to keep up with the growing popularity of YouTube. One such is using the help of professionals who are skilled in video post-production work and can help a channel earn subscribers.

Nothing in the YouTube video creation process can really be automated. You can, at the most, outsource some parts of your workflow, like video editing, SEO analysis, description and title writing, thumbnail designing, YouTube shorts creation, etc., to help you better focus on other important aspects like idea generation and making the core content.

Many might debate whether overusing YouTube automation tools is entirely up to them if they feel that the tools are YouTube policy compliant. We have also covered a section on YouTube automation tools in the latter half of the article.

You can always grow your channel organically with genuine subscribers and traffic without going for any YouTube automation tool, provided you have a rock-solid resolution and a designated team of experts to build your channel. After all, hard work bears fruits!

Which aspects of a YouTube channel are expected to be automated?

If you feel you are capable enough, you can manage your YouTube channel all by yourself without any external help. But you also have the option of streamlining the workflow by leveraging help on:

  • Research and SEO

    Creating a video for a YouTube channel is not enough. The owner needs to take the necessary steps to make it rank on the first page of YouTube. This is when SEO expertise comes to use. This can be done either by the channel owner or they can hire SEO experts.

    SEO analysts for YouTube optimize the content to get organic traffic and increase the ranking of the video. Some of the essential SEO tasks are:

    • Writing the title and the video description (by inserting them naturally) through proper keyword search.
    • Researching relevant and trending hashtags and using them in the YouTube description to increase the reach.
    • Write the description per the video’s intent within the character limit.
    • Adding relevant and vital links in the YouTube description box.
    • Categorizing the videos to make them rank on the SERP.
  • Script writing

    Scriptwriting is essential to creating videos, as it lets the creator convey the entire thought without missing any points. If the creator is not sound enough with the script writing methods, a professional writer is always there to come to the rescue.

    A script writer can help by:

    • Writing a super-catchy title (of course, by using relevant keywords).
    • Identifying the niche to which the video belongs and writing the script based on that.
    • Writing a script in a storytelling manner as it sells more.
    • Using words that are YouTube policy compliant but at the same time engaging.
    • Putting the CTA and feedback in the end.
  • Video editing and thumbnail designing

    Video editing can be really time-consuming if not done through expert hands. To save time, channel owners leverage help from freelancers or YouTube video editing company to create wonders for their YouTube videos.

    Some of the efficient video editing companies or professional freelancers provide services like:

    • Color grading, trimming, merging, cropping, footage rearrangement, stabilization, etc.
    • Adding a suitable background score (adhering to copyright norms).
    • Creating appropriate YouTube thumbnails for every video.
    • Categorizing the video based on the content type.
    • Adding subtitles, writing descriptions and titles using appropriate keywords.
    • Converting long form of videos into short videos.
  • Voice over

    Many video content creators hesitate to give their own voice in their videos. This might be due to two reasons- they find their voice not catchy enough over the microphone or want professionals to do this task to give their videos that extra edge.

    Voice-over artists:

    • Read out the content of the video in a manner which the audience likes hearing. That is neither too mechanical nor too dramatic.
    • Reading the content as clearly and as possible (microphone-worthy).
    • Focus on the pronunciations.
    • Go through the script well to understand the vocal tone throughout.
    • Use proper pacing while reading a script as and when required.
  • Channel management

    Gaining subscribers and maintaining them is not a one-day task. As the competition is at its peak, video creators on YouTube have an additional but crucial responsibility to maintain the channel.

    Many do it independently, but most hire people for this task. YouTube channel managers:

    • Identify the audiences’ behavior and employ strategies to keep them influenced.
    • Schedule the calendar.
    • Engage with the community and pages and reach out to collaborators.
    • Audit the YouTube channel on a regular basis to monitor its performance.
    • Pin comments and build relationships with the viewers by replying to them back.

Tools to Automate Workflow for SEO scheduling

Automation tools are very much in use nowadays. Although they work on enhancing user engagement and generating traffic in a “not-so-organic way”, many still use them to boost their YouTube channels. Some of the popular tools are:

  1. UseViral
  2. Media Mister
  3. SidesMedia
  4. TubeBuddy
  5. VidIQ
  6. Sprout Social
  7. Stormviews
  8. Socinator
  9. Followersup
  10. YTMonster

The Dark Side : Using Automation to Fake Engagement on YouTube

YouTube automation tools are undoubtedly the creator’s best friend now for promoting fake engagements, increasing traffic and using bots for views. Although they are performed within limits as the tools promise, does YouTube really allow such activities?

The answer is NO!

Go through the YouTube fake engagement policy to learn what practices to avoid if you want to keep your YouTube channel page active.

So, it is entirely up to the channel owner as to which method they want to employ to upscale the growth of their channel. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

That was all for this blog. Do check the do’s and don’ts of YouTube automation. Stay tuned for more!

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