For every business to be successful and profitable, it is imperative to acquire a wide client base. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can either make or break a company/business reputation. To keep all the customers satisfied, it is important to provide excellent and dedicated customer support. Customer service is essentially of two kinds. First, inbound customer service and second, outbound customer service. Inbound and outbound call center representatives are the ones who make sure that the customer is being attended to in a proper fashion.

inbound customer services FAQs

What is an inbound customer support service?

It is a form of customer service where one fields calls from prospective clients and customers. The phone calls are related to providing the customers with the desired information with regard to the product, services or, help them deal with issues related to the product or pay attention to their billing problems. The people handling inbound calls, known as inbound representatives, have all the customer information on hand so that they can successfully assist them. As technology takes rapid leaps, inbound call center is not restricted just to telephone calls. It can also take place over email, chat or any other interactive channel there might be.

While providing a consistent standard of customer service, it is necessary to have enough professionals on call so that the customers are attended to quickly, without them having to wait. Even though self service is also in vogue where the customer can go online and make payments to clear their billing issues, place a product order, book a service visit and even take a look at their account details, inbound reps still get a lot of calls. The positive point that comes with self service is that the inbound reps have more time compared to the times when self service was not in practice. In this way, the inbound call center professionals can make better use of their time by paying attention to phone calls of customers who are facing more complex problems.

Here, several FAQs have been answered to provide a more wholesome view on inbound customer services in India.

What is the working hours of a call center that is situated in India?

India has a very devoted program for customer support. As call centers in India are known to be functional round the clock, every call center has the potential of working throughout the year, without being closed for even a single day.

What is the minimum qualification of people who are hired by a call center?

Indian call centers prefer to hire only educated and qualified professionals. These call centers believe in creating an environment that inspires and encourages the working professionals to think out of the box, render high performance and work happily and smoothly as a strong unit.

Is there any training each call center employee has to undertake?

Yes, there is. There are comprehensive training programs that each call center employee has to undergo so as to ensure their professional growth. Call centers in India invest a lot in training their employees really well. Some of them even have tie ups with foreign universities that offer programs on credit to the call center employees. While training, the employees also get the opportunity of working with their strategic partners in several nations like Australia and USA. Training of the call center employees is a thorough process to be able to provide customer service to the best of their ability.

Is all the latest technology and infrastructure available to Indian call centers providing inbound customer service?

Yes, all the latest technologies and infrastructure are available. Understanding the need for the same, Indian call centers invest in top notch equipment from the best providers, for instance, CISCO and Avaya. There are certain features like fail over, redundancy and load balancing that provide almost 100% reliability. All the architectural standards have been duly complied with. The structure is open and its expansion would not negatively affect the ongoing operations of the call center as it has been designed to encourage and accommodate the development of the current existing features and facilities.

Do the Indian call centers possess business continuity planning services?

With various Indian call centers having established business continuity sites in India and abroad by way of a strategic liaison with other centers, there exists a provision for disaster recovery services. The recovery services include having assured backup in the whole of the technological infrastructure and this includes the servers, processors and storage units.

Is there a standard quality that Indian call centers provide?

The necessity of complying with the international standards is fully understood and accepted by the Indian call centers. Seeing the ever-growing developments in the business world, where the planet has become a global village, Indian call centers guarantee to provide absolute call center quality assurance.

Why outsource your inbound customer service to PGBS?

If your requirement is to outsource to India, PGBS is one of the apt inbound call centers for the job. Among the best in its class, PGBS ensures high-quality work by qualified professionals working in call centers in India. A dedicated team of employees available 24/7 is provided by PGBS. Multilingual Support is provided in more than 30+ languages to your customers to resolve the queries in their native languages without any language hindrance. At PGBS, we aim to satisfy our clients by assuring him/her of peak quality.

How does one contact PGBS for outsourcing your inbound customer support service?

If you are looking at PGBS to outsource your inbound customer services, please fill the inquiry form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Else, you may simply give us a call or send us a mail mentioning your needs.