creation of 2d animation case study

Our 2D animation team at PGBS recently executed a project for a European client who required high-quality 2D animation in 48 hours.

The client

The client was a company that specialized in gathering a wide range of content generated by consumers and transforming the content into high-valuable brand assets to make a marketing and commercial platform in the United Kingdom. They were in need of a 2D animation studio that could deliver high-quality 2D animations within 48 hours.

The project involved the following requirements from the clients;

  • Top-notch 2D animation that can be used for several branding and advertising purposes.
  • Unmatched quality and economical services that can be delivered in 48 hours of turnaround time.
  • The client required us to showcase various projects carried out by us and to elucidate the approach that will be taken to carry out the current project.

The challenges that we faced

We encountered several challenges during the execution of the project, and the major challenges among them were as follows:

  • The turnaround time was the hardest and most difficult of all the challenges. As the timetable could not be moved, we had to figure out an efficient way to carry the project out.
  • The initial files of the project were given in the PSD format but the files that followed were in the JPEG format. This required more time than previously envisaged to carry out the project in its entirety.
  • The turnaround time to complete the project was continuously trimmed down by the client making it difficult to meet the new timeframes given by the client.

How we met the challenge professionally

In order to ensure that that client was able to get the project delivered just the way they imagined, we adopted the following steps.

  • We carefully set up a team consisting of some of the most experienced professionals housed in our animation outsourcing company, India based, under the leadership of a senior graphic designer.
  • The team took a sample project from the client to thoroughly understand all the requirements, quality guidelines, and aesthetical expectations of the client to calculate the time required to carry out the project effectively. Based on the same, we added one more graphic designing professional to the team that was previously constituted.
  • We made use of four resources that were dedicated exclusively to this project for smoother execution of the project.
  • The client was prompt in delivering the script and the source file needed to carry out the animation upon accepting to carry out the project. Learning from the files and scripts given and making use of the resources available, the team quickly crafted a storyboard incorporating all the elements that the client wanted to. The scenes were then sequenced carefully to give the animation a proper narrative feel.
  • Being one of the most technologically updated 2d animation outsourcing companies, the team with us made extreme use of various animations techniques and programs such as the Adobe AfterEffects to create astounding simulations meeting all the requirements of the clients befitting the campaigns the client wanted to run across various platforms.
  • The quality analyst team at PGBS constantly reviewed each and every task completed during various stages of the project execution. Making use of several quality systems and techniques used for quality management at PGBS, the QA team thoroughly analyzed the project after completion. We did the checks multiple times to ensure impeccable quality.

The result of the project

Though there was a hiccup at the beginning of the project due to the format of the files delivered, we quickly overcame the issue by strengthening the team immediately. The dedicated and experienced professionals at PGBS quickly completed the project with an accuracy of 95 percent within the stipulated time set by the client.

The client was extremely happy with the quality, the professionalism and the sheer commitment PGBS exhibited throughout the execution of the project. As a result, the client ended up assigning us with several more 2d animation projects. He in fact turned out to be a loyal client and even visited our office as a friendly gesture.

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