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The ‘Kindle’ device has literally penetrated every booklover’s bag and is progressively superseding printed books. In order to remain relevant and to capture the attention of new readers, the company felt the need of converting its existing printed books’ repository into a digital library, with the thrust on ePub conversion. We were faced with the challenge of transforming the huge database of books into ePub format in the shortest turnaround time possible.

Problems faced:

A large number of files need to be processed. This called for trimming of the files converted from physical versions to accurate size and merging them to pull of the most appealing looks. Next, the digitalized files have to be transformed into ePub format after carrying out sampling and assessing the priority of the texts. The number of files that require to be converted within stipulated period was also large and there is no scope of even minor mistakes.


We immediately swung into action and pulled together a proficient team of digital content experts with significant experience. The chosen ePub conversion method needed tailoring to cut down time and costs involved. The team leader was assigned the strategic task of customizing the layout in a manner that would rapidly accommodate the converted the digital content and transform to ePub. Volume test was conducted to assess the team capability regarding delivery of work per unit time. Once everything was finalized, the timeline and progress map was chalked out and the team was given the deadline. The team immediately got down to work and pulled off the amazing task of transforming the bulk of physical content in ePub within a record time.

We have stuck to quality parameters and consistently maintained top notch accuracy. The reading preference, background colours, language etc. was kept as per client’s specifications. Publisher information was taken care of to maintain the authenticity of the documents.  

Outcome achieved

The client was really happy with our epublishing services. They wholeheartedly appreciated our efforts and even referred us to two colleges that were in search of a professional digitization services provider.

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