Looking for expert graphic support from a trusted service provider or a professional graphic design virtual assistant? You need to make sure that you identify a reliable service provider that can deliver what you want. If you are looking to outsource your graphic design requirements for the first time, you should be aware of what graphic design really is and what all are included within its purview so that you can have a clear idea about what you can expect your service provider to deliver and how you can use graphic design optimally to address your key requirements. In this article, we have defined graphic design virtual assistant and have mentioned the different types of outcomes that a creative design and virtual assistant can provide. This would allow you to identify the most appropriate virtual assistant services that would justify your investments and offer you diverse graphic design solutions.

Who is a graphic design virtual assistant?

A graphic design virtual assistant is a creative professional who designs unique and attractive graphics and web layouts that will convey the brand message to their target customers. Some of the tasks they perform are logo design, social media creatives design, web layout designs, brochure designs, ppt designs, and more.

So what are the tasks that you can outsource to a graphic design virtual assistant?

We have listed out the most common tasks that are handled by a graphic designer:

  • Logos

    Businesses need professional assistance in order to get their logos created. Experienced graphic designers who specialize in designing logos are hired by businesses that want to create a strong brand identity and send their branding messages to their target audience. These professionals can convert branding philosophies into effective visuals that can convey a brand’s message in the desired manner.

  • Website Graphics

    Modern websites are noted for their excellent visuals and texts and how they are aligned in comparison to each other. A good graphic designer helps businesses in creating website graphics that boost the reputation of their businesses. The professional would edit website graphics in an appropriate manner, ensuring that they match the overall look, feel, and theme of the website. Graphic designers also specialize in building good-looking and aesthetically-appealing website layouts.

  • Visuals for Social Media

    Good graphic designers can not only tailor social media graphics in the desired manner, but they can also draft a strategy that would attract the attention of the target audience. Experienced virtual assistants have a thorough understanding of how a specific social media platform works and they can modify the visual and textual elements accordingly. This allows businesses to boost customer engagement and convert leads faster.

  • Infographics

    Expert visual artists know how they can create appealing visuals by combining interesting graphics and information. These are excellent tools to boost brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions. Experts can create engaging and easy-to-read infographics that allow the target audience to understand complex messages.

  • Business Cards

    Business cards allow professionals and business owners to spread awareness about their companies. Graphic designers can create eye-catchy business card layouts, thereby allowing business owners to create professional business cards, the design of which can be applied to create a good-looking email signature.

  • Branded Stationery

    Businesses use branded stationery to create brand awareness. This is an effective option to motivate both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Photo Editing

  • Print Design

    Businesses hire virtual assistants to get print media graphics created. Experienced graphic designers understand the different psychologies involved with diverse printed materials. They know how they should transform images for use on diverse physical media such as magazines, window decals, t-shirts, mugs, car stickers, pens, brochures, flyers, etc.

  • Book Covers

    Some graphic designers specialize in designing book covers. They get hired by self-published authors and publishers on a fixed rate. Such professionals have a thorough understanding of what works in the industry and can design effective book covers depending on the theme of the book.

  •  eBook Design

    Graphic designers can design awesome eBook layouts that promote easy readability while allowing users to enjoy reading and enabling authors to impress their readers and ensure accessibility of their works across diverse devices and platforms.

  • Flyers

    Flyers can serve as excellent marketing materials that are specially targeted to catch the attention of busy customers. Professionals specializing in flyer design understand the aesthetics of effective flyers and can create great layouts that feature perfectly aligned texts and visuals.

  • Brochures

    Some virtual assistants specialize in designing brochures that are meant to be used on both digital and print media. Specialists know the perfect alignment of texts and visuals and can create a layout that is not just impressive but result-oriented as well.

  • Guides

    Businesses selling complex services and products get guides designed so that their customers are able to understand how to use their products and services. Virtual assistants can design guides in such a manner that end-users of a product or service find it easier to understand how they should utilize a product or a service that seems to be too complex.

  • Animations

    Some virtual graphic artists specialize in developing animations for video games, movies, company commercials, etc. These professionals know the advanced use of sophisticated 2D & 3D animation software and can create life-like portrayals of messages that are intended to be delivered to the target audience.

Top ways how you can reap benefits from a graphic design virtual assistant service

Some companies have their own in-house design team whereas some companies choose to outsource their requirements to a company providing virtual assistance. Companies that choose to outsource their graphic design requirements to others benefit from cost-savings and savings in terms of time and efforts that they might otherwise need to spend on managing an in-house team.

Here’s a list of advantages that virtual assistant services are commonly associated with:

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

    Small business owners aim for long-term survival of their business. They typically lack the required funds to run their operations or to fund marketing campaigns. By hiring virtual assistants to address their graphic design requirements, businesses can save a lot because virtual assistant services are designed to deliver maximum value to clients and are priced at the best rates. The saved money can be invested in other initiatives to boost business growth. By outsourcing graphic design requirements to a service provider, you can also make considerable savings in areas such as infrastructure, salaries, payroll processing, office supplies, and other overhead costs that are associated with the maintenance of an overhead team.

  • Expertise

    When businesses delegate graphic design tasks to an expert, then can expect high-quality deliverables and can just relax knowing that a reliable professional is working at the backend to ensure timely deliveries. This would lessen monitoring time and efforts and would allow businesses to get what they are looking for. Outsourcing service providers often deploy innovative technologies and software and businesses can optimally use them to their advantage.

  • Focus

    Businesses typically pay virtual assistants on a per-project basis and virtual assistants remain focused in their projects to serve the specific needs of their clients. This work model ensures higher productivity and the generation of desired outcomes.

  • Collaboration

    Businesses that employ in-house graphic design teams often end up overloading their employees with loads of tasks, which may lead to a burnout situation. But when they hire virtual assistants to help their in-house team, they can optimize workload and allow their team members to deliver the best possible outcomes without straining themselves.

  • Delegation & Balance  

    Business owners have an unlimited liability to take care of all functions even if they have little or no experience in those domains. This jeopardizes personal schedules and inhibits the generation of the desired outcomes. But when business owners choose to outsource specialized tasks, such as graphic design, to a service provider, they are able to make the most out of their time.

While choosing a service provider, businesses should look for a few things. Businesses may want to go for a service provider that puts greater importance on quality, creativity, and accuracy. They should look for professionals who can think out-of-the-box and go out of the way to deliver desired outcomes. One way to judge the efficacy of a service provider is to check out the standard of their customer service. Reputed service providers would stay online to respond their clients’ queries. They can be contacted at any time of the day and through diverse media. Additionally, reliable service providers would be transparent in their dealings. They would send you a clear quote without hidden charges.

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