Did you know? As of now, more than 1 billion hours of content are consumed daily on YouTube by its 2.68 billion active users worldwide. Well, the digital landscape of YouTube is growing further by all means, with more and more video content being produced, considering online videos to be a great marketing tool for eCommerce.

Nonetheless, there lies a slight challenge for online marketers as they need to produce quality YouTube content in a shorter span of time, which is daunting. This brings us to the question, “Is outsourcing my YouTube video editing requirements the right choice?” Well, it definitely is.

At the end of the read, you will get the answer to the most commonly asked question, “How to hire a video editor for YouTube video marketing?”.

hire a YouTube video editor

In this article, we shall discuss in detail the importance of editing YouTube videos, why marketers must consider outsourcing video editing for YouTube to third-party agencies, and finally, the best practices for finding a reliable partner.

How important is it to edit YouTube videos?

Whether you are an amateur vlogger, a regular digital content creator, or own a brand online, you must be aware that only top-notch quality content goes viral and impacts the audience. Hence, if you are also creating videos for your YouTube channel, the content you upload must be first-rate.

Without proper editing, such a higher level of precision is next to impossible, no matter how good your script is or how captivating the visuals are. Thus, it is extremely important to edit videos for YouTube and keep your channel engaging.

Well-edited video content can:

  1. Make your brand look more professional

    Awkward pauses, filler texts, jerks, out-of-tune background music, microphone feedback noise, etc. – all these are highly detrimental to the success of your brand, making it look unprofessional and shabby. The clearer the edit, the more professional it makes you appear.

  2. Engage viewers and compel them to finish the video by the end

    A well-made and well-edited video creates a curiosity factor right from the video beginning, hooking the audience and enticing them to watch till the end to get the answer. A flat opening sequence makes the viewers leave halfway.

  3. Create brand authority

    The way you introduce your products or services says a lot about your brand’s authority or credibility in the domain. Brands with videos that start abruptly or leave loose ends at the end can never achieve the desired authority among their audience.

  4. Cut through the noise and create a buzz

    Appropriate voice-overs, slow motion, time lapses, and other visual effects create a certain emotional impact that makes the viewer vibe with what’s happening on screen. Amidst so much video content produced and uploaded every single day on YouTube, the more your content stands out, the more eyeballs you get!

  5. Help you establish yourself as an industry expert

    Whatever you showcase through your video- finance tips, life hacks, tech reviews, makeup tutorials, or anything else- if the editing is not clean, it is difficult for the target audience to think of you as an expert in your domain.

    If you are a makeup influencer, ensure the video has the best lighting; if you are a travel vlogger, have some cool “cross-cuttings”. If you give reviews on tech gadgets, ensure there’s no feedback or other ambient noise. The more confident the edits are, the higher your stature as an industry expert becomes.

Why should you consider outsourcing your YouTube video editing requirements?

While the editing process can deliver the best results, we understand it can sometimes be arduous. Let’s discuss the best way to avoid this hassle and still achieve the best possible results.

Outsourcing your video editing requirements implies hiring a third-party professional agency to handle all the post-production factors and deliver the final edited file. That said, by outsourcing or delegating the editing part, you don’t have to spend time or resources on the technical tasks and get more time to focus on the business development and lead generation aspects. Moreover, maintaining an in-house editing team is not only expensive but also requires micromanagement.

The same thing applies to professional videographers who shoot hundreds of thousands of hours of video footage and are required to edit it at a fast turnaround time. Collaborating with an editing partner is the ultimate choice in such scenarios.

That said whether you are a videographer, a marketer, or a vlogger or podcaster, reduce your workload by delegating the video post-production services to a professional agency or an expert video editor.

Tips for finding the right professional for YouTube video editing

Hopefully, by now, you have started re-evaluating the question of whether hiring an offshore video editing outsourcing partner is a good idea and have finally decided to move on with it. Great! But how do you find the right YouTube video editor for hire?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some crucial factors one must consider while hiring an external team of YT video editors:

  • Check their previous projects and portfolio

    Make sure to ask the agency to showcase their past projects and complete their portfolio. By checking these, you can get a fair idea about their quality of work and knowledge and whether their quality and style fit your marketing objectives.

  • Turnaround time

    The turnaround time, or delivery time, is one of the most vital aspects of hiring external assistance. How fast they can deliver the final outcome while keeping the quality intact tells a lot about their skill sets.

  • Free trial

    Always ask for a free trial or a pilot project; that will give you a real-time experience of the agency’s expertise and the kind of work they do. Besides, with a trial run, you can also get an idea of their turnaround time (discussed above).

  • Pricing and packages

    Third-party agencies have a very flexible pricing rate that is best suited for businesses of all sizes. That said, before signing a contract with an external company, check all the prices and packages they offer, whether the rates are competitive, and what payment terms the agency has.

    Ideally, the cost of video editing depends upon the project’s scope, the duration of the footage, the kinds of special effects required, the software used, etc. The average cost of editing YouTube videos per hour ranges from $5 to $20, depending on their complexity.

  • Response time and support

    During the initial kick-offs, try to understand the agency’s average response time. Right from when you place the initial enquiry until a representative gets back to you, see how long it takes.

    Also, ensure they provide round-the-clock support for whatever issues you have. After-sales support is also crucial to consider.

  • Domain expertise and industry knowledge

    Always choose a team that has sound knowledge and domain expertise across multiple industries. Since they’ll handle the video editing for you, ensure the edits align with your brand’s voice and niche.

    Furthermore, check whether the edits are optimized for each of the leading platforms and social media channels. Especially the file size, image size, resolution, and aspect ratio must be adequately optimized. The use of YouTube automation should be strictly avoided, and the produced assets should follow YouTube guidelines.

  • Check their infrastructure and the software they use

    Inquire about the kind of software they utilize for the editing process. Professional video post-processing agencies must have a robust infrastructure and unlimited access to cutting-edge software and technologies. The software version they implement, stock audio, and music they use must all be up-to-date and properly licensed to avoid any copyright infringement.

  • Check their client testimonials and online reviews

    The agency must have some authentic client testimonials conveying their skill sets and quality of work. Also, check their online reviews on aggregator sites, as these reviews are proof of their online reputation.

  • Contract agreements and terms

    To avoid any post-hire shock, check the contract agreement thoroughly before signing it. Whether you own the IP copyright or when the final deliverables will be delivered, check the agreement’s scope and similar nitty-gritty.

  • Data protection measures

    Whether the files are transferred and shared through a secure hosting server protocol is a major aspect to look out for before working with an external party. Remember to inquire about how secure the hosting server is, who all can access it, and how safeguarded it is from a potential virus attack or hacking. Ensure no data breach happens, as that can cause future troubles for your business.

We believe this handy checklist will help you pick the best among the myriads of video editing agencies online and hire the best editor for your YouTube content.

Final words

So, you see, outsourcing your video editing requirements to a third-party agency isn’t so bad. Offshoring a big chunk of the technicalities can smooth your path to success and attract multiple new subscribers. The only trick is to know exactly whom to reach out to and what to delegate. There are several experienced video editing firms you can contact and team up with; just make sure to bookmark the checklist above.

Thus, with the right kind of assistance and YouTube automation ensures timely delivery, you can eventually grow your YouTube channel, enjoy a fleet of loyal followers and subscribers, and, most importantly, do everything less stressfully.

So, get yourself an outsourced partner today that offers top-grade YouTube video editing services and experience a great payoff! Good luck!

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