OCR processing is something to be done with deliberate care and as a company indulged in providing document scanning and OCR conversion services, we respect this fact. We have more than decade of experience in availing related services and always enjoy sharing our knowledge in the realm.

This blog deals with some of those operative tips that you must be acquainted with to make your project a grand success.

OCR conversion tips

Understand your material

You should very well scrutinize the documents with you. Analyse the font as well as the language used in documents. This is important as if your documents are in English language, an OCR engine designed for recognizing French will provide poor quality results. Same is the case if try to OCR a Cyrillic typeface on an engine configured for Gothic settings.

Make use of input at its highest quality available

Recognition quality is a vital factor determining the success of conversion. Simple documents in normal cases encounter no loss in the quality after conversion but still it is recommended to scan with maximum quality optical resolution.

Work on the full text

Obtaining full text through OCR processing services is just the beginning. You can do a wide variety of enhancements on the text derived. Using an assortment of tools on the content, you can work for adding more features that include topic modelling, named entity identification, keyword mining and sentiment analysis etc.

Utilize every accessible resource

There are many additional language technologies that can be utilized for boosted OCR recognition. When it comes to working on historical materials, there are considerable spelling variations. It is very problematic and challenging for normal software systems to identify these old words appropriately. You can make available historical dictionary to the optical character recognition software for making dramatic improvements. Similarly a lot of things can be done.

Experiment varied solutions

As demand for OCR conversion is increasing, new software keep on arriving. Some are free and for others you have to pay. Though it can help you to get the job almost done, software always has limitations. So, the better solution is to hire an expert service provider who can provide you top-notch services.

Be careful with your expectations

Regardless of the care and effort you put in, obtaining more than 95% accuracy through automated conversion process would disappoint you. Being in most pristine conditions and using highly sophisticated technologies doesn’t make an exception to the said.

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