Flash has now become obsolete with plenty of mobile browsers unable to support Flash. It is no more a dependable option, mainly owing to its security flaws and incompatibility.

iPhone Operating System became incompatible with Flash and YouTube switched over from Flash to HTML5 for supporting its videos recently.

So, after all these developments Flash website owners have now made up their mind to convert flash website into HTML5.

What is Flash?

Flash is a web technology for streaming visuals and music to web browsers. Better known as Adobe Flash, this multimedia software platform is used to produce 2d animations, internet and mobile applications, games etc. Adobe has been a popular platform for online multimedia content.

Flash developers were not too keen for proceeding with the conversion to HTML5 but they are now agreeing on the migration to HTML5 site. The official conclusion of the platform is expected by the year 2020 when we will no more hear about this widely used platform. Adobe will be alternatively promoting its Adobe AIR technology for developing games and applications.

What were the prime limitations and de-merits of Flash?

Plenty of devices do not support Flash

In US, the largest fraction of users access websites on the move. They use their smartphones and manage their searches than relying on the computers. Now, as Flash does not work properly on various mobiles, it will not be possible for many to access the Flash-based websites. These websites will not be visible and they miss out a multitude of visitors affecting the sales and profits of businesses adversely.

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Flash Websites and Search Engine Rankings

If you are using Flash websites, you will lose out on rankings. Google’s search bots do not consider the Flash files of your website. Check the official announcement by Google. This affects the search ranking and your website will be lagging behind in the rankings. Your competitors using alternatives to Flash websites will rank higher and get higher visibility in the searches.

Searching for a solution for converting your Flash website to HTML5 website?

So, how to manage with issues that come along with Flash? The solution is to convert Flash website to HTML5. Then, the search engines will crawl the content of your websites and index them rightly. This will shoot up your rankings easily. You do not have to even edit the flash images; instead, simply opt for the conversion process. The conversion is simple and cost-effective.

Opt Swiffy and Convert Flash to HTML5

Google Chrome already ended support for Flash ads. Even Apple’s iPads and iPhones do not support it anymore.  The only option to consider is a shift from Flash to HTML5. You can opt for Swiffy, a free web application which converts flash content to html5.You can easily run the active Swiffy service on a local desktop and plan SWF-HTML5 conversion. You can easily convert Flash Graphics and animations to HTML5. This function is similar to the capability of Adobe Toolkit. But unlike Adobe Toolkit, Swiffy can also convert Actionscript 2.0 to JavaScript.  There are step by step procedures available online for the conversions.

However, some may not find it that easy to plan and complete the conversion to HTML 5 using Swiffy. The simplest solution for those is to seek the professional assistance of a company and entrust on them the task of conversion from Flash to HTML5.

What is HTML5?

Hypertext Markup Language is intended to structure web documents or web pages. It is SE0-friendly, supports Flash technologies and is known for its inter-operability. It also has good storage options.

Are there any advantages for Flash to HTML5 conversions?

Yes, there are many advantages when you convert flash to html5.

For an example, in e-learning, it has increased the convenience of the employees and learners alike. Now learners can access the e-learning material on the device of their choice. While Flash players are now not accessible on many mobile devices, the conversion to HTML5 is resolving their dilemma. Learners can seamlessly access their content in the device of their preference, anytime, anywhere.

Using HTML5 and its responsive designs, e-learners can access the screen size and resolution of your choice. Learners can also swipe, click and scroll the content easily.

With serious consideration on the pros and cons of Flash to HTML5 migration, this switch to HTML5 site seems a favorable option.

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