Consumption of videos has seen a huge increase for a long time, and the competition is on the rise. Videos are not only an entertainment source, rather it’s a strong marketing tool used in diverse ways to engage your customers.

Visual content is considered to be a powerhouse. Content creators are extremely busy finding novel ways to get ahead of this competition. Consumer behaviors have shifted in a variety of ways, and this has affected the digital media ecosystem.

However, the creation of videos has become much easier than ever before due to the advancements in technology. High-quality cameras inbuilt in our mobile phones, accessibility to lighting equipment, excellent microphones etc., help make the creation of videos a not so daunting task these days.

A proper understanding, planning and aforethought are always necessary while carrying out the video production process.

What is video production?

Video production is the entire process of creating a complete video, starting with concept creation, planning, shooting, and editing. It basically consists of three phases’ which are known as pre-production, production, and post-production. Professionals are creating engaging visuals by stretching the capabilities of the available tools.

Why is video production important?

Video production is important for creating short, crisp, and highly visual videos help the end users to understand the message entertaining, quick, and creative. If the video has outstanding graphics and is professionally edited, it can give a sense of trust about the business. Great visuals spark shareability, which will increase the credibility.

What are the stages involved in the video production process?

The three stages of the video production process are production (stage one), pre-production (stage two), and post-production (stage three). Each stage contains various task such as script writing, storyboard creation, video recording, editing, etc. Let’s see all three stages in detail below.

  • Pre-production – Phase 1

    video pre-production stage

    Laying the groundwork is essential in case of each project. The first step in a video creation process is the pre-production, the planning stage. The video production team will have to consider different factors in this phase which include

    • The goal of your video along with the video creation process.
    • Research for the intended audience- the success of every video depends upon the understanding of the audience
    • Different elements necessary to produce the video
    • Overall cost involved

    How will you reach your audience, where will this video be viewed, and in what way are you going to present this video? All these factors help you finalize the distribution channels and the platforms that will work best for your project.

    Start envisioning the project scene by scene using strong visual aids, including

    • Script
    • Storyboard
    • Shot list

    At this stage, the team determines the equipment needed for the project, film crew assigning, etc. They will have to outline the budget and come up with an estimate of the cost of creating the videos.

    A call sheet will play a vital role in listing out the people needed for the shoot, including on-screen talents, crew etc. Location, attire, schedule, everything has to be planned in this pre-production stage.

    After this stage, you will have a scheduled of production ready with you and a perfect outline for the project, which will include

    • Audience
    • Message the video will deliver
    • Platforms which will be used
    • Type of videos to be created
    • Budget
    • Project Timeline
    • Visual aids
    • Film crew
    • Necessary Equipment

    As you have all these essential elements in place, you can move forward with the second stage.

  • Production – Phase 2

    video production stage

    This is the second stage and includes capturing the media required. Based on the style and the video type you chose in the pre-production stage, your footage can be filmed, animation can be created, and voiceovers can be given for the visuals. All the essential elements needed for the project completion need to be gathered.

    High-quality media can be captured by the film crew using professional lighting and camera equipment for the successful project building purpose. The film crew might include a director, techies, interviewer for an on-camera interview (if any). In short, production can be referred to as the stage in which all the elements are assembled.

    Few of the media elements gathered in this stage will include:

    • Film Footage
    • B-roll capturing
    • Interviews on-camera
    • Audio
    • Images required
    • Animation created
    • Video Voice Overs
  • Post-Production – Phase 3

    video postproduction stage

    If you compare this stage to cooking, the previous stage is assembling the ingredients, and the post-production stage is the stage where producers start cooking. At this stage, the real magic happens. The essential media elements collected in the previous stages are combined perfectly, and the project gets a life. Keep your video post-production checklist ready and move forward. This is the final stage where everything is combined. Different steps involved in this stage include

    • Editing process
    • Audio editing
    • Mixing of sounds
    • Adding motion graphics
    • Color Grading
    • Special effects

    Once the drafting of the initial version is completed, there will be revisions to be done. If you are working with video production companies, they will have a pre-defined number of revisions set aside. After the approval and the finalization of the visuals, you need to export that video in its final format depending upon the customers’ requirements.

    Best tips to remember:

    • You have to iron out all the details during the pre-production process, which will act as dividends throughout the creation process.
    • This will help everyone involved in the process to move on together.
    • Strictly follow the plan to eliminate any distractions.

Final overview

Consumers prefer videos more due to their widening availability, and it has turned into a versatile marketing tool these days. The creation process is the same for any small or big videos. As discussed above, every production process has to go through three important stages, including pre-production, production, and post-production. Shoot your visuals in-house and outsource the editing process to the video editing companies.

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