We, at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions, employ smart and experienced professionals for our social media virtual assistant services who can help you gain widespread social media presence. They would identify the right type of audience and launch targeted social media campaigns to boost your sales revenues. Our social media executives are adept at running targeted ads on Facebook and writing effective sales copies. They are also skilled at determining and managing campaign budgeting so that you are able to stick to your campaign budget.

Our social media executives have thorough expertise in their domain and can handle all your social media management tasks with 100 percent accuracy. They are champions at social media marketing and have the skills and the qualifications to professionally handle your social media accounts. They have a thorough knowledge of all leading social media platforms and can guide you on the selection of the most appropriate platform that would take your business to its next level.

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Social Media Assistant

List of tasks performed by our social media virtual assistants

Our experience has taught us that there is no concept as “one-size-fits-all”. As a result, we have come up with a flexible solution that helps you get all the services you need from us, depending upon your requirements, budget constraints and the size of your online presence.

  • Creation of Social Media Profiles: We would create your business’s profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and would add relevant information and images about your business.
  • Profile Management: We would manage your profiles, ensuring that we maintain regular communication with your stakeholders. We would post regular updates about your business and would respond to the queries that you receive on your social media profiles.
  • Trend Research: We would conduct research on topics that would matter to your business and customers the most and would share interesting posts throughout your social media profiles. We would conduct thorough research on your target audience and would use the most popular hashtags to make your posts earn the maximum visibility.
  • Community Management: We are experts at community management activities and would ensure that your audience remains engaged at all times. We would base our strategies on community feedback and organize content and giveaways to ensure community engagement.
  • Promotions and Advertisements: We can design effective paid promotion strategies and we have experienced ad copywriters working with us. We would develop appropriate ad copies that would create a positive impact on your target audience. We have graphic designers who can complement ad copies with relevant and eye-catchy graphics design, thereby making your ads more captivating.
  • Report Generation: We would perform audience analysis and monitor all social media activities. We would provide you with a detailed and insightful user engagement report.

An important aspect you need to consider is that even when the business is closed after business hours, conversations about your business continue to happen. As a result, it is important that you effectively utilize the opportunities to the advantage of your business round the clock. This is where our VAs can definitely help you drive better value, more people and converting traffic to your business.

Benefits of hiring our virtual assistant professionals

  • Improvement of brand awareness: With this, you get a grand opportunity to advertise your brand without any restrictions to a worldwide market that stays open and operative all time round the clock. When our experts stay active and attentive on these platforms on your behalf by posting regularly, blogging, and getting indulged in conversations and group discussions, more brand awareness is generated.
  • Increase in lead generation: Our VAs engages with the global community. We have writers with us who will write needed content including articles and blogs. Properly written, unique, and creative content improves your credibility and showcases the expertise you have in your concerned area of business; we let this happen.  The VAs for hire at PGBS will place and promote the write-ups optimally to invite prospects and make them engage with the posted matter. Engagement is crucial and this paves way for the lead generation.
  • Generation of inbound traffic: We offer the best virtual assistant services in the domain of online marketing. Your website usually gets traffic through organic searches or directly from people who already know your business. But with social media, you get traffic from several sources leading to huge inbound traffic. Every profile created is a door through which a customer can reach you and our experts specialize in persuading people to pay visits and purchase from you.

Reach PGBS for the best quality social media virtual assistant services

We have professionals with us who research and write creative and original content that offer value to your readers. Our virtual assistants build as well as manage the entire networks for your business. They engage with the audience and monitor progress. Other main inclusions are keeping your online channels and profiles up to date, creating new pages, channels, and accounts if needed, running and managing social competitions and regular market analysis, and customer expectations scrutiny.

You can spare your precious time from commenting and liking to indulge in more important activities like planning for business growth and deriving better expansion strategies. We do every design needed for social media marketing including infographics, 2d animations, social media video editing, and banner designing.

We also create and provide you monthly reports based on which you can stay updated with the progress. You enjoy the freedom that you get to do what you have always loved; run your business. With our cost-effective social media virtual assistant services, you can now do what makes you happy now.