If you didn’t already know, YouTube is packed with content creators, and it is hard for each one to get noticed. Larger companies and YouTubers manage to earn a decent income from YouTube ad revenues because they have huge video production teams to create, edit, and post video content regularly.

However, smaller and newer content creators don’t have that big budget to outrank popular channels, and that is where YouTube automation comes into the picture. It is a practice where YouTubers upload videos to their YouTube channels and collect ad revenue from them without ever showing their faces.

dos and donts of using YouTube automation

Here, many YouTubers outsource the majority of the video production process to freelancers and companies. Some even rely on tools and artificial intelligence (AI) to create videos. Who can blame them? After all, YouTube automation is a great way to save you time and effort and earn passive income on the side. However, there are some automation practices you should avoid if you don’t want your YouTube channel to get demonetized or shut down.

Curious to know how to keep your channel alive and well? Continue reading this article for our list of YouTube automation dos and don’ts.

Dos and don’ts of automating YouTube Channels


  • Automate routine tasks

    Schedule your video posts so they always get published on time. That way, you can stick to your work schedule and not disappoint your subscribers. Automating routine tasks like video publishing can save you time and let you focus on other tasks.

  • Follow fair use policies

    When using AI-powered tools in your YouTube automation process, ensure that you adhere to the fair use policies. YouTube’s content creators are required to follow its fair use policy or risk being demonetized.

  • Use royalty-free music

    As far as possible, use your own music for your videos. You can also use royalty-free music that won’t attract a copyright strike against your YouTube channel.

  • Conduct periodic checks

    Even though you are using YouTube automation, periodically check your channels to ensure that everything is running as it should.

    Even if you automate the central tasks, make sure to check in on them occasionally to make sure things are going as planned. For example, while AI-generated thumbnails are convenient, there might be occasions when they need a human touch.

  • Take advantage of AI-generated thumbnails

    An attractive video thumbnail is just as important as your video content, title, description, and SEO. While YouTube allows you to pick a frame from your video as the thumbnail, customized thumbnails show that you have put in effort.

    However, if you don’t know graphic design, you can outsource the creation of custom YouTube thumbnails or use an online tool like Canva to help you. Ensure that the thumbnails are relevant and accurately represent your videos.

Avoid these YouTube automation mistakes

  • Complete automation

    Avoid completely automating your YouTube channel, as things can quickly go out of control. Additionally, the YouTube algorithm values human interaction, so personal engagement with the audience is very important.

  • Ignoring SEO

    Creating a video is not the end of your work. You still need to ensure that it ranks on the first page of YouTube’s search results to attract more viewers. You must optimize your videos with the right titles, descriptions, and relevant keywords to ensure visibility.

  • Plagiarism

    Using other people’s content is something that is frowned upon in any field. While fair use is permitted, there is a fine line between that and plagiarism. Uploading someone else’s content without adding any value to it is considered stealing or plagiarism.

    Stealing content from other creators can lead to copyright claims, copyright strikes, and the demonetization of your channel. Repeated plagiarism can also lead to the termination of your channel’s account.

    It is best to be very cautious when using footage, music, images, and other content without the owner’s permission.

  • Using copyrighted music or videos

    If you use copyrighted content on your YouTube automated videos, it will get flagged as soon as you upload it, preventing it from getting monetized. That means you won’t be able to earn any income from the YouTube Partner Program if you use copyrighted music or videos.

  • Ignoring quality control

    YouTube automation might tempt you to let it run in auto-pilot mode, as it saves you a lot of time and energy. However, doing so can affect the quality of your content in the long run. Keep a close eye on your channel and ensure that you are always posting engaging content for your subscribers.

  • Relying only on bot interactions

    Relying on bots to interact with commenters on your YouTube videos can save you time and effort. However, don’t rely on bots too much, as it will make you sound impersonal. Try to strike a balance between personal comments and automated replies to make your channel feel more organic and improve audience engagement.

  • Letting your channel become a content farm

    A major problem with automated YouTube channels is that many of them often become content farms. These are channels that take advantage of algorithms to produce many low-effort, low-quality, or spammy videos solely to generate views and earn ad revenue. Creating valuable and quality video content is of low priority for these channels.

    Like the users of the platform, the YouTube algorithm doesn’t like low-quality content. It relies on factors like video quality, engagement metrics, clickbait titles, and user reports to flag content farms. For successful YouTube automation, keep in mind to make quality content your subscribers will appreciate.

YouTube automation dos and don’ts checklist

That’s a wrap!

At the end of the day, most YouTubers aim to make a livelihood out of their YouTube channels, as it is something they love to do. When done correctly, YouTube automation can help you create valuable content while also saving you time and energy.

We hope this article has helped you understand what practices you should follow and avoid for successful channel automation.


Automation of your YouTube channel allows you to delegate a large portion of the content creation, focus on popular themes, and attract more visitors. It allows you to save time and earn money without having to show your face in the videos.

The biggest risk of YouTube automation is that your channel can get banned. However, it is a major cause for concern only if you are using your YouTube channel as a content farm. That is because YouTube’s algorithm and systems can detect the use of bots for likes, views, subscriptions, and other suspicious activities.

Yes. YouTube monetized videos that have AI-generated voice overs. However, the video content matters a lot when it comes to channel monetization. The videos must have original commentary, analysis, or add some value to existing content. YouTube’s monetization policy doesn’t allow monetization of videos with low educational value, commentary, or narrative. The videos should also not contain auto-generated content.