Digital marketing is dynamic in nature and it keeps on evolving. Tactics that were used a decade ago have now become obsolete and overused. New marketing trends strike the industry regularly and successful business firms timely and strategically incorporate them on their platforms. This helps them to make distinct breakthroughs in the market and keep their sales figures escalating.

Animation production is one of the most powerful tools that can help companies strengthen their marketing plans. Animations are more interesting than other graphic elements and grab the attention of viewers easily. According to the most reliable statistics available, around 43% people wish to view different types of animated videos in the marketing campaigns of various companies. Therefore it has now become an unavoidable necessity to incorporate animations in your marketing campaigns.

Animation production benefits

Benefits of animation production in marketing

Check out several ways in which animation production can boost up your marketing campaign.

Animated logo design

People can identify a company by its logo. It needs to be unique, eye-catchy and worth remembering. When you use an animated logo, it hits the minds of the audience, making your marketing campaign more effective. For instance, you may consider the updated logo of Google that they came up with in 2015. Movements always catch the eyes, making your website more inviting. The novelty of animated logos makes them outstanding. Companies which invest in animated logos obviously have an edge over their competitors in marketing.

Animated advertisements

Advertisements convey the sales message of a company to its customers. The more appealing they are, the more powerful the marketing strategy grows. The future of advertisement industry lies in videos. This is more relevant to the social media, one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. In 2016, the algorithms of Facebook were changed that gave more preference to videos than posts of any other type. This gave a higher reach to videos, which make them more effective in converting the visitors.

Companies are using animated advertisement videos as they are inexpensive and you do not need costly hardware for making them. You only need a concept, necessary software and a designer to produce animated ads on Facebook and other such platforms. Animated advertisements come with a unique and polished look. You can incorporate your brand image in these advertisements with finest details.

Explainer videos

The use of explainer videos for business is rapidly increasing as they are one of the best ways to present the working mechanism of a product. These videos can be animated to make them better presentable. Companies often use explainer videos to demonstrate how their products can be beneficial to the customers. These days, companies are using explainer videos in the ‘About us’ pages. This is because, videos convey the ideas more lucidly than texts. Explainer videos seamlessly interpret how a product works. You may use these videos to demonstrate how your product can save energy, money or time of the customers.

Besides, it is wise to use a video in the place of a long description written in text form. This evokes interest in the readers and helps to market the product. People in the online world lack time to go through chunk of text; videos produced by experts offering computer animation services hence appeal more to them.

Stop motion videos

For companies that do not have skilled personnel to make animations on a computer, stop motion video is an effective alternative. You need not make all animations fully on the computer. Although stop motion animation takes considerably more time, one can produce them easily. In this process, the visual elements are placed in different positions in the frame. Each pattern has to be photographed, thereby recording each movement in the form of visuals. A slideshow is used to stitch these photos up later on. Business firms also use audio and other visual effects in the slideshow to create an entire package. You simply need an editing software, tripod and camera for making stop motion videos.


Companies also make animated videos by using a whiteboard. In the last few years, this particular type of animation has gained extensive popularity. As a person writes something on the whiteboard, it is recorded using a camera. The video captures all the texts, images and other elements drawn on the chalkboard. Companies willing to use statistics, various ideas and numerical figures in their advertisement campaigns find it easy to showcase them through whiteboard animation videos. The cost requirement for this sort of storyboard illustration is less, as you need only a person with decent drawing abilities, a camera and editing software.

Interactive videos

Interaction with your customers helps you to convey your marketing idea to them more effectively. Interactive videos help you to market your product, as they engage viewers throughout their length. Your target audience is more likely to remember your product when you advertise it through interactive videos. The conversational approach adopted in these videos strengthens your marketing strategy, resulting in a more operative interpretation of ideas.

Integrated animations

An intelligent blend of animated videos with real ones makes an integrated animation. For instance, certain companies make cooking videos, where they show the footage of the food being prepared on the screen, besides displaying the recipe at one of the sides. People love to see real examples, which come with the desired information. The sheer mix of actuality and creativity in these animations makes them one of the best marketing tools. People often share these videos with their friends or family members. This improves the marketing edge of your company. When you use an integrated animation production for business advertising, you can utilize the effects of live action and flexibility to include the necessary information. However, creating this type of animation calls for expertise. You should have a detailed knowledge about camera angles, lighting and post-production process when you prepare these animations. Once you are successful in developing an integrated animation, it creates a powerful impact in the minds of your audience.

You may have by now realized how animation production can bolster your marketing campaigns. You can use these in every possible scenario for your business uplifting. However, simply creating a video is not enough for selling your product. After developing these videos, professional companies usually integrate them with their SEO strategies to create an impactful marketing strategy.

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