PGBS is one of the most preferred and experienced 3D animation services company in India offers a wide spectrum of professional and top-notch animation services.

Whether you need us to support you for a Hollywood movie or for a presentation at an important meeting or to grab the attention of an investor for your project, we can provide every 3D computer graphics work you need with expertise. With the support of the best, most experienced and impeccably creative animation experts, we are aptly fortified to provide stunning, vivid, eye-catchy and impressive 3D animations just the way you want.

Outsource 3D Animation

We have associated with various production studios, international &domestic marketing agencies, publishing houses, and large corporate entities. This has bestowed us with all the necessary industry insights, international standards, efficient production plans, and unmatched experience all of which together help us deliver best-in-class services to our clients to meet a wide variety of 3D animation projects requirements.

Types of 3D animation services that we provide

Relying on the most modern technologies and 3d animation software programs, we bring various concepts and ideas into life through our animation expertise.

  • Architecture Walkthrough Animation

    With the help of our architectural 3D walkthrough animations and virtual tours, you can easily display the details of the property to its potential customers and improve the visual appeal of your project. Clients can use it for demonstrating architecture project designs which include furniture placement, furnishings, color combinations, etc.

  • Character Animation

    We combine hand-drawn sketches and computer graphics to offer professional quality CGI animations to the entertainment industry. We create attractive high poly characters, surroundings, and settings which can be used to entertain a wide range of audiences through different platforms such as TVs, internet, computers, mobile phones, etc.

  • eLearning Animations

    We provide animation services that can be used for various educational purposes to enhance the learning process of an individual through proper design and implementation. We incorporate animation into different subject concepts to make learning and training more interactive, engaging, fun, and motivational. This results in providing better learning outcomes for the students.

  • Healthcare Animations

    We have an excellent team of 3D animators who have the required expertise in healthcare and medical animations to provide accurate and efficient services without compromising on quality. We offer services that can provide a detailed representation of the medical processes, treatment, healthcare concepts, physiology, anatomy and other areas related to health.

  • Product Animation

    We provide assistance for creating 3d product models that are photorealistic and captivating by using 3D animation, virtual reality, and computer-generated imagery. This helps various industrial and engineering firms to evaluate their machinery and to ease the operational process of planning, prototyping, learning, streamlining, etc. while selling the products and ideas.

  • Gaming Animation

    We offer 3D animation services to various gaming industries all over the globe. Our realistic 3D designs help to provide an interesting and engaging experience for the players. With the use of advanced tools and technology, our creative designers work on low poly characters, environments, props, etc. to enhance the concept of art or complete the asset production for the desired game.

  • Commercial Video Animation

    Our animation services provide a lot of benefits in the advertisement industry. We incorporate fun and interesting characters in the advertising campaign to attract and engage viewers for a longer time and thus, communicating the message effectively. As a result, it will help you in achieving customer’s trust, enhance brand image, and provide huge savings in production cost.

Apart from these, we also offer custom animations based on the client’s requirements.

Our uniquely comprehensive animation process and workflow

As a reliable and responsible 3d animation company, PGBS has adopted a very unique and comprehensive process and workflow in order to ensure maximum value for the investments of the clients.

Having an exceptionally detailed and comprehensive workflow helps us ensure the quality of the services delivered at each and every stage of the project. This helps us improve the quality systems to ensure impeccable quality 2d animations as well as 3D animated products.

Our quality monitoring staff critically analyze every aspect of the finished product at each stage to ensure that they meet all the project deliverables of the client, and they unfailingly conform to all the industry standards and various quality policies at PGBS.

Take a look at our process and workflow for better understanding as given below 

  • Cleanup, Coloring, and Motion Capture
  • Animation
  • Lighting, Compositing, and FX
  • Voice Over
  • Final Render

Check the comprehensive information about our 3d workflow process.

What makes us one of the best 3D animation services providers in the industry?

With the dawn of great technologies and advancements, the very industry of visual communication has been on the move to become more 3D animation oriented. With the ever-increasing demand for 3D animation services from businesses across different industry sectors and verticals, most of the companies have started to outsource their 3D animation or CGI animation requirements to PGBS because of quality output.

Though there are several companies that provide animation services, PGBS ranks high among the best 3d animation studios list owing to its relentless endeavors to provide the finest class of services for its clients.

Our success cannot be attributed to any one element, but a convergence of many elements is what actually makes us better than most of our competitors.

  • Experienced Resources: It is the creativity and expert knowledge of our exceptionally talented designers and animators that help us be among the best service provider in the industry.
  • Highly responsible: We also are highly responsible for the services that we provide. Being a professional business, we see to it that each and every project that we take up from the client is responsibly completed meeting all the requirements of the clients within the timeframe we have agreed upon.
  • Uncompromised attention to details: Since details are very important to add great depth and character to the computer graphics being carried out, we pay enough and more attention to include all the important details to the animations being done to ensure top-notch quality and impeccable feel to the animations being made.
  • Affordable and cost-effective: Another important aspect that makes us one of the best in the business is that all our animation services prices are affordable and cost-effective. It is our conscious effort to make us available even for a startup by ensuring that we have enough service plans that can be afforded by anyone.
  • Service availability: Our services are available to be reached 24×7 by the clients. You can always give us a call or drop a mail to us and we would be more than happy to help you. In case, you are unable to reach us, we will definitely get back to you to know about your requirements, for sure.
  • Turnaround time: We also have the most competitive and shortest turnaround time, which makes us highly valuable in the eyes of the clients. Since time is the most important resource for any business has, we intend to use it wisely for the advantage of our clients.
  • Security: In order to make sure that all the details of the project that we carry out for our clients are safe and secure with us, we have implemented strong and powerful systems and measures for the same. We also have stringent access controls systems to ensure that the details are accessed by only those who have authorization for it and for the purpose it is given for.

As you can see, we have every virtue that a client would want their business partner to have and with the proven and established systems in place, we ensure uncompromised service support to all our clients, at all times.

If you would like our proficient designers and animators to get their hands on your project, reach one of our client relations officers and get more details, now. We guarantee affordable animation services but with uncompromised quality.

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