Even though several newer regulations and guidelines are being made, a myriad of newer players keeps emerging in the healthcare market making the competition tougher than ever. Most of the industry experts are of the opinion that healthcare call center services are an imperative factor that must carefully be outsourced to gain a competitive lead over the growing competition. As many service industries invest heavily on improving the customer service infrastructure and enhancing the experience the customers have with the service providers, it is natural that healthcare customers also expect the same, if not higher, levels of quality in customer support.

Medical call center services

Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

This where PGBS can make the real difference, to the clients, the business partners, and the customers, by delivering top-notch and custom made service propositions to its customers with uncompromising service values. We are fortified with the right service solutions and infrastructure to provide economical services to a wide range of healthcare service providers focusing on diverse niches.

It is our incessant effort to live up to and exceed the expectations of the customers. Our company offering medical call center services is effectively staffed with exceptionally trained and qualified professionals to provide all the support your customers need, in the best way possible. Our experience in delivering a wide range of customer service outsourcing solutions, for a multitude of players from different industry sectors over years, helps us deliver the best and most efficient support that every healthcare player needs.

Understanding the importance of data security, we have in place several top-notch, industry standards, and state-of-the-art security systems and mechanisms to govern all types of communication and data storage in our medical call centers.

Different Services Provided by PGBS

  • Medical Answering Service

    We professionally handle all the customer calls with the help of our live operators and systems to cater to their medical-related needs. Here, we make sure that the calls are directly attended by our trained operators instead of getting diverted to an automated service or voice mail.

  • After-Hours Answering Service

    Our after-hours call answering services are available to the individuals every day, i.e., 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. For this, we hire experienced professionals who have the required domain knowledge to handle the calls and take appropriate actions in the needed course of time.

  • Appointment Scheduling Service

    We answer all the appointment-related phone calls and schedule the date considering the customer as well as the medical personnel’s convenience. It helps the staff to manage their time and concentrate on important tasks. We can also reschedule or cancel an appointment if necessary.

  • Auto Attendant and IVR Service

    We offer keypad operated and interactive voice response solutions to ensure seamless communication regarding the medical queries. Besides, we also help to notify patients with important information, guide them with pre-recorded messages, and offer personalized messages to improve wellness.

  • Appointment Reminder Service

    Our appointment reminder services notify customers regarding their upcoming appointments by sending a call at a pre-specified time with the needed instructions. It helps them to confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointments. We also have live operators who can call patients to offer a personalized experience.

  • Virtual Receptionist Service

    With the help of this service, we provide customized assistance to your customers, just like a traditional receptionist sitting at the office desk. We can handle your calls from any location and can communicate the desired instruction to your customers when you are physically unavailable to reach them.

  • Emergency Answering Service

    Our disaster recovery services provide a centralized communication center during an emergency or at the time of natural disasters. We stay well-prepared for those types of situations so that your business won’t suffer during any such circumstances. Besides, it also helps to strengthen your existing customer relationships.

How we can help healthcare providers meet the customer service challenges

  • Comprehensive customer interactions and support: Our exceptionally trained and experienced professionals help customers to cover their requirements in the best way possible. We offer them regular training to convince customers that we will always have their back.
  • High-quality technical infrastructure: We always adapt to the latest technologies to provide the best support to our clients. As we generate and deal with a lot of data, we ensure that our data security systems are always updated to offer the desired protection for securing the information.
  • Multi-channel service supports: We make use of diverse channels to support customers wherever they want while addressing any issue at the desired point of time. Providing timely support will result in a better appreciation of the services of our clients.
  • Data analytics and support for insight generation: We help the healthcare service providers to effectively optimize their services for matching the varied requirements of their customers. We further use the insights generated to launch new products, change the nature of their service support, or even market their products.
  • High-quality customer support: Being one of the top customer service outsourcing companies, we always ensure that every interaction with the customers is carried out in the most professional way while addressing their issues within a certain time frame with their native languages through our multilingual call center support.
  • We are exceptionally scalable: We can provide the required resources to attend higher call volumes and appropriately reduce the staff number when the frequency of call decreases. It helps our clients to save their money, time, and effort.

Along with the service qualities and unique service propositions we offer for our clients, our call center outsourcing services company strives relentlessly to ensure incredible and affordable pricing structures that can drive great value for our clients. We never shy away from adopting the latest technology to provide the best service support just the way the client would love. It is in the satisfaction of our clients that we find our success and the energy to tread forth.

If quality, experience, and professional business models are what you need, you may not find a better place than PGBS. We are in a niche for more than two decades now. Nothing can replace experience and we are extensively experienced. Having served to varied medical and health care organizations, our professionals understand the right ways to ensure your best results.

Reach us to talk to a client relations office, now if you’re looking for any of the best healthcare contact center company. Besides, we are too keen to stay as a really affordable hospital call center the expertise of which all categories of customers can leverage.