Establishing a seamless communication channel with the customers is the necessity for every industry. With the development in technology, each business firm has come up with multichannel customer service support in their customer support help-desks. Evidently, you need skilled professionals with adequate training to ensure a hassle-free operation of your multichannel contact center solutions. Well, if you are looking for a reliable platform to outsource your customer support requirements, you can come to us. At PGBS, we provide highly efficient multichannel contact center support to our clients.

Multichannel customer service

Multi-channel Contact Center Solutions

In the competitive business ecosystem, it is essential to set up a robust communication infrastructure on your platform to deal with your customer’s queries. Customers expect quick support from the companies when they reach out to them at the helpdesk. In order to live up to the expectations of your customers, you need to leverage the efficiency of your contact center. Besides, it will also bolster your sales and foster your customer retention abilities. Irrespective of what you deal with, you need to assess the specific needs of your customers and provide them with the necessary multi-channel contact center support.

Advantages of Multi-Channel Customer Support Services

Though most businesses understand that the best advantage of using the support of a multi-channel customer support services provider is the flexibility to effectively utilize a channel of their choice to establish a better strategic relationship with them, the following benefits are also equally imperative;

  • You can render each purchase-cycle level outstandingly interactive
  • Get the opportunity to instill relenting confidence and satisfaction in all your customers
  • Drive effective CRM integration capabilities to bolster your business flexibilities
  • You can leverage incredibly focused customer interactions and get optimum operational efficiency
  • Address all the customer queries with instant responses and improves c-sat levels
  • Take advantage of the vast customer interaction history to drive matchless insights and business intelligence.
  • Process an incredible number of customer queries with exceptional quality in lesser time
  • Maximize the contact center costs by process all the customer queries swiftly.

Seek advanced multichannel contact center support from us

Multichannel contact centers are gaining popularity across various industries, as the customers enjoy the freedom to choose the channels while communicating with the executives. Well, you need to hire experts who are compatible with all these channels to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. At times, they may have to communicate with customers through more than one channel. At PGBS, you will come across a comprehensive platform for multichannel customer support solutions.

Our range of multichannel support services include

Phone support

Over the years, we have collaborated with various companies, streamlining their sales and customer care mechanisms. Our professionals are well-versed in the necessities of various industries like airlines, real estate, tourism, healthcare, and banking etc. At PGBS, you will come across the optimum mix of technology and skills. Count on us for highly rated inbound customer support and outbound customer support. Integrating the latest technology, we can bolster your sales, by testing fresh markets, developing a favorable rapport with the customers, and following up emails.

Live chat support

Live chat support is increasingly being incorporated as a multi-channel customer service strategy at the helpdesk. We can assist your company to provide better customer care services and enhance your brand image. Customers seek personalized services while they make their purchase decisions. They communicate with the company through chat boxes. Trained executives can answer the queries of the customers with ease and authority. Quicker responses deliver a good experience to your customers.

Email support

Email is one of the most important channels for communicating with clients. You can come to us for seamless email support services. Our executives can process these emails and send them to the desired recipients. They follow up on these emails and provide them with appropriate replies. Customers reach out to your company through emails to get their issues resolved. With our email support services, you can retain the loyalty of your customers and provide them with adequate support through emails. This can leverage your brand image to a large extent.

Social media support

Today, people spend a considerable amount of time on social media. Companies reach out to their customers through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Customers often seek assistance from the companies through these social media platforms as well. Evidently, you need to come up with an efficient mechanism to deal with the queries placed through social media channels. Social media platforms have proven to be one of the most effective channels for customer support. They have gained immense popularity, as customers can get their issues resolved fast through these channels. You may reach out to us for social media customer support services.

Video chat support

Customers usually prefer to reach out to the helpdesk through video calls when they need a practical demonstration, involving the products. At PGBS, we provide advanced video chat support to clients. Face-to-face communication through video calls elevates the overall experience of the customers.

Offline support

You may need offline contact center support to answer the queries of the customers. Simply outsource these services to us. At PGBS, we have got the necessary infrastructure and manpower to deal with any type of issue faced by your customers. We provide highly tailored offline support to our clients.

Why Choose Our Multichannel Contact Center Services

Having experience of years in rendering the best call center services, we created the best, most lucrative, and technology-driven multilingual customer support services packages for our clients from diverse business verticals. If you are still thinking about why our customer support is the best fit for you, take a look.

  • Timely and carefully designed internal development programs: We understand that the quality of the service rendered and the interactions the customers have with the agents is what decides the quality of everything the business is all about. This realization helps us offer the best and most effective training to all our contact center agents from time to time.
  • You never burn your pockets with us: As a reliable and client-centric service provider, we keep all our offerings affordable and viable to our customers. In order to offer the clients with maximum flexibility, we have multiple plans with unique features based on which the clients can pick the one best suits them.
  • Expansive, cutting-edge infrastructure: Over the years, we have realized that the quality of the services rendered by us is only as good as the infrastructure we have to support the requirements of the clients. This realization has helped us update our infrastructure capabilities from time to time with excellent tools and systems to cater to all the demanding needs of the clients at all times.
  • Matchless data security: We have the state-of-the-art access control systems to regulate and monitor who accesses what and when providing the clients with the peace of mind they need when it comes to data security.
  • We are diligently reliable and responsible: Once you have associated with us, you will never need to worry about the calls, emails, messages, and other types of correspondence of the clients as we are relentlessly at work attending to each of it remarkably well.
  • Our experience is unrivaled: When it comes to offering reliable customer support services, we are fortified with the best and most experienced team that has supported numerous clients from across the world. This helps us solve and address any types of concerns in no time.

Reach PGBS and avail high-quality multi-channel call center solutions. We provide scalable services to our clients, retaining highest standards. Let your customers experience a pleasant and satisfying customer support they would appreciate.