Formerly, in its baby steps, eBook publishing was simply about digitizing the books to ePub and .mobi. There was actually no consideration at all for interactivity, creativity, hyperlinking or customized rendering.

However, things have changed significantly with the introduction of ePub3 formatting and conversion services done using HTML5. Now texts and graphics and enhanced by incorporating numerous optimal multimedia features. This increases the interactivity of eBook contents thus making it more interesting and adorable to the readers.

ePub3 conversion services

HTML5 and ePub3 conversion

The upsides you will enjoy with ePub3 conversion services

Using ePub3 formatting and conversion has many advantages. Users are getting devoid of time these days and their expectation level is also higher with the advent of technology. A typical reader always appreciates interactivity and with ePub3 eBook conversion, they can hear and see things; this format has in all sense revolutionized the whole publishing industry. It is now soon becoming the global standard for eBooks. Most of the devices are built to be able to access and read ePub formats thus making the scope of epub3 formatting and conversion service limitless. Even ipad also supports ePub eBooks and they can easily be uploaded on to iBookstore. With the expanding electronic reader base, the scope keeps on swelling.

Future is really promising for eBooks

Because of many reasons among which comfort and interactivity assured by ePub3 formats, many educational institutions have already shown green flag to make their curriculum shift to digital platforms. The same is the case with numerous other niches as well.

So, companies offering epub3 conversion and formatting services will surely be doing some great business in future. Possibilities are never restricted but it all depends on the quality and creativity that is reflected from the final eBook delivered to the readers. Competition will also increase and hence only professional service providers will survive.