Have you ever thought how interior designers might create a realistic 3D images of a building or area that hasn’t yet been built?

All of this is made possible by 3D modeling!

This blog post focuses on the 3D modelling types and where it is used. We’ll also take a look at the future of this exciting industry and how it might affect you!

types of 3d modeling techniques

Types of 3d modeling techniques

What is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is the art of creating digital 3D objects. This can be done with many software options available for 3d models that help users in sculpting, texturing, and designing three-dimensional models.

3D modeling is the first step to creating digital 3D designs. Then you apply textures to it, giving it color and details. Depending on how much time you spend working on each piece, it can take hours or even days.

Types 3D Modeling

Different techniques of 3D modeling enable us to design a variety of objects, some better than others. Continue reading to find out which form of 3D design is ideal for you!

  • Primitive Modeling

    It is the most basic form of 3D modeling. It is termed primitive because it is a fundamental style of 3D modeling that is mainly generated by combining several pre-existing forms. It involves building basic geometric shapes, cubes, spheres, etc.

  • Surface Modeling

    Surface Modeling is a computer-aided design that takes shape and curvature into account by depending on guiding lines. It’s more complex than other models, but it can create very detailed results.

  • Solid Modeling

    Solid modeling is all about creating complex shapes and manipulating them to look the way you want. It’s a 3D modeling type that is used for sculpting

  • Polygon Modeling

    With this 3D modelling type, designers can create intricate shapes and surfaces using X-Y coordinates to define different parts. They then combine these various pieces into one giant model or shape before being rendered out as pictures on a screen.

  • Rational B-Spline Modeling

    It is a another 3D modelling type that uses curves and surfaces to create forms. It is very versatile, but it’s also quite complicated!

  • NURBS Modeling

    This is one of the most advanced forms of 3D modeling because it can create very complex shapes. The name stands for Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS), which are very smooth curves used to create surfaces.

  • CAD Modeling

    CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, and it’s another very advanced 3D designing technique. CAD is similar to solid modeling, but it’s more precise and can use more complex shapes.

  • Wireframe Modeling

    Wireframe modeling is another form of 3D design that creates the mesh in the picture. This 3D modeling type uses lines to create objects, but they aren’t filled in. This lets designers see how the model is shaped without adding any detail.

So, these are some common types of 3D modeling you should know. If you need a 3D model to be made, there are two ways of accomplishing this task. You can either use a 3d design software or you can outsource to an experienced company.

What Purposes do 3D Models Serve?

It has many purposes and can be used for many reasons.

  • Gaming

    One of the primary uses of 3D models is in computer games. A 3D model will be built, broken down into many different polygons, and given textures to optimize for use in a game.

  • Product Design

    Another everyday use for 3D models is in the field of product design. Many products are designed virtually with 3D modeling before being produced.

  • Animation

    3D models are used in the creation of animation, especially 3D animation. The process is similar to that of creating a 3D model for product design.

  • Movies

    Movies also contain 3D models, animated ones, and real-life actors that are computer-generated. This is a highly complex process and requires time and money.

  • Architecture

    Architects use 3D designs to create virtual models of buildings to be constructed. It allows architects to design structures without actually building them, saving time and money.

  • Engineering

    3D modeling is also used in engineering, both by product designers and engineers.

  • Medical Applications

    3D models are helpful for medical applications as well. The models of organs and bones are used for surgery planning, training, and more.

Future of 3D modeling

3D modeling is becoming increasingly popular these days! With more and more types of 3d modeling being developed, the possibilities are endless. It’s also a beneficial method since it allows us to see how objects look before they are made.

3D garments for the fashion industry are a great example of this technology. They allow designers to see the clothes on a virtual mannequin before making them! 3D modeling also allows us to change the colors and textures of the clothes as we see fit too.


3D technology is spreading throughout the world of design and is becoming more accessible than ever. So, get ready to see what this technology has in store for you. If you’re interested in learning some techniques to create 3D models yourself, there are many 3d design apps and software tools you can try!

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