3D rendering is a unique service, which is often customized based on the requirements of a client. People who are seeking to find the exact 3D rendering pricing for their project via this article must know that doing the same can be difficult. The reason is that project requirements vary from one client to another.

3d rendering pricing guide

However, with this rendering price guide, you will be able to get an overall idea of how much you should get charged for 3D rendering. Also, knowing these details before outsourcing your project will save you from getting cheated or plan your budget accordingly.

The cost of 3D rendering ranges from $10 to $100 USD per hour, depending on the complexity of the project. Let’s start with the factors affecting rendering prices.

Factors affecting 3D Rendering Pricing

  1. Types of 3D Rendering Services

One of the most important factors that determine the cost of 3D rendering is the type of rendering you need. Do understand that the rendering done for an interior will be different from that of an exterior and so will be the cost.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the different service types available, you can take a look below. These are usually the different types of 3D rendering services offered by companies.

  1. 3D Architectural Rendering Services

    • 3D Interior Rendering

      An interior rendering project can be developed for all kinds of properties. You can share your creative ideas with the 3D artists, and they can encapsulate the same into your final renders. The cost will mainly depend on whether you need to render for a single room or many. The pricing for simple residential interior rendering starts from 150-450 USD based on the project complexity, and commercial interior rendering cost starts from 250-600 USD. 

    • 3D Exterior Rendering

      Exterior projects cost can vary based on the details needed. For example, if the exterior includes a simple environment, the price will be less. In case you want to include landscapes, greeneries, or other aspects, it may cost you a bit more. The pricing for simple residential exterior rendering starts from 300-650 USD based on the project complexity, and commercial exterior rendering cost starts from 650-1000 USD. 

    • 3D Floor Plans Rendering

      The floor plan services will be comparatively inexpensive than all the other services mentioned in this list. You can request your service provider to create floor plan renderings of different types, such as black and white, colored, etc. while also including furniture and other interior elements. These aspects may considerably change the price of your project. The pricing for simple floor plan rendering starts from 50-400 USD, 2d colored floor plan cost starts from 30-300 USD and 2D black & white floor plan cost starts from 20 USD to 150 USD. 

    • 3D Walkthrough Animation

      As compared to all the service types we’ve mentioned earlier, 3D walkthrough animation will probably cost you more since they are more complex. It will require still 3D designs as well as 3D renderings of the environment, thereby needing more time for design and processing. As a result, the overall price will be more. The pricing for architecture animation starts from 20-40 USD/ second.

    All the pricing-related information we have mentioned above will be more suitable for residential projects. However, if it is a commercial or industrial project, the prices may go up. You can expect these rates to be similar for all 3D architectural visualization studios. It is usually because commercial and industrial buildings are large, need more images, and will take more time to design.

  2. 3D Product Rendering Services

    Creating 3D product renders will be cheaper than architectural renders. It is also a cheaper alternative to traditional photography. However, do know that creating renders for an advanced or complex product can be a little costlier.

    We provide 3D product rendering services for automotive, electronics, and eCommerce products. If you need more information about these services, we request you to visit our website.

  1. 3D Rendering Jobs

Another main factor that affects the cost of 3D renders is the required labor. The professionals that are usually involved in the development of 3D rendering projects are 3D artists, post-processing or artists, and a project manager.

Out of the three, 3D artists are the most important part of the cost of labor. So, let’s get to know a bit about their role.

Role of 3D Artist in the Process of 3D Rendering

The main role of a 3D designer or artist is to develop 3D renders. They are often experienced in using 3D rendering software and know how to skillfully use it to produce exceptional outcomes. Here’s what they do to create the same.

  1. Thoroughly understand the client’s vision and plans.
  2. Create a model with the help of 3D modeling software.
  3. Add textures to the 3D model.
  4. Now, setup the lighting and then, camera.

What can increase the 3D Artist Labor Costs?

While it may seem straightforward but the labor employed may not be as straightforward as you think. A skilled 3D artist can create a highly detailed scene within a short time with the help of tools. But without the right tools, a simple scene could even take more time.

In several cases, an artist uses specific items from the libraries like cars, people, furniture, finishing, etc. to speed up the process. However, if they aren’t available, creating everything from scratch will need time.

So, the factors that mainly affect the labor costs are detailing and the different unique items required. Once the 3D rendering is done, the image is touched up by Photo processing artists. The post-processing step can either be a smaller or larger fragment of the 3D rendering process. A few studios often add most of the details in the scenes during this time.

  1. 3D Rendering Time

It is the time taken by the computer to produce an image render. The time will directly depend on how realistic or detailed an image is. But, there are also a few tricks on creating detailed renders without adding too much time.

Since you are the client, you don’t have to worry much about the rendering time. It should be more of a concern to the 3D rendering company. The below information will help you to know why a few projects take longer or cost more than others.

What can increase the Time of Rendering?

Sometimes, the different light sources you use can most significantly affect the rendering times. It is one of the reasons why exterior scenes are quicker to render. Another factor that can affect the time is the scene details. The term used in the industry for the same is polycount as polygons are used to create a scene. An element that is commonly used to increase the detailing is foreground and background vegetation.

How to reduce the Rendering Time?

One of the best ways to reduce the time of rendering is by eliminating the need for revisions. You can do this by providing details about the plans and feedback. In revision, a few or all the images will be required to re-render. Thus, to reduce the total time of rendering, you must ensure fewer revisions. Besides, it will also help you to save money later in the future.

Which one to Choose: Pricing per Project or Pricing per Image?

  • Pricing per Project/ Scene

    In pricing per project, you’ll have to send your project details to a company and the company will revert back with a personalized quote. This type of pricing suits more to large-scale rendering projects. It may include several elements in the 3D renders, such as animation, multiple image renders, or 3D floor plans. You can ask for a discount while getting the quote.

  • Pricing per Image

    In pricing per image, you’ll be asked to pay a fixed amount for the rendered image. However, the price can be scalable as per the numbers and types of renderings you purchase. This pricing per image option is more suitable for small-scale projects.

    Oftentimes, the cost for rendering a single image is higher as compared to rendering multiple images. It is because creating the beginning setup of a single rendering is intensive. Once it is created, the process of rendering becomes easier.

Difference in 3D Architectural Rendering Price Points

The cost of 3D rendering may drastically change from one company to another. Architectural rendering companies in less developed nations may provide cheaper options for developing 3D renders while the ones in developed countries may charge more.

However, working with overseas 3D firms can pose a few challenges. For example, there may be a problem of language barriers, style differences, issues with time zones, etc. If you are able to overcome these issues, then outsourcing 3D rendering services can be an excellent option.

Here are different pricing points you may come across while hiring a service provider for your project.

  • Cheapest 3D Rendering Pricing

    You should only go for the option of low-end pricing when you’re only concerned about the budget and the output quality and time spent doesn’t matter.

    Below are a few things you should look out for in the cheapest 3D rendering pricing option.

    • See if there are any hidden costs. For example, it can be either for a high-resolution image, hourly rendering rate, extra revisions, etc.
    • Check how long they have been in the business
    • Does the firm respect your given timelines?
  • Basic 3D Rendering Pricing

    Here are the times when you should go with the basic 3D rendering pricing option.

    • If budget is your top concern and the quality is required to be good but doesn’t need to be top-notch.
    • If you’re a homeowner who is only looking to plan out a DIY renovation.
    • If you want approval from real estate agents, style planners, and regulatory bodies.

    Below are a few things you should look out for.

    • How long has the service provider been in the business?
    • Make sure that the design style and language aren’t a problem.
    • Can they provide additional quality options or are only priced higher?
  • Mid-level 3D Rendering Pricing

    Here are the times when you should choose mid-level prices.

    • If you want to stand out from your competitors.
    • If you’re a professional architect, designer, developer, real estate agent, marketer, etc.
    • If you need the renderings for conceptualization, design planning, sales, regulatory approval, etc.
    • You can spare a few dollars in hundreds if the renders can sell faster and convinces the client and regulatory boards to approve your project.

    Below are a few things you should keep in mind.

    • How long they’ve been in the business?
    • What is the turnaround time?
    • See if the company can give grounds for its higher pricing point.
    • Do you find them professional and knowledgeable?
    • Can they provide renders similar to the ones they are showcasing in the portfolio?
  • High-end 3D Rendering Pricing

    Here’s when you should choose the high-end pricing option.

    • If you want to associate with the best companies in the industry.
    • If you need the renderings for design planning, conceptualization, regulatory approval, or sales on a larger scale.
    • If you are a real estate agent, architect, designer, and developer who wants their project to appear the best by a wider margin

    Below are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing the high-end pricing option.

    • Check if the companies can reasonably argue why they’re counted as one of the best 3D rendering companies, be it in your world, country, or city.
    • Check who their clients are.
    • Did they ever work with top industry brands or on huge landmark projects?
    • Do they guarantee high-quality renders and fast turnaround time?

To conclude

We hope that the 3D rendering pricing guide was helpful to you in determining the estimated cost of your project. If you still want to get an exact price from us, then you’ll have to share your requirements first. Based on that, we would be able to give you the exact pricing for your project. But rest assured that it will be cost-effective.

If you’ve been wondering why we keep our cost of 3D rendering cost-effective, then we would say it is because of the experience we have gained so far. We believe that the best way to build a reliable 3D rendering studio is by offering great services at affordable customized prices.

If you have any questions concerning other things, feel free to ask us. You only need to click on the Contact Us button and fill in the form to reach us with your queries related to 3d visualization services and we can send you the customized price list according to your needs. In case you have any suggestions for this guide, you can also communicate the same to us. You can find other contact options on our website.