As the world is shifting towards technological advancement, there are multiple techniques being introduced in the industry realm for various sectors. One of the major and most dominating of all is considered to be the 3D modeling technique.

The 3D modeling process was introduced to the market a few years back but has a long and long history and this is why it has become an eminent part of the creative world today one cannot think of designing and developing anything without the use of it.

This is the reason why this is most popular among designers who work on creating something beyond imagination or bringing ideas to life.

We will discuss what 3D modelling is, where it is used, the techniques involved, and how to get started in your 3D design career in this article. So, stick with us for a couple of minutes to get the best of the information.

what is 3d modeling

What is 3D Modeling? – Definition

3D modeling is a computer graphics technique used for creating 3D objects and characters using specialized softwareUsing the most upgraded software, these designs are created out of 3D mesh followed by 3D texturing. This is a technique that has captured every vertical of the industry today from video games to architecture, from the educational to the engineering sector; things are not imagined without this technique.

Many industries use 3D models to enhance the user experience and reduce production costs. Let us see how the below-mentioned industries benefit from the 3D modeling technique.

  • Animated movies

    Animated movies

    All the things which we see in the animated video start with the process of 3D modeling and the expert artist add the required motion graphics, lighting, effects, and transitions to the final video.

  • Architecture


    In architecture industry 3d designs are used for creating a 3D representation of a proposed construction design. The process involves representing any part or area of the site in three-dimensional models, which allows making multiple variations to the design per the client’s requirements.

  • Games


    In video games 3D models are used for creating all the assets that go into a video game. These include the characters, props, environments, trees, vehicles, etc. we see in a video game. The process starts with storyboarding followed by modeling, texturing and rendering by the concept artist.

  • Engineering


    3D modeling in engineering is used for adding dimensions and parameters to certain engineering mathematical calculations. This process enhances data management and facilitates an easy understanding of the project for the engineers involved.

  • 3D printing

    3D printing

    3D printing is the process of constructing a 3D object from a CAD model or a digital model. With the advancement of science and technology, many sectors are frequently using 3D printing. 3D printing technology is replacing time-consuming traditional methods of making design changes in industries like equipment manufacturing, healthcare, architecture, automotive, aerospace, and many more.

  • Product design

    Product design

    3D product design approach is very useful to showcase any product idea to the investors or customers since it provides a clear vision of that product with a 360-degree angle and allows stakeholders to completely check the end outcome.

  • In AR AND VR


    If you want to drive into an isolated world full of excitement and thrill, then Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the best possible ways to do that. AR and VR make a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. In AR a virtual environment is usually created with the connection of the real world but in VR the real world would be replaced by the virtual world. 3D modeling is ideal for creating virtual characters, environments, vehicles and more which are used in AR and VR apps.

Process of creating a 3D model

Basically, 3D modeling falls under the category of 3D computer graphics that produces 3D models of various categories.

  1. Talking about the 3D designs, the process starts with creating mesh on which the whole design depends. Mesh is basically a blueprint or the basic structure of the whole design. A 3D mesh is a collection of vertices and polygons that helps in bringing out the first look of the 3D design.
  2. The next step followed by mesh is to create a surface of the object by combining various vertices; these have their own place in the grid.
  3. Now as the next step, the journey of creating simple to complex designs starts with combining polygons. A polygon is basically a triangle that has the capability of creating many triangles and with a combination can also create circles.
  4. Once the surface is created, these models are exported and transferred to other software to do further processing as per the demand like creating a video game, animation, etc. But there is some software that enables you to create 2D images with the help of a process called 3D rendering.

Different types of 3D modeling techniques

There are basically 8 different types of 3D modeling techniques used by designers.

  1. Primitive Modeling
  2. Surface Modeling
  3. Solid Modeling
  4. Polygon Modeling
  5. Rational B-Spline Modeling
  6. NURBS Modeling
  7. CAD Modeling
  8. Wireframe Modeling

Career options for 3D modeling jobs

If you have the skill and technique to use the 3D computer graphics software programs then 3D modeling can be a good career option for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most in demand 3D modeling jobs

  1. Video game designer

    National average salary: $31,408 per year

    Role: To make video games more realistic and exciting, nowadays 3D modeling techniques are used by game designers. The Video game designer enhances characters and makes them appealing to the audience.

  2. 3D printing technician

    Salary Range: $35,651 per year

    Role: 3D printing technology has a significant impact on diverse industries like healthcare, engineering, construction, and more. First, the file must be prepped for 3D printing to create a successful prototype. If anyone wants to pursue a career in 3D design, then any 3D printing technician may give hands-on experience in an entry-level role.

  3. Graphic designer

    Salary Range: $36,608 per year

    Role:  Graphic designers create visually appealing content with the help of the latest software. 3D graphic designer mainly creates 3D models of any e-commerce products, company logos, 3D illustrated images, mascots, stage designs, branding elements, etc.

  4. 3D animator

    Salary Range: $47,237 per year

    Role: 3D animators create digital movements of 3D models of humans, products, or any other objects that blend with the digital environment using diverse tools and techniques.

  5. Architectural designer

    Salary Range: $62,225 per year

    Role: Architectural designers work independently with clients as well as with architects to showcase real estate designs in the best possible way. Architectural designers ensure the needs and expectations of clients along with the blueprint created by an architect and reflect all the desires through their designs.

Ways to learn 3D modeling as a beginner

Let us guide you to some of the steps that could help you in learning 3D modeling and making it a career option as a 3d modeler.

  • Step 1 – Online courses and Full-time courses
    Online classes are a good way to get started since they often teach you through the full process until you’re at ease with the software. A lot of online courses, from basic to advanced, are offered online through Udemy, Skillshare, CGSpectrum, YouTube videos, Coursera and more. These are some of the learning sources to get you started. Also, if you want to learn deeper, then opt for a certified degree or a full-time course on how to make 3D models.
  • Step 2 – Pick suitable software
    Once you completed your learning process it is time to implement your knowledge into practical projects. Select any of the industry leading software and start your journey with simple 3d modeling designs.
  • Step 3 – Learn about the software
    Learning how to use 3D modeling software programs at home is totally possible. It would be best if you spent a lot of time understanding the basics of the 3d modeling design software you selected and how to operate each of its tools and features. Majority of software programs will have dedicated YouTube channel to help their users.
  • Step 4 – Learn 3D design theory
    To carry out any assignments or projects on 3D modeling on your own, you must know the theory of 3D modeling.
  • Step 5 – Try to work on a smaller project initially
    After a certain period of gaining confidence by editing free 3d models online, you can then take up big projects.

Parting Thoughts

This sums up the topic of 3D modeling and we hope that this write-up has helped you in getting a better idea of the topic. Well, if you are starting slow and have just rolled out your start-up on a shoestring budget, those tools are truly handy. Follow our blog for useful 3D modeling tips.

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