Regardless of a company’s design requirements, India has fast become one of the most preferred and favorite destinations for their niche design requirements. Business and management consulting companies from across the world, especially from the western world, are constantly on the lookout to improvise their presentation design ideas and processes as the benefits of outsourcing PPT are limitless.

Despite the fact that outsourcing strategy presentation to India is an exceptional strategic business move to consider for all businesses, many businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition and improve their growth prospects are at times to reluctant to embrace the path.

powerpoint presentation design services India

Powerpoint design services India

However, the myths that keep companies off India are to get busted here as we bring more light into the capabilities and proficiencies of the presentation outsourcing companies that India hosts.

Myth #1: The presentation outsourcing companies may not meet your quality standards

This is one of the many popular myths that Indian companies do not uphold themselves to higher quality standards, and it takes only some sensibility to bust this myth out. There is no doubt that you may sure have a lot of questions about what is promised against what is delivered to you. But how are you going to ensure that a company does not meet your standards unless you first start associating with them?

The following points will help you make a decision that saves you every single time;

  • Always ask for work samples from your vendor.
  • Provide them with a few couple of slides from one of your presentations.
  • Ascertain how well you potential vendor can understand your instructions.
  • Make certain that the vendor is fortified with all the necessary systems and measures to endure top-notch service deliverance.

Myth #2: The offshore company does not value client’s deadlines

There is no doubt that a consultant will always try to meet the deadlines provided by the clients as missing deadlines even once can sure appear as a blotch on your company’s repute. As such, it is one of the major concerns of all companies that try to meet their needs in outsourcing strategy presentation of clients. As such, it is a no-brainer busting this myth too.

However, we have a couple of ideas to understand your vendor better and the common speed of their service deliverance;

  • Always pay consideration to how fast the vendor responds to your inquiries.
  • Have the vendor do a sample project with a deadline. This will help you understand if they value your schedules and have the paraphernalia to meet your expectations.
  • Try to get references from the vendor about the current projects they are executing. If the references turn out to be professionals like you, who would endow deadlines as much importance as you would, then you can confidently go ahead.

Myth #3: The documents and content shared with an offshore company in India are not safe

This myth is also busted right away. When it comes to outsourcing, confidentiality of the data is one of the major aspects that all vendors must take care of. As leakage of details can be a grave concern for all the parties involved, an offshore PowerPoint presentation company will surely have enough systems and measures in place to address such concerns the clients, for sure.

However, in order to be on the safer side, the following details can be sought from your potential vendor;

Physical security measures

  • What are the processes that the vendor has at the facility to control access to the details shared with the vendor as part of the project?
  • Does the vendor have all the rudimentary infrastructural capabilities such as emergency power backup systems, building security and fire suppression systems should any emergency arise?

Data and digital security measures

  • What are the authorization methods resorted by the vendor to access the data shared with them, including sensitive business data of the clients?
  • Does the vendor have strong, robust and industry standard data encryption and firewall systems installed and implemented?
  • Does the vendor regulate non-disclosure agreement?

Myth #4: The vendor cannot communicate with the clients as and when the clients need from halfway across the world?

This is another myth that has no base whatsoever. Now is a time where everything and everyone is connected through exceptionally reliable and top-notch communication systems.

The following points will, however, sure help you make the decision;

  • How well the vendor respond to your emails and communication requests
  • Is the vendor flexible with different forms of communication?
  • Does the vendor have a single point of contact that is proactive and dedicated to interact with a client for a project?

Myth #5: Efficient processes are unable to drive to in a remote setup, especially in India?

Time zones can be an issue when both the parties are halfway across the world, especially when you really have no time window. However, there are ways you can effectively address them paying attention to the following;

  • Always set up expectations and constant updates from your vendor and make it a part of your contract.
  • Ask the vendor about diverse communication tools such as Skype and VoIP phones that you can use in case you need to have a quick chat with the vendor.

PowerPoint design services in India are most sought-after in the world owing to exceptional quality, talent and value Indian companies are able to deliver for clients from diverse parts of the world at matchless presentation design costs.

If you have any concern to jump into the outsourcing wagon to India, paying careful attention to the concerned company’s capabilities can help you sort out the best people.

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Christa Elrod serves as a senior graphic designer at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions. She is a creative designer with robust skills in typography, UI/UX designs, printing designs, video post-production, and 3D designs. Possessing years of experience across diverse industries, Christa loves to educate fellow designers with her experience and domain knowledge.