Information security is imperative in today’s business scenario. Extreme level of comprehensive and proven encapsulation techniques must be embraced to ensure security and confidentiality of your relevant data. In fact, ensuring absolute security of all sensitive information related to your business, products, services and projects outsourced is not a mere option but mandatory prerequisite these days. When you outsource photo editing projects to PGBS, you can stay in peace without worrying about security.

We consider all data and information pertinent to your photo editing project significant and understand the concerns you have. As a first step, we compulsorily sign NDA agreements with our clients and make our employees to sign all associated documents. Even before hiring resources, we do a thorough background check. We still keep an eye on the conduct of people on floor and if any issues are sensed, we execute the needful measures to be away from the slippery edge. Our storage as well as transmission devices are regularly tracked for effectiveness and efficiency. We are a reputed photo editing company; we yearn and strive to stay so.

Security measures adopted

Underlying are some of the strategic steps we take to ensure complete protection of your data.


The data back up equipment we use is maintained safely in a protected place. No information can in any way be transmitted without official consent. To ensure that no offsite movement of information happens, a specific check-list is followed.


All file and folder structures as well as email communications on various workstations make use of high-tech algorithms. Also, the information, we share with our staff stays confidential.


Soon after the project of photo editing service online from us is over, we destroy or return back all your source files based on your preference.


We allow sharing of documents only in electronic source format or as scanned copies. Access to the original files is restricted.

Employees too have restricted access

For preventing any sort of prohibited access and checking the flow of information to outside, we have restricted and specific login details for all the employees with which they can get access to the workstations and source files.  In a nutshell, the inclusions are:

  • Smart card entry
  • Single sign-in to all logins
  • Workstations locking during idle time
  • Password protected network logins
  • Encrypted emails and electronic signatures
  • NDA agreements mandatory signing
  • Remote access via VPN tunnel

Safe network connections and VPN

We have installed the best network connections and VPN. Our photo editing team regularly upgrade them and check them to ensure security again any type of unwanted access. We ensure security by following the below mentioned practices.

  • We make use of a secure VPN tunnel to interface with the offsite clients.
  • We use Intelligent Switches, Network Assistant Utilities and Firewall to block ports for FTP, UDP, ICMP and TCP/IP across all our network structures.

Workstation security

We use underlying safeguards to see to it that workstations and internal systems are completely protected and secure.

  • Antivirus software programs.
  • Security surveillance available 24 hours.
  • System auditing as well as regular workstation monitoring.
  • Backup drive managers.
  • CD writers, USB ports and all types of hardware for data sharing disabling.

We are from top to bottom committed towards assuring complete confidentiality and privacy of your data. PGBS makes sure that your experience with our company in regard of photo editing outsourcing services like photo restoration, clipping path services and photo retouching remains pleasant.

If any further clarifications or details are needed, get in touch with us today!