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We, at ProglobalBusinessSolutions (PGBS), are a leading provider of book editing services that are specially designed to help authors and publishers generate flawless documents. We employ a team of learned and experienced editors who have been providing world-class editorial assistance over these years, refining books belonging to diverse genres and improving readability.

We have specialists who can render exceptional editing assistance for both fiction and non-fiction works. We also work with a team of subject matter experts who deliver extraordinary editing assistance when it comes to the refinement of scientific or medical documents.

We tailor our book design service packages to suit the budgets of traditionally-published authors as well as self-published authors so that we can provide maximum possible support to every author who is aiming to create a mark in the literary field.

Our Book Editing Service Portfolio Includes:

  1. Line Editing: We can perform through structural edit and evaluate the finer aspects of a manuscript in terms of its language, flow, expressions, tone, and style. We would carefully check language usage and intricacies related to character development and recommend changes so as to allow you to communicate your story in a more eloquent manner while still being able to maintain your own distinct voice.
  • Rectification of redundancies
  • Sentence construction correction
  • Evaluation of narrative and vocabulary
  • Overall comments
  • Editors notes
  1. Copy Editing: We would perform a word-by-word evaluation process to check for grammatical or consistency issues or issues with regard to word-usage. We would ensure that your manuscript does not have any continuity issues or loose-ends that may spoil your story’s plot.
  • Rectification of typographical errors.
  • Rectification of grammatical, linguistic, and spelling errors.
  • Ensuring proper punctuation usage.
  1. Proofreading: Proofreading is the final step in the book editing process. Our proofreaders would perform a final round of evaluation after our editors complete their tasks. We would take the utmost care to rectify minor errors that might have got missed out in the initial rounds of review.
  • Grammar and spelling rectification
  • Ensuring appropriate use of punctuation
  • Ensuring consistency of capitalization

Why Choose PGBS for Professional Book Editing Assistance?

At PGBS, we not only deliver professionally-edited copies, but we deliver excellence as well. We base our services on our commitment to deliver high-quality versions of your manuscripts within the timeline that we set before the initiation of the project.

Here’s why you should do business with us:

  • Quality: Our commitment towards quality sets us apart from the crowd and earns us a prominent identity in the present-day market. Our experienced and qualified editors have thorough knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and they work with best-selling authors in both fiction and non-fiction categories.
  • Affordability: Our book editing services are based on affordable pricing. While authors around the world need to shell out thousands of dollars on editing, we guarantee you to deliver service at the best rates that would allow you to stick to your editing budget. We don’t charge any fixed set-up fee, but we would charge you on the basis of the number of pages that you would want us to edit. And we can assure you that we would give you the best possible per-page rates.
  • Timeline: We understand that you have an urgency to make your manuscript reach your target audience as fast as you can, so we stay committed to delivering the refined version of your document within the predetermined timeline.
  • End-to-end Support: We have teams delivering associated services such as book formatting, book cover designing, e-book conversion, book illustrations, and more. So this translates into the fact that we are a one-stop-shop for comprehensive pre-press services that are designed to help authors maximize the returns on their investments.

I am a new author and needed expert editing assistance. When I contacted PGBS, they immediately asked me to submit a copy of my manuscript and within a day, they came back with a quote. I was really impressed with the quote as I found it to be quite reasonable. Immediately, I signed up and got my document back within a week. I found the content to be refined and could spot errors that I failed to notice earlier. And I am happy to say that my manuscript has now been accepted by one of the top traditional publishers. Thank you Team PGBS.

Fiction Writer, Germany

Do you wish to see a free editing sample?

Email us five pages from your manuscript and let us deliver a sample edited copy to you. We encourage you to test our services before you decide to do business with us.

At PGBS, we understand that editing can be a really hectic process that may demand considerable commitment in terms of time as well as effort. And if you are editing a document for the first time or you are editing your own manuscript, there are chances that you would fail to detect the errors. So this translates into the fact that you do need expert editing assistance to ensure that you get a finer version of your manuscript which can impress readers.

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