Every investment you make should be wise and that is the basic rule of business. Now if you have made up your mind to buy a scanner of your own and not to outsource document scanning services, you may be in a dilemma regarding which scanner to choose. Though it completely depends on your only requirements, having at least a concise idea about different products can really be helpful.

Scanning and OCR conversion services in India

Scanners and OCR conversion

Panasonic KV-S5076H

It is a feature-rich and fast document scanner which can scan documents even up to the size of a tabloid; cost is $3,759.00. The auto-preview feature presents 9 versions of the scanned document and you can select the most suited one to which you can make adjustments as needed.

Epson Perfection V550 Photo Colour Scanner

Available at a humble pricing of$169.99 at Epson, this product assures high quality from both films and photos. You can scan directly to cloud based sites and Facebook. Many Indian outsourcing companies use this.

Kodak ScanMate i940

Portable but large, it is available at $129.99 in Amazon and at $395 otherwise. Kodak ScanMate i940 is fast and holds the capability to serve even as a desktop (personal) scanner.

Canon image Formula DR-C125

This product which costs $495 is immensely fast and is designed for small offices or home offices. With the speed and OCR accuracy it offers, the rate of product never seems unreasonable.

Other important scanners preferred by companies include Plustek OpticBook A300, Kodak i2900, Xerox Mobile Scanner, and Xerox DocuMate 5445

The most common OCR software used by providers of OCR conversion services in India are ABBYY FineReader 11($280.00), ABBYY FineReader Express Edition for Mac ($99.99), Omnipage Ultimate ($499) and Prizmo for Mac ($49.95)

Not all but a few software and scanners from above are available with outsourcing companies in India. However by outsourcing to a reputed Indian company, you can be assured of achieving unimpeachable results.

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that helps recognize and identify text within scanned images and documents. Some of the best OCR service companies provide successful ocr services to businesses.

Let’s go through some of the best ocr software.

  • It’s an AI-based OCR software that automates data capture for document processing of invoices.
  • Uses advanced OCR, deep learning, and machine learning image processing
  • Being fast, easy to use, and accurate, this software allows users to build OCR models from scratch

Omnipage Ultimate – Best OCR software for MAC

  • A powerful PDF OCR software capable of handling automation for high volume corporate OCR activities
  • This specializes in line-item matching, table extraction, and smart extraction.
  • It has a robust set of tools for enhancing images.

ABBYY Finereader – OCR software for Windows

  • An OCR software that supports PDF file editing.
  • This program helps the conversion of documents with images into editable electronic formats.
  • Best keyboard friendly OCR editor with a clear interface
  • Capable of exporting to multiple formats
  • This is one of the solutions in the Google Cloud AI suite
  • It’s a documents processing console that uses machine learning
  • A software that automatically extracts, classifies, enriches documents.
  • Easy to set up and information storage
  • Integrates well with other Google services.
  • It’s a scalable and stable document imaging software that helps in transforming any documents
  • This software enables easy storage of hard copy result in a system
  • Automates data extraction
  • The software streamlines recognition, documents classification, and more to extract information.
  • Has multiple functions, a strong OCR engine, and customizable rules.
  • Helpful in configuring complicated applications in data capture.
  • Works across different channels, multifunction peripherals, including scanners, and more.


Different OCR programs help in extracting text from images. They help us save a lot of time spent on document retyping. Using this software, you can maintain text fonts, layouts, and text format as source documents.

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