Sometimes, it is impossible to view a certain ebook on your e-reading device. Wonder why it happens when you have chosen the best eReading device? Well, the problem doesn’t lay in your e-reader or eBook, but the format. It usually occurs because the layout of your ebooks isn’t compatible with the eReader you are using. However, this is nothing to worry about as now we have eBook conversion software.

Ebook conversion software or eBook converters are tools to convert your ebooks into file formats that your e-reading device can recognize. Since there are a lot of digital book formats and it is impossible for any device to read them all, a tool is used for conversion.

We have covered some of the best eBook conversion software for free download on PC in this post. All the eBook converter software mentioned in our list will support no less than 12 eBook formats for conversion.

Top 10 eBook Conversion Software to Download for PC

  1. Online-Convert

    Operates on: Android, Apple itunes

    With this free online eBook converter, you can convert a variety of files into an ebook. The different file formats it supports are ePUB, PDF, LRF, TCR, MOBI, AZW, FB2, PDB, LIT, etc. Besides, the online tool can also be used as a document converter, audio, video, image converter, and more.


    • Can support almost all eBook formats
    • Android app is available
    • Can edit metadata files


    • Navigating the website can be confusing
    • Size limitation for file uploads
    • Speed of conversion is slow
  2. Zamzar

    Operates on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

    In this web based online converter tool, you’ll have to upload the files and select the desired format before converting. It works on almost every operating system and can convert files even through email attachments.


    • Simple and easy to use
    • Can convert files to EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW, and AZW3
    • Transfers file using HTTPS SSL 128-bit encryption


    • File uploading is limited to 50 MB per day
    • Conversion is limited to 5 files per day
    • Files downloaded will remain safe for 24 hours
  3. Epubor Ultimate

    Operates on: Windows, Mac

    It is one of the best eBook converter software for PC. It can help you convert files in the preferred ebook format, read them anywhere, and perform DRM removal. You can also remove the ebook covers and edit metadata with the help of this program.


    • User-friendly interface
    • Converts DRM-free and DRM-signed ebooks
    • No external addons or software needed for file viewing
    • Provides batch conversion option
    • Supports a wide list of formats


    • The trial version has limited access for conversion
    • Using premium tools will require money
  4. Calibre

    Operates on: Mac, Windows, Linux

    With this open-source ePUB converter, you’ll find all the tools required to carry out ebook conversion, download them to your device, and organize them into different categories. Furthermore, it can allow you to edit metadata, create a table of contents, and change the text size and font.


    • Can convert files to PDF, AZW3, MOBI, and more
    • Allows free downloading with no advertisements
    • Enables customizing the output page size
    • Can replace text with regular expressions


    • Unable to open DRM-protected files
    • New users may find it complex
    • Help files may be difficult to follow
  5. Convertio

    Operates on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

    This web app will enable you to convert just anything. Aside from ebooks, it can convert thousands of file formats. Using the app is also super easy. You can upload the file, select the desired format, and voila! Your files will be converted into ebooks.


    • Easy to use
    • Availability of Chrome extension
    • Files can be saved to Dropbox or Google Drive


    • The maximum filesize for conversion is 100 MB
    • Doesn’t allow output customization
    • Can convert files to only PDF, EPUB, and AZW3 formats
  6. Cloud Converter

    Operates on: Windows

    This converter lets you convert ePUB files either online or in the app. No matter which option you choose, both are easy and can convert files beyond digital books. Therefore, it is considered the best ePUB to MOBI converter.


    • Offers optimization for various ebook readers
    • Can convert files to PDF, MOBI, and AZW3
    • Enables easy sharing of files


    • File uploading is limited to 100MB
    • Unable to convert password-protected files
    • Requires user to be online for file conversion
  7. Ebook Converter

    Operates on: Windows, Mac

    If you’re looking for the best eBook converter for Kindle, then this is the one. It lets you convert Kindle to PDF as well as supports other file format conversion, such as EPUB to MOBI, EPUB to PDF, MOBI to EPUB, MOBI to PDF, TXT to EPUb, AZW to PDF, and more.


    • Easy to use
    • Directly saves the file to the device
    • Converts EPUB to MOBI, AZW3, and PDF


    • The original file will be deleted after conversion
    • Converted files will be deleted after an hour
    • Requires user to be online for file conversion
  8. Any eBook Converter

    Operates on: Mac, Windows

    This free offline eBook converter software can help you carry out the needed conversion and change the output before the final export. It is widely recognized for the speed it offers to convert eBook files and does not use many resources on your computer.


    • Clear and simple user interface
    • The import process is more convenient
    • Retains original quality of ebooks
    • Allows viewing the history of previous conversions


    • Needs upgrading to access all tools
    • Only compatible with Windows
  9. To ePUB

    Operates on: Windows, Android

    This web app supports more than 30 input formats.

    Using this conversion tool is very simple. You only need to select a conversion format and upload the file. The software will handle the rest. As soon as you finish converting, you can download the files. It will only take a few seconds.


    • Easy to use
    • Supports batch conversion
    • Can convert popular eBook formats


    • Converted files will be deleted after an hour
    • Cannot edit media files
  10. EPubsoft eBook Converter

    Operates on: Windows

    It is an efficient eBooks converter app facilitated with the option to add files using the drag and drop feature. This eBook converter program also comes with a cover preview option that can help to confirm that you’re working with the right ebook during batch conversion.


    • Supports mainstream eBook e-reader formats like PDF, ePUB, Kindle, MOBI, AZW, etc.
    • Easily syncs converted files to other eReaders


    • Only compatible with Windows operating system

Benefits of eBook Conversion

Here are some of the benefits of converting eBooks.

  • Accessibility

    E-book conversion can help users easily access ebooks. They only need to download copies that are compatible with their e-reader, and they can read them. Authors and publishers can also benefit from converting ebooks. Making the digital books easily accessible to users can bring more sales, thereby more revenue for their business.

  • No loss of data

    The files stored in local PC drives are usually of text or PDF format. These types of files are susceptible to data loss in case of system crash or failure. However, when you convert physical books to eBooks, there are fewer chances of data loss.

  • Low cost of production

    As compared to publishing physical or printed books, the cost of digital book production is lower. The only thing you need to invest is in the eBook conversion software. However, nowadays, many options allow free conversion of ebooks.

  • Engagement

    Ebooks are more engaging than printed books. They can transform your simple physical books and make them more capable of grabbing the user’s attention. You can also add interactive features like audio, videos, animation, graphics, etc., to make them more engaging.

Since you’ve learned about the benefits of ebook conversion, now let’s check out some of the popular e-reading devices and the varied eBook file formats they support.

Popular eReading Devices & eBook File Formats they support

  • Kobo- PDF, ePUB, TXT, MOBI, RTF, HTML, CBR, and CBZ formats
  • Kindle- DOC, DOCX, MOBI (native Kindle format), AZW, AZW3, TXT, RTF, and HTML formats
  • Barnes and Noble’s Nook- ePUB and PDF formats
  • iBooks- ePUB and PDF formats
  • Android devices (via FBreader)- ePUB format
  • Inkbook- PDF, ePUB, DOC, TXT, HTML, MOBI, RTF, CHM, and FB2 formats
  • Computers, tablets- PDF and ePUB formats

Once you’ve decided the format of your ebooks and the eReading device you will use, the next step is to choose an eBook conversion tool. But why should you use it? Keep reading to find the answer!

Why use an eBook Conversion Tool?

When it comes to traditional book publishing, there are various stages of the publishing cycle, which a typical publisher has to go through. However, with the invention of modern digital publishing tools, the job has become a lot easier.

Nowadays, the tools have enabled the publishers to trim down the long list of the publishing process, resulting in saving more time and money. The method of digital publishing starts with an eBook conversion tool or software, which aids with ebook conversion. The digital conversion process is usually carried out since digital books are present in different file formats.

The author also needs to decide the format in which the final ebook should be available. They need to do this as all eReaders do not support every ebook format. For instance, ePUB formats can be accessed and read on all e-reading devices but not on Kindle.

So, if you want to read ebooks on Kindle, you need to ensure that the format of your ebooks is MOBI, AZW3, or AZW. Once the format is decided, the conversion process is performed, and the desired ebooks will be created.

By now, you may have realized which one to choose for your eBook conversion projects. Considering the numerous features they offer, one of the eBook conversion software will surely fit your needs. However, if you are still confused, then we can be of help. By employing our professional eBook conversion services, you can rest assured that the conversions will be carried out seamlessly without any disappointment.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the best eBook conversion companies, having many years of experience serving worldwide clients. So, if you’re looking for hassle-free eBook conversion, then reach PGBS today and get started!