• Are you an aspiring YouTube or a video marketer?
  • Are you looking to add more videos to your YouTube platform?

Then you must be well-versed in editing YouTube videos!

Do you know editing is the first and foremost step in video post-production? As a video marketer, if you cannot stitch your shots together or fit them in the right frame, all your efforts on videos will disengage your audience. Agree?

Editing makes your videos look more professional and watch-worthy – so that people find it interesting to watch your videos.

Can you believe that over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute?

While that being said, you must know at least the basics of YouTube Video editing before uploading on YouTube so that people consider watching your videos.

To make your videos more compelling to the viewers, you must edit them the best way possible – Adding up effects, managing the color combinations, the making up a compelling storyline that would attract the users to view your videos.

Here, let’s dive into the best video editing tips for your YouTube marketing!

8 Tips for editing YouTube Videos

  1. Import and organize your footage

    Generally, you will have to import your footage to your computer for editing. While importing, try to organize the files so that it becomes easy to retrieve your files whenever required.

    Now apart from all these options, if you have little or no budget, you might not be able to opt for video editing tools. Fortunately, YouTube offers its free web-based video editor: YouTube Studio – which is easily accessible. Thereby cutting down the cost of editing

  2. Placing the video clips

    Once you complete the footage import, next you have to place the clips into the video and arrange them to make a story out of it. You may also have the option to add “markers” into the clips to identify where exactly you need to insert sound effects.

  3. Cleansing your Timeline

    After selecting the clips, the next is to delete off or trim the clips that are not required. You may neglect long pauses, remove unwanted and filler words, etc. To get a final classy output, try fading effects when you stitch the clips together. Now, you have a video that conveys the right story.

  4. Visual and sound Effects

    Once you get a single video by adding the required clips together, you can improvise it with various transition effects. Split-screen views, Graphic enhancements, background music can be some of the sound effects that you can try.

  5. Manage to mix your sound

    Once you have videos enhanced with the music and sound effects, the next is to ensure that the audio, sound, and music sync properly. If needed, you can adjust the sound levels in the video to ensure proper output.

  6. Visual Corrections

    Adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels of the video. You can also incorporate particular moods and adjust the contrast and saturation to fit the shot.

  7. Review the Video

    All set with the edited video? Now it’s time to review the output multiple times to assure that everything is fine and good to go. If required, also take an expert opinion to ensure the quality of the video.

  8. Export and upload in YouTube

    After reviewing the video and with satisfaction, it’s time for you to export the video into the necessary aspect ratio 16:9 widescreens and render it in 720 px or 1080px high definition. Post this, check for YouTube compatibility of your output, and export it. (It can be .AVI, .MP4 or .WMA).


Editing your videos for YouTube may seem a bit stressful if you stare at them for a long period continuously. It might become easy if you step out a while, take a break and come back fresh to edit the final cut. Now as we understand that editing videos for social media channels are essential, it is equally important for us to accept that edited videos must be transformed to a final version that your audience will engage with. Keeping in mind the tips we have covered in this blog; you can come with best videos for YouTube.

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