• Photo retouching is in vogue with the introduction of social media where people and businesses have a presence and are trying to get the maximum attention.
  • If you think that photo retouching and photo editing are the same thing and the terms can be used interchangeably, you need to get continue reading this piece

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A camera can click a beautiful moment and make it a memory to cherish lifetime and nowadays cameras have the capability to enhance the pictures right when they are being clicked.

what is photo retouching

No matter how beautifully a picture is edited in these devices, but they have their own limitation and no camera or mobile can touch the level of professional editing where the subject matter experts strive to deliver the results beyond expectations, this is all possible by retouching a photo with the help of professional photo editing software available.

Photo retouching is quite in vogue with the introduction of social media where people and businesses have a presence and are trying to get the maximum attention on what they share and hence this technique of beautifying the pictures came into the picture.

Here we have compiled all the information you need to know about photo retouching and why you must learn it if you want to enhance your online or offline presence. But before that understand what the concept really is…let’s discuss the basics first!

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching as the name says is a technique that helps in enhancing the appearance of the clicked pictures. Using this technique, all the imperfections are removed from the picture giving the subject a new life present in the image.

Using this technique, one can retouch the images with minor changes like color and tone correction, removal of dirt from camera lens, and more to even major changes like image manipulation etc.

If you think that photo retouching and photo editing are the same thing and the terms can be used interchangeably, you need to get continue reading this piece of writing to understand the difference.

How Photo Retouching is Different from Photo Editing?

Here are some pointers from a professional photo editor’s point of view that will help you understand the difference between photo retouching and photo editing.

Point 1 – Techniques
Photo Retouching Photo Editing
Talking about basic elements of photo retouching include-

  • Camera dust removal
  • Skin blemish removal
  • Digital makeup application on subject
  • Facial features correction, eye retouching, etc.
  • Addition and removing objects that are required or unwanted
When we talk about the basics of photo editing, it includes-

  • Color or brightness adjustment
  • Noise reduction
  • Arranging white balance
  • Color & saturation correction
  • Adjusting contrasts & exposure
  • Image resizing & cropping
  • Basic background removal
Point 2 – Turn Around Time
Photo Retouching Photo Editing
During the process, the time taken to retouch the whole photo takes 15 minutes to an hour to bring out a flawless photograph. It is a matter of a couple of minutes depending on the complexity of the task or photo.
Point 3 – Industries
Photo Retouching Photo Editing
This technique mostly covers all walks of life including industrial as well as personal work like wedding photos, travelling pictures, fashion images, etc. This technique is mostly used in ecommerce industries for enhancing the product related images to showcase the best side of the products to the customers and prospects.

Now that we understand the difference between photo retouching and photo editing, it is time to discuss the various types of photo retouching.

Types of Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching is broadly described in five ways or should we say that there are five types of photo retouching used in various industries including-

  1. Commercial Retouching

    commercial retouching

    When we talk about advertisements, the commercial retouching comes into picture and covers a lot of the industrial sector that requires advertising to promote their business as a brand.

  2.  Creative Retouching

    creative retouching

    This is an artwork that combines various images to create a beautiful or creative realm that is far away from reality. This type of retouching demands a lot of time and efforts but the results are amazing and imaginative.

  3. Portrait Retouching

    portrait retouching

    This retouching type is majorly related to enhancing the characteristics and bring more exposure to the image of a person in a portrait. The prime objective of this technique is to keep the naturalist of the image intact.

  4. Beauty Retouching

    beauty retouching

    From simple facial retouching to fashion retouching, beautifying, celebrity beauty enhancing, hairstyle retouching, and more falls under beauty retouching.

  5. Editorial Retouching

    editorial retouching

    This type of retouching is used to push a brand, product or service from a business and is showcased in editorials, magazines, look books, publication, etc.

In this technique, the unwanted elements are removed to keep the subject intact and attractive.

Now let’s get the idea of the most common retouching techniques that are used by the photo editors and photo retouching companies.

Common Photo Retouching Techniques

There are 10 most common types of photo retouching techniques that are used by photographers and photo editing companies including-

  1. Spot Healing/ Blemishes Removal
  2. Airbrushing/ Even Skin Tone
  3. Frequency Separation/ Twerking Skin Texture
  4. Layering/ Keeping the Originality Intact
  5. Dodging and burning
  6. Resizing
  7. Toning/ Color Balance/ Hue & Saturation Adjustment
  8. Eye Retouching/ Changing Eye Color/ Eye Bag Removal/ Shadow Adjustment
  9. Clone Stamp/ Lightning the Image
  10. Highlights/ Use of Curves

Now it’s time to discuss the importance of photo retouching in the world of photography and other industry verticals.

Benefits of Photo Retouching

There are several benefits of including photo retouching in your portfolio as this gives a new flight to the businesses. Here we are presenting various benefits of this technique both in common and industry-wise.

Common Advantages

  • A cost-effective option
  • Saves time with quick results
  • Boosts social media presence
  • Acts as a booster in sales & conversion
  • Assurance of quality
  • Obtain better results for businesses
  • Building a unique brand identity
  • Demonstrates the subject accurately
  • A stand out of the crowd results gives competitive advantage

Industry-wise Advantages of Photo Retouching

  1. Online Business/ eCommerce

    • Professional product photos
    • Brand awareness & recall with unique approach
    • Boosts social media engagement
    • One image can be used for multiple advertising platforms
  2. Real Estate Industry

    • Image sharpening to portray professionalism
    • Alignment correction
    • Removal of dust spots from walls and floor
    • White balance for vivid and crisp image
    • Removing lens distortion
    • Removing reflections, shadows etc.
    • Color tone, brightness & contrast adjustment
  3. Educational Industry

    • Process high-end educational photos
    • Watermark removal
    • Whitepaper illustrations
    • Black & white to color conversion
    • Color Corrections
  4. Advertising Industry

    • Helps in creating attractive campaigns for promotion
    • Easy multi platform customization
    • Helps in giving social media presence
    • Polished & professional photos
  5. Engineering Industry

    • Improved cad designs
    • Professional 2d images, floor plans,
    • Enhanced 3d designs
    • Drive client growth
  6. Medical and Healthcare Industry

    • Image manipulation makes medical data easy to understand
    • Helps in clinical image editing
    • White balance, exposure, contrast adjustment
    • Brings animation to the medical line
  7. Fashion Industry

    • Helps in bringing realism in fashion products
    • Appropriate digital manipulation
    • Background removal, image resizing, photo clipping etc.

This sums up the topic of Photo Retouching and we hope our knowledge sharing will help you build your own sound photo retouching portfolio.

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