An image can convey so many stories, which real estate sellers are trying to convey in every possible way. If you are a professional or amateur real estate photographer, then you should know that a lack of a few major editing qualities could be holding you back from increasing your chances of landing high-paying photography jobs.

In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes to avoid while editing the property images. But first, you need to understand the significance of real estate photo editing.

Importance of real estate photography editing

High-quality property images are crucial for successful deals in the real estate industry. Sometimes, even with the best tools and the necessary skills, you won’t obtain the exact shot you were hoping for.

Real estate photo editing helps to display flawless property images that are appealing to potential customers. Professionally edited images help realtors and sellers stand out from the crowd and sell their property faster through online sites.

Top 6 common real estate photo editing mistakes and how to correct them

  1. Interior shots with oversaturation/dehaze

    Property buyers prefer images that have a real feel. Oversaturation will increase the color cast and degrade the showcase of the property by the artificial look.

    Solution: Images that have different quality and brightness should be corrected and blended properly. Focus solely on finest saturation.

  2. Excessive image sharpening

    Unnecessary image sharpening gives an exaggerated and unpleasant look. This is one of the biggest mistakes every beginner photo editor usually makes.

    Sometimes editors over sharpen the background of an image, which decreases the natural vibe of that image.

    Solution: Try to balance the noise (if over sharpened, reduce it) of the image. Soft photos can be sharp to some extent with controlled opacity.

  3. Reflections and shadows that have not been edited

    Shadows and distracting reflections can have a big negative impact on buyers’ minds. Reflections of any object, like a TV or bathroom mirror, or any wall canvas, can create an unprofessional look.

    Solution:  You must reduce the shadow in order to brighten the image. Use the photo editing tool to remove the shadows that dim on the property images.

  4. Incomplete color clarity and depth

    Low color clarity and grainy images ruin the property’s image and discourage customers from considering a purchase.

    Posting a high-resolution real estate image will encourage your home buyers to take your listings seriously.

    Solution: Apply HDR photo editing for the true depth and color of the property image. Polished photos that clearly show all aspects will attract potential buyers to the property.

  5. Not fixing lens distortion

    Lens distortion is the term for when two parallel lines appear to lean when they should be straight or when a straight line “accidentally” curves or jiggles when it should be straight.

    Solution: To address the issue of perspective distortion while photographing buildings, Adobe Photoshop added Perspective Warp option. Your real estate photographs will look more authentic and alluring after a perspective adjustment.

  6. Individually Editing Each Photo

    Photographers will sometimes edit each photo separately to achieve an artistic look. Editing each photo one by one is time-consuming and makes the whole process really slow.

    Solution: You should go for batch photo editing which is ideal for real estate photo editing. Batch editing will save you loads of time!

Benefits of real estate photo editing

  • Attract buyers

    Well-edited photos easily grab attention and help meet the changing expectations of online buyers. Properly edited real estate photos easily persuade prospects and guide them to a purchase decision.

  • A rise in sales

    With proper color corrections, lighting, and sharpening, real estate photo editing improves the overall quality of photos. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for high-quality images to represent their products and make them appear appealing to the public, which eventually increases sales.

  • Build trust and brand value

    When buyers conduct online searches, the quality image of your property is critical. By editing your photos in a proper way, you can easily gain trust and showcase your brand in a great way.

  • Strengthen your social media approach

    social media is the primary marketing medium for most businesses. Social media has the power to bring your customers and brand closer together through a few clicks, either on Facebook, Instagram, or in any other way. You can promote your real estate business by uploading highly edited, eye-catching images of your property.


Clients nowadays want to see every detail of the home they planned to buy. All photographs must be edited so that the viewer enjoys the experience. So, the focus should be on how to create high-quality property images using proper real estate photo editing techniques and avoid photo editing mistakes, as they matter the most.

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