The purpose of any book is to engage readers. Beyond interesting content, numerous elements play crucial role in determining a book’s ability to keep readers retain their interest. With digital version started gaining popularity, reading habits started showing serious fluctuations and it further increased when interactive features were added.

When the famous book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ got released in enhanced eBook format, the pre-orders were unbelievably high.

There are certain scenarios where enhanced eBook conversion is highly recommended.

enhanced eBook conversion

Business documents

A lot of companies approach enhanced ePub conversion services providers for getting their business documents in ePub format. These ePub conversion companies embed media properly in the concerned documents to assure best results for the business. This is mostly demanded when it comes to marketing and training materials.

How-to books

Instructions can best be perceived using media. Let it be cooking, painting, gardening or anything, media accompanying text can be really beneficial. Readers can understand things with more clarity as text alone fails in communicating the message effectively, especially when it comes to technical things.

Historic records

Studying history is important. It helps mankind to learn from previous mistakes and enlighten themselves in multiple ways. Being able to watch or listen to famous speeches or important incidents can pave way for quality learning.

Fiction eBooks

Fiction eBooks if enhanced can avail an impressive and more engaging reading experience. There are many techniques that can be used for ePub enhancement. Creating links for playing Sound Cloud albums whenever needed, video messaging and providing options for readers by which they can submit their ideas etc. are some of the methods that can be tried.

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