Lively application of 3d modeling techniques can be seen in movies, games and architectural formats. It can simply be defined as the creation of a three dimensional object by manipulating many instances in a specialized application. See the below useful facts, tips and techniques related to 3D that you should be aware of.

Various 3d modeling techniques

Latest 3d modeling techniques

Primitive modeling

This is the basic feature done using a software package. It refers to the use of basic shapes like cones, cubes and sphere for creating shapes. Furniture, human body and many other nonliving objects can be shaped using these basic forms. All other advanced forms require you to be an adept handler of this technique.

Polygonal Modeling

Just like the name suggests, this technique refers to the use of triangles, cubes and hexagons for creating models. As the polygon count increases the quality and complexity of the image also increases. It is an advanced approach and realistic 3d game developers choose polygons in the count of lakhs to millions to create perfection for their objects.

NURBS Modeling

NURBS stands for Non Uniform Rational B Spline. It is a curve dependent polygon scheme in which smooth curves are used for 3d models. Images developed using NURBS cannot be altered once they are finished. Two or more curves can efficiently fill a three dimensional space.

Sub Divisional Modeling

Polygonal combined with NURBS format creates sub division modeling. It is a hybrid technique which creates a polygonal object and transfers it into sub divisions. Sub division is practiced until required results are achieved. Sub division allows for smoother images.

Surface Modeling

Three dimensional splines using a simple two dimensional spline is what this technique is all about. It is different from NURBS but can be quite difficult for beginners to understand. Organic models are created in a large extent using this technique. Three dimensional representations with various requirements and geometric formats are possible while using this technique. It is complex to digest but when mastered, it helps to achieve greater heights.

Professional game designers offer their hands to create stunning objects as 3d modeling services.

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