Are you looking to enter the Korean market and expand your business internationally? If yes, then it’s high time for you to consider hiring Korean call center services.

We at ProglobalBusinessSolutions (PGBS) have emerged as a leading provider of multilingual call center outsourcing services over these years. We have global staff located in different geographies and they are acquainted with the intricacies of local dialects and cultures, which is what makes them specially positioned to deliver personalized call center services.

korean call center services

With a multilingual team of call center employees who are adept at delivering high level of customer service including inbound support, outbound support, email support, chat support, data processing & data analytics, and CATI research services, we are perfectly positioned to help you explore new territories and to establish a strong foothold in new global locations. Our Korean-speaking staff can help you set up a high standard of customer support through their exceptional communication skills and proficiency in handling sophisticated call center technologies. We have customer support solutions perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Why should you opt for Korean Call Center Services?

There’s no doubt about the fact that the vibrant Korean market provides a vast scope for growth in diverse sectors provided you are able to make the most out of the opportunities and appropriately address the challenges that the Korean market may pose from time to time. One such challenge is the fact that there are over 80 million people who speak Korean, but only 10 percent of Koreans understand English. With research suggesting that 72.4 % of customers are more likely to buy a product that has information detailed in their native languages, you may want to approach Korean customers through native Korean speaking professionals.

While this may sound like an easy fix initially, it may prove to be a costly affair when it comes to practical implementation. Hiring in-house Korean call center agents and make them work during usual Korean business hours may turn out to be a heavy investment plan for you. Therefore, you should consider outsourcing Korean call center services.

Why is PGBS your most trusted Korean call center service provider?

We at, Proglobalbusinessservices (PGBS), deploy a team of native Korean speakers who are trained in delivering world-class customer service, thereby helping you to connect with your Korean customers with a deeper emotional bond.

  • Experienced Call Center Agents

    Our call center agents are experienced and they are passionate about delivering an exceptional level of service. Our agents have deep knowledge of the language that’s spoken in various parts of the country and are completely aware of the regional dialects.

  • Thorough Research

    We conduct in-depth research to understand your business operations and the needs of your target audience. This translates into better service delivery.

  • Enhanced Reputation

    With a strong customer service team that is always ready to answer your clients’ queries in the most professional manner, you are most likely to benefit from an enhanced reputation.

  • Bilingual Support

    Our call center agents are thorough in English as well as Korean and this is what makes them specially equipped to handle bilingual customer service in a more refined manner.

  • Localized Support

    Our agents have a deep understanding of the local culture and can perfectly market your services and products by adding a local feel to them, which would, in turn, promote better brand penetration.

  • 24/7 Support

    We would help your business stay live 24/7 so that your customers can reach you at any time of the day.

  • Advanced Market Research

    Our Korean call center agents perform in-depth analysis of the market and give you insights about the feasibility and future of new products or services.

  • Strong Upselling & Cross-selling Assistance

    Our agents have mastered the sales technique and can perform upselling and cross-selling activities in an efficient manner.

  • Improved Communication through Different Channels

    Our executives would maintain a smooth line of communication through various channels.

So now what? Have you determined your customer service strategy? If not, you must plan your customer service goals today. Customer service is your path to create a steady base of loyal clients and so you should keep a budget aside for outsourcing quality call center service.

If you are planning to start your Korean operations, it’s time for you to get native Korean call center executives to assist you with your customer service operations. We have been helping businesses with affordable multilingual call center support over these years and we would like you to succeed as well. Email your requirements to us and we would be happy to guide you on the next course of action.

Need bilingual call center support other than Korean language? Try below language combinations!

  • Swedish (Svenska)
  • Turkish (Türk)
  • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
  • Czech (čeština)
  • Bulgarian (български)
  • Hebrew (עברית)