It is not just the striking images that decide the worthiness of a photograph album. Attractive layouts are also a decisive factor when it comes to designing. Excellent photographs can be ruined completely by lazy layouts. Here are few album design tips to stay focused during design phase.

More is not always appreciable


The buzz phrase “Less is More” applies in the field of design of an album also. You have by chance procured some splendid pictures of the bride and groom and are in a state to decide which all needs to find a place in the scrapbook. If you have decided to put all of them, then it would really be unwise. Just choose what is required and hit the button. Placing a few more similar pictures is never going to do any good for you.

Negatively right


Just like photography, page layout is also an art and requires talent and precision. Symmetry is not always going to do the trick At times you have to be an out of the box thinker. Asymmetric layouts will deal more vivacity and help in easing the visual tension.

Shoot with the album in mind


If you consider that the photos are for an album, then half of the work is done. You can always use these photos as backgrounds, and they can also be used to fill negative spaces. Extra wide-angle shots and panoramic ones are distinctive just because of their nature. You can use these to frame other images also.

Gutter avoidance


Professional modern album designs reveal that judicious use of the gutter area offers an enticing look for the book. You will notice that if no body parts are involved, then it is wise to extend panoramas over the gutter to create a vivid expression of multiple layouts. It is creative and it is stunning.

Stick to Landscapes

Landscape view offers unparalleled satisfaction if you are focusing on wedding album designs. Horizontal albums avail that wide panoramic reach which vertical ones cannot provide. Weddings naturally give horizontal snaps just because of the nature of it.

Most of these tips are easy to follow, so it is advised to keep in track and try following most of them to better your skills. Companies offering professional graphic design services provide assistance by creating stunning scrapbook designs. In India, there are many companies that provide excellent album design services. However, be careful before making the final selection of your service provider.