ProGlobalBusinessSolutions has hands-on experience providing Swedish call center services support to the various customer-centric businesses of different industry verticals. We are a global platform where our clients find an answer to all their customer support-related needs.

Talking about our presence, we have numerous clients from various geographical locations, and we have a strong and trustworthy relationship with them as we provide an uber-class service. We are a renowned Swedish call center company, helping businesses succeed with us.

Swedish call center support

As a multilingual call center service provider, we are presently serving national and international clients and businesses with 28+ multinational languages and giving high-end customer support to them. Our hard work reflects in their ROI.

One of the 28+ international languages we serve is Swedish, and we are nailing as a Swedish call center company and well known for our professional business solutions.

Planning to grow your business in Sweden? Then, PGBS can be your trusted Swedish language-speaking call center partner!

We can help you with great solutions that can drive towards better growth.

Swedish Call Center Services at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions

  • Lead Generation for Improved ROI

    A call center service helps businesses in many ways, and the most important service they provide is the generation of leads so that a business can touch point the prospects and Attract-Engage-Delight them to bring them in the marketing funnel.

    With lead generation, businesses get numerous prospects to pitch, and every conversion increases their return on investment.

    Our agents help generate prospective customers by providing solutions in the language they understand. And when a prospect finds a native language speaker, the chances of conversion increase.

  • Inbound Calling Service

    Suppose an existing customer or a prospect reaches a business with some inquiries for their product or services. In that case, they are first encountered by call center agents who understand their queries or issues and try to provide a solution to them, and if required, the call is then transferred to the next level, called supervisors.

    As a Swedish call center service, we provide the best inbound customer support solutions to those who reach our client’s businesses. Our agents provide ultimate solutions in Swedish to help customers overcome their problems as well as have the comfort of speaking to agents in their native language.

  • Outbound Calling Service

    We pitch the existing and potential customers our offerings in terms of products or services in their native language to get them the exact idea of what we are offering and to maintain a level of transparency between customers and the business.

  • Round the Clock Helpdesk

    Imagine your business is operational even if you are not there; good idea, right? Our round-the-clock customer helpdesk provides solutions to customers in the language they understand. What else can one business ask for?

  • CATI Market Research

    When a business sells any product or provides any service, it is essential to have a survey around it to understand customers’ points of view. Therefore, we provide computer assisted telephone interviewing support that helps in understanding both the market and the needs of the customers better. These market surveys are very helpful in chalking out marketing strategies.

  • Telephone Answering Services

    Telephone or multilingual call answering services are the best way to give a business more exposure in the industry and the eyes of the customers.

    This service can showcase your business in a positive light to both existing and potential customers. Our Swedish speaking call center agents are well-known in providing the best call answering services and have a track record of the most satisfactory customer feedback.

  • Email Support Services

    As technology is upgrading, so are the ways to connect with customers. We provide Swedish language email support to the customers, which helps businesses have a different approach to attracting customers in their native language.

  • Live Chat Services

    As industries are shifting to online platforms, we can observe websites provide solutions to their customers via live chat support services in various international languages to have a proper conversation.

    As a multifaceted call center company, we provide live chat support where our agents take customers’ queries on behalf of the brand or business and provide a full solution then and there with multiple predefined options to choose from.

Benefits of choosing our Swedish speaking call center service

  • We build a strong customer-business relationship
  • We bring your Swedish-speaking customers close to your business
  • We provide round-the-clock support to your business
  • We help you in attending after-hours calls when your business is not operational
  • We provide multiple channel support to your customers
  • We have a strong team of working professionals who are sound in their language and ethics
  • We offer the most competitive prices in the market
  • We use state-of-the-art technology and upgraded tools

ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is a professional and most trusted business solution provider that provides Swedish call center support to global businesses. We understand that customers are the backbone of any business. Thus we strive to deliver unmatched services and ultimate solutions to them to produce the most satisfactory results in terms of customer feedback.

With years of experience and after delivering numerous successful call center projects, we proudly call ourselves a one-stop solution for establishing your business as a brand in the market with our customer support.

As a reputed multi lingual contact center support company, we deal in various international languages and provide end to end solutions to clients across the globe.

Need bilingual call center support other than Swedish language? Try below language combinations!

  • Turkish (Türk)
  • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
  • Czech (čeština)
  • Bulgarian (български)
  • Korean (한국어)
  • Hebrew (עברית)
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