Yes! It is a fact that clicks on banner ads are declining these days; you have to accept it with a pinch of salt. But it never means that this advertising format is now completely futile. Just seeing an advertisement involuntarily invokes user preference towards the concerned service or product. This is perhaps the reason why ads keep on appearing in newspapers and TVs without any clicks. Now, let us see some of the proven tips for more effective banner ads design.

Adhere to the standard size


The banners you create can’t be the same for every website. You have to craft based on the specifications of the concerned website where you are planning to advertise. There are certain common sizes and staying clungto them is always ideal. For google ad words banner design, wider sizes are highly recommended than taller ones.

Maintain hierarchy


A banner ad ideally has 3 elements- inspiration to click, message and obviously the branding. However, here the challenge you face is the space limitation. Maintaining simplicity helps to make the best use of available space. Your message should stay concise; try to confine it within 10 words. Express the benefit of your provision to the targets. Include any brand entity, ideally logo. Finish the framework with an inspiration to make clicks.

Place strategically


Before making the final decision regarding where to place an ad, take time and think about the following fact. Using services from Google has many upsides but there is a pitfall that can’t be overlooked. You have lesser control over ad placements and this can do harm. However, preferring specific websites, e-newsletters or apps provides you a lot of flexibility.

Be contrasting


Use colours that contrast with the background; this will help your web advertising banner design to get noticed. Strong typography and bold colours will perfectly serve the purpose. Strong visuals drastically different can create huge impact. However stay adhered to the basic design concepts in regard of colour, space, weight and size.

Content is important


In shortest of words, you have to communicate a lot and that too in most professional, convincing and attractive manner. Seeking expert assistance of a professional copywriter is the best thing to do. When your content writer works in harmony with the ad designer, best stuffs will be generated, for sure.

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