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ADA Compliance: How to Increase Your eBook’s Accessibility

‘Accessibility’ is an important concept that makes it possible for differently-abled people to have a normal life. This is made compulsory by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). That is why you have parking spots reserved with a wheelchair sign and ramps and handrails along the stairs. But did you know that this ADA [...]

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6 EdTech Trends Set to Have a Big Impact on Learning

Technology has always been a huge part of education. As technology progressed, more of it was integrated into classrooms. The same continues today with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. New educational technology, or EdTech, is changing learning modules to improve education quality globally. Technological advancements in education let students have quick, easy, [...]

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Top 10 Advantages of eBooks over Printed Books

eBook vs. physical book! The battle is real. But there will always be digital supremacy now that the world is moving towards everything digital. With digital transformation influencing for many sectors, including- Education (eLearning) Publication eCommerce Corporate Fashion Healthcare, etc., - the production of digital books or eBooks has skyrocketed like never before. So, the [...]

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List of 10 Best eBook File Formats for 2024

eBooks were formally introduced back in 2010; ever since the world witnessed these accessible, handy digital assets and the several benefits they bring, there has been no stop in the popularity of eBooks. The pandemic in 2020 and the resulting lockdowns saw more and more adoptions of eBooks across multiple sectors, especially the education [...]

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12 Simple Tips to Write an Effective Children Book

Are you wondering how to write a children’s book and publish it successfully? For many authors, aspiring as well as accomplished, writing a children’s book is all about exploring their childhood days or putting their children’s bedtime stories into pen and paper. If you already have a passion for writing, this would be an easy [...]

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OCR Technology – An Overview & Its Business Applications

When paired with other applications, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can deliver amazing results. OCR is the most needed process to organize large volumes of data and to curb the deteriorating data quality. This technology can help in converting the hard readable text in image files or pdfs into machine-readable data that is searchable and editable. [...]

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Top 10 Content Authoring Tools to Convert Flash to HTML5

Hypertext Markup Language is helpful for web users to structure and create paragraphs, links, and sections using different tags, elements, and attributes. It is also considered an official web standard. It's a computer language that makes up web pages. HTML 5, the fifth and final version is a major one among these. It is [...]

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A List of the Best eBook eReaders That You Can Try Out

When digital books were introduced, eBook readers also came into the market after a short time. But in earlier times, the idea was not well appreciated until now. Today, we can see many e-readers with improved capabilities and features providing optimum readability to users. If you love reading, then having an eReader is a [...]

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Tips for Converting Flash Games to HTML5

Adobe Flash was one of the most famous software among web designers and had its essence in terms of usage for a long time until it had some vulnerability and was later replaced by HTML5 format. Flash was most commonly used for incorporating multimedia elements into the website interface. Elements like videos, animation, and [...]

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Perfecting OCR Scanning Services

The output given by OCR software is never immaculate. Companies need to fix the errors in spelling and imperfections in page layout. There may be dots, black borders and speckles. However you can improve the output by applying certain techniques. Few of the most operative ones that most of the companies offering OCR conversion [...]

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Compatible eBook Formats Supported by Apple iPad

Before starting to download an eBook, its type must be taken into consideration. You must be knowledgeable about different eBook formats for iPad, nook, pdf and ePub. If you have iPad as your e-reading device, you must be acquainted with the versions it supports. Listed below are the versions supported. EPUB EPUB is in [...]

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A Guide to Create Interactive Workbooks for Schools

Did you know that children's brains absorb information from visuals twice as fast as adults? Creating interactive workbooks for schools helps students learn faster and retain more of what they learn. The global online learning industry is booming with massive annual growth of 19% or more per year. Imagine that 64% of all American high [...]

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10 Best eBook Conversion Software to Try As a Beginner

Sometimes, it is impossible to view a certain ebook on your e-reading device. Wonder why it happens when you have chosen the best eReading device? Well, the problem doesn’t lay in your e-reader or eBook, but the format. It usually occurs because the layout of your ebooks isn’t compatible with the eReader you are [...]

2023-02-01T12:01:07+00:00October 4th, 2021|Digital Publishing|

20 Expert Typesetting Tips to Format your Books Perfectly

Book designers pay careful attention to a host of typesetting aspects when preparing the book for final publishing. The most fundamental typesetting and page layout design-related aspects have been discussed below to empower you with the vision of what is befitting for your book on the anvil of publication.

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eBooks Publishing Future with HTML5 and ePub3

HTML5 and ePub3 are the two new standards for publishing, which have been gaining traction for the past few years. What sets them apart from their predecessors is that they were designed to be read on various digital devices, including tablets and smartphones. These technologies quickly became the standard in online publishing, which means [...]

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Benefits of Converting Your Flash Website into HTML5

Flash has now become obsolete with plenty of mobile browsers unable to support Flash. It is no more a dependable option, mainly owing to its security flaws and incompatibility. iPhone Operating System became incompatible with Flash and YouTube switched over from Flash to HTML5 for supporting its videos recently. So, after all these developments [...]

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6 Advantages of using HTML5 in eLearning courses

Adobe Flash had been one of the foremost tools for authenticating eLearning courses until HTML5 came into the forefront. It was known for the high interactivity level, engaging animation and immersive graphics. However, HTML5 is a better alternative as an eLearning authoring tool, given that it is more compatible with mobile devices than Flash. [...]

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Guide to Migrate From Flash Courses to Html5

The concept of eLearning is progressively gathering the interest of the masses. As it is easy to access, offers a comfortable experience, is tailor-made for you and is not as expensive as classroom learning, it is being preferred. Until recently, Adobe Flash was the preferred tool for creating such courses. Now, HTML5 is a [...]

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How Digital Prepress Differ from Traditional Prepress Process

Prepress is used to refer the process of getting a document ready for printing. Though the process is referred to as prepress in all the types of printing, it can hugely vary from one another, depending upon the method of printing and intricacy of the document undergoing the process. Before initiating a comparison of both, [...]

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How to Choose Between Ebook Apps, Enhanced Ebooks and Ebooks?

Storytelling in the digitized format comes across various presentations. You might land up in a dilemma when you are given three options- normal basic electronic books, enhanced eBooks and apps. Well, each of these formats have their merits and demerits, and an informed individual can pick the right one. Irrespective of the format, these [...]

2023-01-30T13:00:48+00:00January 9th, 2017|Digital Publishing|

Proficient and Productive Tips for Epublishing

With the grand opportunity provided by online publishing, writers now a days are enjoying a great time; they can easily self-publish their books. However, the issue is that getting a book published and making profit out of it are two different things. Succeeding in the latter needs a systematic and strategic approach towards things. [...]

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Tips for Successful OCR Project Completion

OCR processing is something to be done with deliberate care and as a company indulged in providing document scanning and OCR conversion services, we respect this fact. We have more than decade of experience in availing related services and always enjoy sharing our knowledge in the realm. This blog deals with some of those [...]

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Categories Supported by Enhanced eBook Formats

The purpose of any book is to engage readers. Beyond interesting content, numerous elements play crucial role in determining a book’s ability to keep readers retain their interest. With digital version started gaining popularity, reading habits started showing serious fluctuations and it further increased when interactive features were added. When the famous book ‘To [...]

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Enhance the eBooks by Incorporating Audio and Video

There are many professional companies that provide excellent enhanced eBook conversion services. Though there are not many readers supporting all the superior features of enhanced versions, those that support these can offer incredible experience to the readers. Devices such as Kobo Arc, iPad, Nook Tablet and Nook Color support ePubs that are enriched with audio [...]

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Why read-aloud fixed-layout eBooks are preferred by children?

Ever since eBooks started enjoying favouritism, there has been a continuous innovation in the niche of publishing and more and more eBook formats keep on emerging. Each of these formats has their own unique advantages and downsides. Among many, one of the widely accepted digital formats which have enticed a vast pool of readers, [...]

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