As a comprehensive eBook conversion service provider, we create both fixed-layout and interactive eBook formats.

Our reflowable eBook conversion includes the following formats

  • Amazon Kindle’s Mobi
  • ePUB 2 for several other reading systems
  • ePUB 3 for various non-Amazon retail channels

We produce the following fixed-layout formats with our fixed layout eBook conversion;

  • Amazon Kindle’s KF8
  • ePUB 3 formats for Google, Apple, Kobo and various other platforms
  • Nook Comics, Page Perfect PDF and Nook Kids ePIB format for Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon Kindle’s Comics

As the quality of the same cannot meet our standards, we do not use photocopied pages.

Of course you can in most cases.
If you have the pages with printed or typed text, we can scan the same to create an editable Microsoft Word document.

If you would like to us to work for you with that, we will.

We usually take about 10-15 days to deliver a project. If you are in a hurry, we offer fast track service for additional fee, of course. However, depending upon the size of the book and time you need to review, the turnaround time can change.

  • You can provide us with a manuscript you would like to convert to the eBook format you prefer.
  • You can email the same to us or share it with us from our website.
  • Pay the conversion if you are impressed to go ahead.
  • We will convert the same and send it to you for review.
  • You can review the same and suggest if there is any error in the same.
  • We will also do the required editorial change is there is any on paying the required amount.

Yes, you do.
If you plan to list your book on eBook retailers, you must have a front cover.

Use the following guidelines, if you give us a cover page of your own;

  • Use RGB
  • PNG, JPG, PDFor TIF file formats
  • On the longest part, the preferred size is 2.5K pixels while 1.6K is on the shortest side with the minimum of 1.2K pixels.
  • The suitable ratio of width: height is 1:1.6
  • The recommended file size is lower than 1024KB for Amazon as they also include the size of the cover when applying downloading charges.

Also pay attention to the following;

  • When you want us to distribute your book to Apple, make sure that all the images given inside of the ePUB, including the cover, must not be more than 3 million pixels.
  • We don’t include the back cover.
  • Price information or bar code must not be included.
  • If the name of the book and name of the author on the cover do not match on the same on the metadata, some retailers may reject the book.

Our eBook cover design services cost are customized. Go to the eBook cover design page to find more details.

You can.
However, you must own the rights of the images you use on the eBooks.

By the very nature of eBooks, it is not an easy job to edit them. Unless you are an expert, it is advised that you rely on someone with professional experience with that kind of thing.

If you prefer to include you can. With fixed-layout, there is no need for that.

As per the nature of reflowable eBooks, there won’t be any numbers. On the other hand, you can add numbers onto a fixed-layout eBook.

You cannot use your eBook files to print a copy as it’s not suitable for it.

This will purely depend on the content you have on your eBook. It will also depend on the device used by the reader to render your book as different systems render books differently.

For conversion of text based books, we accept PDF, MS Word or Pages documents. If the book has more illustrations and images, the InDesign or PDF is accepted. As we offer the best eBook formatting services, you can always rely on us for impeccable results.

We also work from printed books if the content can be scanned and we have helped many clients like that. We also have received raving eBook conversion services reviews from our clients for that.

We can.
Graphic novels, picture books and illustrated books are suitable for fixed-layout eBook and they look excellent on Amazon’s Kindle Fire, B&N’s NOOK tablets and NOOK Color and Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Yes, we do.
Even when we only convert your book, in order to internally embed, we require metadata for your book.
In projects where we distribute the books, we need comprehensive metadata.

Unless you are trying to get interactive eBook conversion for children’s eBooks in the fixed-layout format with the read-aloud narration facility and, the functionality is not embedded. However, there are certain devices that offer this functionality from their device.

This depends on your choice of book distribution.

This depends on how you plan to distribute your eBook files. There are certain retail channels that can reject if you have advertisements on your book.

However, if you are trying to distribute the same through your own website, then you can include advertisements, as you please.

No, your filed will not include Digital Rights Management. But these books are suitable to add the same if the distribution channels choose to do so.

Yes, you can.
Our experience tells us that the clients must use reflowable ePUB3 files to create eBooks containing mathematical equations as it supports MathML and a range of other methods to display intricate mathematical content.

Yes, you can.
If the manuscript you give us contains one, we can use the same thing and link the index values to the relevant content of the book. This, however, will attract additional cost.

Depending upon the nature of the books and the audience you want to cater to, you can choose the eBook format.

  • If your book has mostly text and simple layout, you can choose standard/reflowable format.
  • If your book contains images, illustrations and diagrams than text, the best way to go is fixed-layout.

Depending upon the type of file that you are going to submit for the process of conversion, you need to prepare your file for the ease of work.

It is you. We do not make claim to your book. Once the payment for the conversion service is done, you can do anything as you may please with the book.

Of course, you will. We will be sending you with the final copy of each of the files you have requested once the process is done.

Though we have different eBook Conversion pricing structure and service charges for diverse projects, our price for eBook conversion to Mobi and ePUB formats is customized according to the needs of the customer.

As a reliable company offering professional eBook conversion services, for single title conversion projects, we charge a minimum conversion cost based on the complexity of work

If you have any further questions, contact us now with your requirements.

If you have images, diagrams, headings and a front cover rendered in color, it will still be in color in the book as well. However, not all the devices and eReaders render color. As such, in some of the devices, color images will be displayed in grayscale.

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